There are several people out there who love to play battle royale games, and we hope that you all must be aware that there’s a considerable challenge going between two biggest battle royale games, and those are Fortnite & PUBG. 

But no matter you are a PUBG or Fortnite player, there must be one question in your mind that which from Fortnite and PUBG is the best. If this is the question that comes in your mind too, then do follow this article till the end. As here in this article, we are going to talk about several differences between the two biggest battle royale games. Hence we will try to find which is a better option.

Here we are going to have a look at the differences between both these Battle Royale games.

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Fortnite VS PUBG: Visual Style

fortnite vs pubg

You all must be knowing that firstly both these games Fortnite and PUBG are quite popular games for PC Gaming, and after that, they were introduced for the mobile platform. In the case of PUBG Mobile, you would be able to notice that the graphics are outstanding and offers the player a realistic tone.

While on the other hand, with Fortnite, you would be able to notice a cartoony approach. Although they are also working to enhance their graphics still that game looks more like a cartoon and less of a realistic battle royale game.

Fortnite VS PUBG: Gameplay

Fortnite VS PUBG: Gameplay

If you have a thorough look at both the games, then you would be able to notice that they have a simple and basic free for all gameplay formula based on which these two biggest battle royale games are being played. 

In both the games, you are dropped down to an island with 99 others, from where you move to various places collect guns, grenades, and many more such things. After which the only motive you have is to kill every other person and to win by being the only one alive in the battle royale. 

Even with the change in time, you would be able to notice that the play zone becomes smaller and smaller. Hence, at last, you are left with a small part of the land in which you have to hide from alive players and kill them all. 

The only difference we can notice between Fortnite and PUBG Mobile is that in PUBG Mobile, you would not be able to completely destroy a home or any such place or shelter, no matter what type of gun or weapon you have.  

While on the other hand, with Fortnite, it was noticed that with the help of missiles, you would be able to destroy almost any building, home, or shelter. Also, you can build structures to hide and also break the existing structures to collect wood and other building materials.

Fortnite VS PUBG: Controls

Fortnite VS PUBG: Controls

In the case of controls, no other battle royale game can match the user experience level of PUBG Mobile. However, you all must be knowing that Tencent has more experience in game development with the help of which they can provide the best user experience to their game players.  

In PUBG Mobile, you would be able to make several changes in the controls section and hence can play in it your own unique way. While on the other hand, with Fortnite, you would be able to notice that the controls on that game are not that fluent, and hence they do not offer you such great experience that you can get with PUBG Mobile.

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Fortnite VS PUBG: Cross-Platform Experience 

Here is one of the most significant differences that you can face with these gams as, under the cross-platform experience section, you would be able to notice that in the case of PUBG, both the games on mobile and pc both are having a massive difference between each other.

While on the other hand, with Fortnite, you would be able to notice that both platform games share almost the same experience. Moreover, in the case of Xbox and PS4 also you would be able to get a similar experience with Fortnite. Also, you can play with your friends, cross-platform which is quite not possible on the Fortnite. Player accounts, progress, skins, and so on are shared between platforms on Fortnite, so no matter where you play you’ll have the same items. But that’s not the case with PUBG Mobile.

Fortnite VS PUBG: Bots

It was noticed that if you are new to PUBG, then in the first ten games, you would only play the game with 20 human players, while all other would-be bots, although these bots are the reason which differentiates Fortnite with PUBG Mobile. 

Fortnite does not have any bots system until now. Moreover, it was also noticed that in chapter 2 of Fortnite, they started adding bots in their game. Because these bots make the overall gameplay easier for new players, and no one would want to die at the starting of the game.

Fortnite VS PUBG: Maps and Game Modes  

There are several maps and game modes that are offered with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Moreover, it was noticed that with Fortnite you would be able to get the same kind of maps in the PC and mobile version of this game. 

While on the other hand, with PUBG Mobile you will get a different version of maps on mobile compared to the PC version. Moreover, if you want to play a game with which you can get some creative kind of maps, with different terrains across each corner of the map then Fortnite would be the best option for you.  

Fortnite VS PUBG: Getting Around The Map

Fortnite VS PUBG: Map

With both the games you would be able to move to almost everywhere you want to within the map. Moreover, the only difference is that with PUBG Mobile map, you would be able to feel that there is life in the game, and hence it will offer you a more realistic feel.

While on the other hand, with Fortnite map we have already discussed that it offers a more cartoony feel. While on the other hand, the PUBG Mobile stays true to life where you can even drive cars and motorcycles around the map. They can explode upon taking too much damage and run out of gas after covering long distances. Fortnite too features vehicles to drive around like golf carts and quad bikes. 

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Fortnite VS PUBG: Auto Pick Up and Other Mobile-Only Features

Both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite offers exceptional quality mobile-only feature, and with the help of these features, you would not have to use more buttons. Hence with these mobile-only features, you will get auto-pick up features and many more.  Auto-Pickup is one exceptional feature available only on the mobile version of these games and is also similar between the two. With auto-pickup enables the player will pick up weapons, items, and meds to fill up your inventory.

Fortnite VS PUBG: Monetisation 

Fortnite VS PUBG: Monetisation

First things first, these games are free to download and offer exceptional gaming experience for free. But there are a few cosmetic accessories that you can purchase for the built-in store that enhances the overall look of the character, and it offers no competitive advantage.  There are several things such as skins, clothes, weapons and many more that you would be able to buy from Fortnite and PUBG Mobile battle royale games. 

The Fortnite overall gaming session is divided into seasons and one season lasts for about 10 weeks, and each season entitles to purchase a new Battle Pass in order to level up faster and unlock that season’s unique rewards. While on PUBG Mobile it offers Royale Pass that offers similar benefits.

Fortnite VS PUBG: Performance 

Both of these biggest battle royale games run of unreal engine 4, which was created by Fortnite’s Epic Games. This Unreal Engine 4 is the reason with the help of which you all can take advantage of highly optimized gameplay and feature of this game. PUBG Mobile offers robust graphics even on the mobile version of the game, but the game requires some processing power to run smoothly, otherwise, there is a Lite variant as well available for low-end devices.

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Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are the two biggest battle royale games all over the world. Moreover, there are several differences between these two games. Herewith this article, we were able to have a look at all those differences and guess what, we found that PUBG Mobile is overall better than Fortnite.