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    Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass: Here’s What You Need To Know


    With Apex Legends Mobile coming into the battle royale genre in the mobile gaming space, it’s set to turn things around for esports and mobile gaming in general. It also brings a Battle Pass access from day one of the game. In this article, you’ll find all the details for Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass.

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 18th May 2022 18:58 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass Release Date
    • 2
      Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass prices
    • 3
      What does the Battle Pass bring?
      • Mission Cards
      • Fade pieces
      • Flux
      • Syndicate Gold
    • 4
      The takeaway

    Highlights of the Story

    • Apex Legends Mobile has launched globally on May 17, 2022, bringing hero-shooting and battle royale goodness to the mobile gaming market.
    • Along with the main game, the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass has also been revealed, available from the game’s launch day.
    • You’ll find all the details regarding the Battle Pass rewards in this article.

    Apex Legends Mobile has finally landed with the global launch on May 17, 2022. This is excellent news for newcomers and veterans as the game takes the battle royale genre and presents a unique spin. The game is already registering a high player count, and this count is bound to grow in the next few months. The developers have promised new and constant updates to the game. The very first of these updates includes the Season 1 Battle Pass. In this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass.

    The patch notes for Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 have also been released to the public. These patch notes are aimed at providing the player with all the information regarding in-game changes. These changes include, but aren’t limited to, changes in gameplay, balancing issues, new characters, and cosmetic items.

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    Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass Release Date

    The Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass was released with the game’s global launch on May 17, 2022. This means that players could access the Battle Pass from the first day. In fact, if you’re an Apex Legends Mobile player or have been planning on playing the game, you can access the Battle Pass right after downloading and playing the game.

    Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass prices

    While you can’t purchase Battle Pass directly through the game by spending real money, there is a way to buy the Battle Pass. However, you’ll have to stock your Syndicate Gold by spending real currency on them. Only after you’ve stocked up on a substantial amount of Syndicate Gold, you can purchase the Battle Pass in-game. The cheapest Syndicate Gold pack in the game will set you back by Rs 269.

    You can purchase the Premium Pass at 799 Syndicate Gold coins. This will provide you with access to every premium reward as well. If you have the leeway to spend slightly more, you can buy the Premium Pass Plus at 1599 Syndicate Gold coins. You’ll receive all the rewards for the first ten levels in the game at the instant of purchase. Moreover, the game will also present you with an exclusive Avatar Frame.

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    What does the Battle Pass bring?

    The Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass brings multiple rewards available to players upon completion of certain in-game conditions. Moreover, this Battle Pass isn’t like the other Battle Passes in Apex Legends for consoles or PC. The PC and console version of Apex Legends had 110 events for players to complete, lengthening the duration of the Battle Pass availability. Apex Legends Mobile, however, provides just 50 achievements for players to complete. It’s a much shorter Battle Pass than what was initially expected. There are newer rewards, nonetheless. The Battle Pass for Apex Legends Mobile brings new skins and cosmetic items exclusive to the mobile version of the game.

    Furthermore, a few other rewards from the console/PC version of the game return. For example, a banner frame of Mirage is available from Season 3 of Apex Legends PC/console. Additionally, there are stat trackers and Apex Packs for all the Legends on the mobile version. Now, let’s look at a few other elements that come with the Battle Pass.

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    Mission Cards

    Mission cards are now available, somewhat indirectly, for all the players. We say this because the Mission cards are only available to players who will purchase the premium version of the Battle Pass. Essentially, the Mission cards help players level up faster by completing specific missions and objectives. Once you meet those objectives, you’ll get experience points (XP) and other rewards.

    Fade pieces

    Fade is an all-new character introduced to Apex Legends Mobile. As users of the Battle Pass, you can unlock Fade by completing specific objectives shown in the Battle Pass. Completing the whole set of objectives will reward you with Fade as a playable Legend for absolutely free.

    Fade Pieces are rewards that can be unlocked at certain levels, with the final level at 25. You have to collect all the Fade pieces to unlock Fade. Moreover, if you participate in a challenge called “Unleash Punishment”, you’ll get even more Fade Pieces and Apex Packs. Some of the rewards also contain information about Fade’s past. Collecting these would be a nice touch, as Apex Legends‘ character lore has always been engaging and worthwhile.

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    If you’ve played the console or PC version of Apex Legends, you must be aware of the concept of Crafting Materials. In Apex Legends Mobile, Flux replaces Crafting Materials but performs a similar function. You’ll have to reach different in-game levels, after which you’ll be provided with 20 Flux, at each level.

    Syndicate Gold

    Veteran Apex Legends players must be pretty familiar with Apex Coins. The grinding system made it quite challenging to gather Apex Coins, but they were nifty resources. In Apex Legends Mobile, you’ll now have to collect Syndicate Gold. Syndicate Gold works the same way as Apex Coins, and you can buy loot from the in-game shop with Syndicate Gold as well. This in-game currency will be rewarded to the player at levels up to level 49. At each Syndicate Gold level, players will receive 50 Syndicate Gold to buy in-game items.

    The takeaway

    While Apex Legends Mobile is a freemium game and encourages microtransactions, the developers have been relatively fair here. It’s taken for granted that it takes quite a bit of time to grind through the levels. However, players can receive good rewards and a new character, entirely for free with the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass. This is rare for games of this nature. Hopefully, we can see more rewards of this nature from future Battle Passes.

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