With all the noise that the Nothing brand is creating worldwide, especially with its upcoming Nothing Phone 1, you’d think that they’ve been in the market for years. However, the company is looking to shake things up in the Android smartphone community. It’s been a while since the smartphone market has brought anything new to the table. Sure, there are some different phones like gaming phones, and the flip phone is also returning to the market. Regardless, there hasn’t been any HUGE smartphone shakeup recently. The last time this happened, it was our very own Carl Pei with the OnePlus brand, bringing the “flagship killer” into the market. Additionally, they also went with an invite-only system in the initial stages to catch everyone’s attention.

Now that Carl Pei is back with the Nothing brand, seven years after co-founding OnePlus, things are looking different again. This article will take a look at some interesting facts and frequently asked questions regarding the Nothing brand and the upcoming Nothing Phone 1.

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Carl Pei and Pete Lau

Carl Pei founded the Nothing brand after his disassociation with OnePlus. At the tail end of October 2020, Carl Pei revealed to the world his vision of a seamless digital future. Pei’s company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Before the Nothing Phone 1 started to make any noise in the market, Nothing had already released the Nothing Ear 1. These wireless earbuds were released in mid-2021 in the sub-INR 7000 earbud segment. Moreover, the company had already shown off its aesthetic philosophy with the transparent shells, showing the internal components of the earbuds.

Fast forward to July 2022 and the first Android smartphone from the Nothing brand is about to make an impact. The Nothing Phone 1 is slated to be priced below INR 50,000 and will release on July 12, 2022.


To understand the company’s vision, one must know how OnePlus started. OnePlus didn’t do much when they released their first smartphone. They made incremental changes, priced the smartphone aggressively, and used some clever marketing techniques. They offered good phones for the price, which built a significant amount of trust in the brand.

Pei is aiming to do something similar with his Nothing brand. Basically, the company understands that making a “normal” looking smartphone will not incentivise people to switch to the Nothing brand. Instead, the smartphone has to capture the attention of the audience. This is why Nothing’s design philosophy has already become its signature. Carl Pei wants to disrupt the Android smartphone market, slowly but surely. While it may take some time with subsequent and incremental changes, Nothing aims to be at the top of the smartphone community.

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The name

Nothing brand name

Nothing, as a name, definitely catches your attention. After all, why would anyone name their company “Nothing”? According to Carl Pei’s vision, there’s a good reason behind the name. As a company, Nothing wants to integrate technology into our lives seamlessly. This integration will become so seamless and effortless that it will feel like “nothing”. Essentially, Pei intends to introduce the sort of technology into our lives that we no longer have to think about. It would be present simply for our convenience.

The products

Nothing brand products

Although we’re aware of two products that the company has released or will release, Carl Pei has stated that more products will be coming shortly. The Nothing Ear 1 had shipped close to 400,000 units by January 2022. The number is possibly much higher now. As for the Nothing Phone 1, the internet was rife with rumours regarding the smartphone. We know that the phone features a design similar to the earbuds, stripping down the device to its bare essentials.

Pei has stated that other products are in development and that they’re codenamed “Pokemon”. It seems like we will see a lot more Pokemon in the coming years from the company.

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Despite the company making a huge name already, we must bear in mind that it’s still a startup by nature. So far, Nothing has stated that it’s raised over $144 million in funding. Moreover, it has also partnered with tech giants such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and Google. This indicates that we will be getting quite a few smartphones from the company in the future.

Carl Pei

Carl Pei

Since we know quite a bit about the brand, it only makes sense for us to learn more about the founder. Carl Pei is a 32-year-old Swedish entrepreneur. He co-founded OnePlus in 2013 with Pete Lau. After experiencing stellar success with the company, Pei decided that he needed to start and focus on his new hardware venture. According to him, innovation in the smartphone and accessories market has slowed down exponentially. With the Nothing brand, he dreams of bringing back innovation, seamless integration, and convenience under a single banner.

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Nothing Phone 1 FAQ

Nothing Phone 1
Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G PlusOcta core (2.5 GHz, Single core, Kryo 670 + 2.4 GHz, Tri core, Kryo 670 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 670)Adreno 642L
Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus
6.55 inches402 ppi, OLED1080 x 2400 pixels
6.55 inches
Dual, 50MP + 50MP3840x2160 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 30 fpsSingle, 16MP
Dual, 50MP + 50MP
4500 mAh, Li-ionWireless ChargingQuick, v4.0, 33W
4500 mAhLi-ion

Is Nothing Phone 1 Chinese?

No. The Nothing brand is based in London, United Kingdom. The phone is not from a Chinese manufacturer.

When will the Nothing Phone 1 launch?

The phone is slated for launch on July 12, 2022.

Is Nothing Phone 1 made in India?

The Nothing Phone 1 will be manufactured in India, at a plant in Tamil Nadu.

Who founded the Nothing company?

The Nothing company was founded by Carl Pei in 2020, following his split from OnePlus.


This was an in-depth look at the Nothing brand, which has been making waves recently. While we’re all aware of the Nothing Ear 1 and the Nothing Phone 1, consumers prefer to know a bit more about the company before investing in its products. With Nothing Phone 1 looking to spice up the Android smartphone market, it will take more than just the founder’s name to make an impact in a saturated market segment. Hopefully, the phone delivers on its promises, and the brand brings in some stiff competition to the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. For now, only time will tell about the impact that the company could have on the market and in our lives as tech consumers.

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