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Check Out These 5 Best Characters In Valorant For The Newbie!


If you’re a beginner and have just started playing Valorant, finding the right character can be a hassle. With our list of the best characters in Valorant, you’ll find it much easier to choose a character that suits your style.

- Updated: 24th May 2022, 19:07 IST
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When you play games like Valorant, you have to consider certain factors when choosing a character. For example, you have to check if your playing style is compatible with the character’s role. Moreover, you have to ensure that your character balances the team, considering the other Agents in the squad. However, the most critical factor is the game’s meta. Certain updates often provide buffs to specific characters. These are difficult to determine, but as you play the game, you’ll be able to better understand the game’s meta. In this list, we’ll have a rundown of the best characters in Valorant today.

When choosing our list of the best characters in Valorant, we’ve taken into account all of the above factors. Since the meta keeps changing with each game update, this list is also bound to change. For now, however, let’s look at these amazing Agents and find one that you can use in the game today!

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Viper best characters in valorant

Viper isn’t an Agent that’s meant for players who like to go solo. She requires backup and is challenging to master as well. However, if the squad that she’s in complements her abilities and if you can understand how Viper works, she’s one of the best characters in Valorant by a mile. Her abilities aren’t powerful enough to kill the opponents directly, though. Regardless, they damage the enemies sufficiently so that her teammates can finish them off quickly. Moreover, if you use her Snake Bite ability, the opponent will get an additional debuff. Any subsequent attacks, especially the molotovs, will pile on double the damage on the opponents.

Tier – S

Abilities – Poison Cloud, Snake Bite

Signature Ability – Toxic Screen

Ultimate Ability – Viper’s Pit



Looking at Chamber, you wouldn’t think of him as one of the best Agents in the game. However, the charismatic and well-dressed Frenchman is one of the best characters in Valorant. He’s one of the newer Agents in the game but has already become a fan favourite. Moreover, if you’re someone who likes to use Operator, he should be your first pick. We’d recommend you to pick Chamber only if you’re sure of your shooting abilities. His other abilities allow him some movement buffs and space to reposition himself to ward off danger.

Tier – B

Abilities – Trademark, Headhunter

Signature Ability – Rendezvous

Ultimate Ability – Tour De Force

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Jett best characters in valorant

Jett is one of the more difficult Agents to use in Valorant. However, she’s also one of the best. If you think she’s difficult to use, she’s even more challenging to master. You should only use Jett if you’ve got fast reflexes in-game and have a good idea about the map you’re playing on. Her agile body type allows her to escape any situation with minimal damage.

Ultimately, the only way to use Jett effectively is to use her movement prowess to your advantage. Not too many Agents are as fast as her. This will allow you to get into unconventional places, attack your opponents, and escape before they even know what hit them. Her damage output isn’t the best, but her speed compensates for everything else.

Tier – S

Abilities – Cloudburst, Updraft

Signature Ability – Tailwind

Ultimate Ability – Bladestorm

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When Valorant was first released to the public, Killjoy was one of the best Agents in the entire game. Unsurprisingly, most pro players decided that Killjoy couldn’t be used in professional matches and was off-limits. However, recent updates have nerfed her to a usable level. She’s excellent at both attack and defence. Although, we’d recommend you use her more for her defence than attack. From Basic to Signature, most of her abilities are perfect for clearing out the room or protecting her teammates from an oncoming attack. Her Ultimate ability gets the nod for being one of the best, regardless of whether you’re using it in an offensive or defensive situation.

Tier – A

Abilities – Alarmbot, Nanoswarm

Signature Ability – Turret

Ultimate Ability – Lockdown


Omen best characters in valorant

In our eyes, Omen is the coolest character in Valorant, even if he’s not in the top tier. He’s challenging to use, but his ability to move around the map without raising suspicion can make entire matches unpredictable. When he was first available for use, players all over the world found it extremely challenging to deal with his abilities and movement. However, recent updates have slightly nerfed him, and the character’s abilities are well known at this point of the game. Regardless, you should definitely use Omen if you can add a bit of unpredictability to your playstyle.

Tier – B

Abilities – Shrouded Step, Paranoia

Signature Ability – Dark Cover

Ultimate Ability – From The Shadows

Summing up

If you’ve recently started playing Valorant, you should try these Agents immediately. These are some of the best characters in Valorant and will help you understand your playstyle better since they’re pretty varied in nature. Are there any characters that you prefer over the ones listed here? Post your thoughts in the comments and tell us which Agent you prefer and why!

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  • Valorant is one of the biggest hero-shooter games in the world today, with over 14 million monthly players.
  • It has 19 characters called Agents, each of them inspired by cultural ideas worldwide.
  • Like any other online hero-shooter, the characters come in various tiers which can be difficult to understand for newcomers.
  • Our list of the best characters in Valorant will help you find a character that complements your playstyle.