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Here’s How To Unlock Loba In Apex Legends Mobile!


Apex Legends Mobile has finally introduced a new character into the mix. Her name is Loba and she’s a translocating thief! Here are the methods on how to unlock Loba in Apex Legends Mobile!

- Updated: 22nd Jun 2022, 16:15 IST
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    Loba – The Translocating Thief
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    How to unlock Loba?
    • Battle Pass
    • Syndicate Gold
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    Summing up

Apex Legends Mobile arrived relatively recently in the mobile battle royale market. However, it’s already seen its fair share of success, with millions of downloads and player engagement in the past few weeks. At the moment, it’s competing directly with the likes of Call of Duty: Mobile and BGMI for the battle royale top spot. Since the game is comparatively new, a lot of content is set for release as well. When the game launched, the developers added a mobile-exclusive Legend called Fade. Now that it’s been a few weeks in, a new Legend, Loba, has entered the fray. This article will show you how to unlock Loba in Apex Legends Mobile.

So, let’s get ready to unlock the new Legend, shall we?

Loba – The Translocating Thief


Loba isn’t a new character, to be fair. She’s been in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends for quite a while now. However, players who were newly introduced to the franchise through Apex Legends Mobile will see her as a completely new character. As it is, the game’s mobile version had been released with just 10 Legends. So, the addition of Loba is a welcome change.

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Loba is part of Apex Legends Mobile‘s Season 1 update, called Cold Snap. There are quite a few rewards and additions with this update. From the Climatizer Town Takeover to a new Battle Pass, the update has added some valuable content for players’ engagement. Moreover, Loba’s gameplay will be pretty different from how she plays in the console versions. Thanks to the progression and Perks system in Apex Legends Mobile, Loba’s gameplay can be varied based on the player’s gameplay style.

How to unlock Loba?

Now that you’ve got a bit of an idea about Loba, you need to know how to unlock her for your future matches. Let’s check out the methods.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass how to unlock loba in apex legends mobile

This seems rather obvious that the Battle Pass is the easiest way to unlock Loba. Moreover, if you’re completely against the microtransaction system and love to grind in games, this is the ONLY way to unlock Loba. She’s part of the free Battle Pass rewards that free-to-play players can access. Basically, unlocking her works the same way as unlocking Fade. You’ll have to collect the Loba pieces upon reaching different Battle Pass levels. For Loba, the pieces are present in levels 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25. Since the fragments are present at the very beginning, this gives newcomer players an incentive to unlock both Fade and Loba. Each of the levels mentioned here will provide you with two Loba fragments for a total of 10 fragments.

To unlock her using Loba fragments, this is what you need to do:

  • After you’ve collected all the Loba fragments, go to the Apex Legends Mobile main menu.
  • Select the Legends tab, and scroll to her character profile. Open the profile.
  • At the bottom of your screen, the Unlock option should be present.
  • You can then spend your Loba fragments to unlock her.

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Battle Pass Experience

Battle Pass fragments

Since levelling up in the game through the Battle Pass tiers isn’t an easy task, you can make your job slightly more manageable.

  • Go to the Challenges section from the Apex Legends Mobile main menu.
  • You’ll find a vertical menu to your right. Select the “BP” tab from there.
  • Check the challenges that are relatively easy and will offer you enough Battle Pass experience points.
  • Complete the challenges in-game.
  • Return to the “BP” tab and collect your XP. This will help you level up faster.

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Syndicate Gold

Syndicate gold to unlock Loba how to unlock loba in apex legends mobile

Of course, the other way to unlock Loba has to be the exact opposite of grinding. It’s through microtransactions, and more specifically, Syndicate Gold. When it comes to acquiring Syndicate Gold, the only way to do so is to pay real money. Yes, you’ll have to fork up real cash to have enough Syndicate Gold to purchase the character. To purchase Syndicate Gold, you must go to the in-game store and purchase enough of it to unlock Loba. She can be unlocked by paying 750 Syndicate Gold.

To unlock her with Syndicate Gold, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Apex Legends Mobile main menu, and check the Legends tab.
  • Navigate to Loba’s player profile and open it.
  • You’ll have an option to “Unlock” the Legend. Tap on this, and you’ll be prompted to spend your Syndicate Gold.
  • Make the purchase, and you now have Loba in your Legends collection.

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Summing up

Considering the fact that it’s just been slightly over a month since Apex Legends Mobile‘s release, it’s good to see that new characters and content are being provided to the players. Loba could be the first of many new characters that will be added through Season updates and the start of new Seasons. Until then, hopefully, you’ll have some fun using this new character and the Perks that she will bring to the mobile version of the game!

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