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5 Sniper Elite 5 Tips To Stop The Nazi Invasion!


Are you ready to snipe for some picture-perfect headshots, especially through the glorious X-Ray cam? Sniper Elite 5 is here and it isn’t an easy game, by any means. If you’re a newcomer to the genre or the series, follow our Sniper Elite 5 tips for the best gaming experience!

- Updated: 31st May 2022, 17:02 IST
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    There’s no direct or single approach
  • 2
    Silenced pistol is your best friend
  • 3
    Loadouts are important
  • 4
    Stay away from invading players
  • 5
    Go prone when lining up a sniper shot
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Sniper Elite 5 is the next game from the Sniper Elite series. The franchise has always been dedicated to providing definitive sniping simulation, with some added semi-open world gameplay. With the release of Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion brings refined adjustments to an already successful formula. However, the game is quite demanding on players. You need focus and patience to complete the mission requirements, and the AI (artificial intelligence) in the game can be pretty demanding. This is incredibly daunting for beginner players who have made their first foray into the series. This is why we’ve gathered some Sniper Elite 5 tips and tricks to make your gameplay easier.

If you’re a newcomer to the game or are just having a difficult time adjusting to the game, these tips will elevate your gameplay. Now, let’s check out the tips!

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There’s no direct or single approach

Approaches sniper elite 5 tips

Sniper Elite 5‘s semi-open world gameplay enables you to approach a mission or a target the way you want. If you want to incorporate all the stealth elements possible or go all John Rambo on your enemies, the game gives you the freedom for these approaches. However, there’s no one size fits all approach. Mission requirements often vary, and you will need to strategise accordingly. We’ve understood that the best way to approach the missions is to combine stealth and aggressive gameplay. Since the game’s AI is so intelligent, you won’t be able to continue with a singular approach for too long. You will have to be flexible in the way you play the game.

Just approaching a mission through stealth will take plenty of patience. If you want to use an aggressive method, you’ll have to remember that you’ve got no backup. Therefore, you’ll often find yourself in tight spots, surrounded by enemies. Be flexible in your playing style when playing Sniper Elite 5.

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Silenced pistol is your best friend

Silenced pistol

Fights at close quarters can be challenging to avoid in the game. There will be plenty of times when you’ll have to go through tunnels, hallways, or cramped buildings. You should take a stealth approach to ensure that you’re not locked down in tight spaces by hordes of Nazis. For this, your silenced pistol should always be equipped at your loadout. This is regardless of the mission that you’re taking. A silenced gun in your loadout is non-negotiable. It will save you from a lot of potential trouble. While you can customise your loadout with better equipment as you progress through the game, always go for the quietest possible suppressor to equip on your pistol.

Loadouts are important

Loadouts sniper elite 5 tips

Speaking of customisation and loadouts, you should approach a mission with strategy and planning. The planning will involve understanding enemy routes, target areas, and of course, your loadout. Ensure that you’re choosing the correct loadout for a mission. For example, if the mission area features plenty of open spaces, there’s no point in carrying loud guns. Open spaces mean that you’ll be more vulnerable on all sides if you’re spotted. In a mission area such as this, you’ll have to customise your loadout to take a quieter approach.

Your workbench and customisation options will also increase as you progress through the game and unlock new levels. Some attachments will provide buffs with some tradeoffs. For instance, a suppressor will ensure that you can be stealthy, but it will reduce the gun’s damage, bullet speeds, and travel distances. Some tradeoffs can’t be avoided, and you’ll need to decide which buffs work more in your favour. This is one of the most essential Sniper Elite 5 tips you can implement in your game.

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Stay away from invading players

Player invasions

Sniper Elite 5 has a game mechanic where other players can invade your storyline with the sole intention of killing you. This is an interesting mechanic and can be quite cumbersome to deal with. Since these are actual players behaving as enemies, it becomes tricky to provide a definitive tip for coping with invading players. However, the best you can do when this happens is to stay exactly where you are at the moment. If enemy players have completed the mission beforehand, they’ll know the possible routes that you can take. This makes it easier for them to track your location.

Another thing you can do to ensure that you’re not caught is to hide all enemy NPC (non-playable character) bodies. There’s no proper way to kill an invading player unless you’ve got fast reflexes and have the map memorised. If you’re a beginner, follow these tips to stay alive in the mission.

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Go prone when lining up a sniper shot

Going prone sniper elite 5 tips

The sniping mechanics in Sniper Elite 5 are pretty realistic. You’ll have to keep the wind, bullet drop, and weapon sway in mind when you’re playing the game. This is especially pertinent for lining up sniping shots. Unlike other shooter games, just lining up the crosshair with the target will not work. You’ll have to understand the game mechanics and the bullet physics for the perfect headshot. If you’re standing and taking aim, you’ll have to deal with the wind and bullet drop, apart from other factors. Going prone will give your character more stability to take the shot.

If you find some sniper nests or towers that are big enough for you to lay down and take a shot, go to them immediately. However, the game’s AI is challenging and intelligent. So, the minute you take a shot, your cover will be blown, and the enemy will instantly swarm to your position. So, keep an escape route ready.


So, these were a few Sniper Elite 5 tips that will really help if you’re new to this series. The game looks gorgeous, gives you ample player freedom, and has realistic bullet physics to make for the perfect shooter game this summer. If you’re playing the game, implement these tips to elevate your gameplay experience!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Sniper Elite 5 was released for all the major platforms on May 26, 2022.
  • Rebellion has ensured that the game delivers a more refined sniping experience in a semi-open world.
  • The enemy AI in the game has been reworked to deliver a more challenging experience.
  • Our Sniper Elite 5 tips and tricks will help beginners have an easier transition into the game.
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