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Fortnite Could Remain Banned From iOS For “At Least A Year”


Apple has revealed that Fortnite might be banned from the Apple App Store for a year or so. This is bad news for iOS users who have been Fortnite fans for a very long time.

- Updated: 17th Sep 2020, 07:09 IST
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    Apple-Fortnite Feud: What Is It About?

The ongoing legal feud between Apple and Fortnite has had a negative impact on the gaming community, for sure. More so for iOS users who have been playing and grinding in the game for so long. People have literally been shifting to android platforms just to play the game again. The popular battle royale game has been one of the best in the gaming community since its release back in 2017.

In fact, it is one of the first games alongside PUBG to bring the idea of battle royale to the table. These games together popularized the battle royale genre. Furthermore, Fortnite even takes it to another level with crafting elements to make the game more complex but a fun experience. It is not just a point, shoot and survive kind of a game. The crafting elements enable players to make strategic game changing decisions which push them towards victory.

fortnite nexus war

Also, the feud has come at such a bad time. The current season of the game is actually incredible. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is named Nexus Wars and is Marvel-themed. The update and has all the fan favorite Marvel characters in the game now. Iconic locations like like Doom’s Domain, Sentinel Graveyard and more have been added. Also, character skins like Iron Man, Thor, She Hulk, Wolverine and more have been added to the game. It is indeed a sad turn of events that the feud will not let iOS users enjoy the update anymore.

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Apple-Fortnite Feud: What Is It About?

fortnite ios

The main reason that drove the two companies to call their partnership quits is a bit complex. To simplify the issue, Epic Games had added a new store in-game which allowed Fortnite players to purchase V-Bucks. Furthermore, this allowed Epic Games to directly enable users in purchasing the in-game currency without them having to give Apple or Google their share of the profits made. This led to Apple banning the game from their app store. Moreover, Epic Games responded to this with a lawsuit and Apple reciprocated with a lawsuit of its own. Epic games has also added a cut scene at the beginning of the game which hilariously trolls Apple. The cut scene had taken the internet by storm.

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Besides, this ban is more deep rooted than one might think. Fortnite is not the only aspect of the company that will be affected by this ban. Epic Games is also the developer behind Unreal Engine, which is one of the best and most popular game engines today. The ban will cause game developers to think twice before using Unreal Engine in their games now.

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An important thing to note will be that players who already have the game installed on their devices can still play. This reminds us of another mind boggling news where a person was selling their iPhone XR with Fortnite pre-installed for over 5 lakh rupees. It is hard to believe that the situation has led to people going so haywire.

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With situation going from bad to worse, it is hard to say anything about the future of the game on the iOS platform. We certainly do hope that a conclusion is drawn to this so that fans of the popular battle royale game do not suffer.


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