The coronavirus is here, and it’s showing no signs of going away, the numbers in India are just keeping on increasing. While most of you might be taking enough care and staying hygiene by keeping your hands clean and off your face, however, it’s very important to be careful in other matters as well. Also, The Centers for sickness management and interference considers a smartphone as a “high-touch surface,” which may be a carrier of the Corona Virus. Now appears concerning the simplest time to show you ways to properly clean and sanitize your golem smartphone because the unfold of the COVID-19 coronavirus heightens our awareness of non-public hygiene.

However, we do recommend you clean up Germs on Smartphones, and by clean up, we mean completely. This may seem like a simple task, but it isn’t as simple as it might sound. There are a lot of precautions and measures one needs to take to keep these complicated cases out of their way. Some may feel that the simplest way to keep these germs off your smartphones would be to scrub it up with soap or more, but there are actually some other specific methods that can be followed in order to stay safe.

Why this is important is because, Considering simply how many times you touch your smartphone in a day, at least 1000 times. And here we’re planning to show you a couple of ways in which you can scrub and sanitize Germs on Smartphones while not damaging them, so let’s get started.

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Clean Your Smartphone Using a MicroFiber Cloth:

Most of you might just use a normal towel or your t-shirts cloth to wipe the screen of your smartphone, although it gets the job done, it is not the correct process of cleaning Germs on Smartphones screens, as it often results in scratches while leaving marks. More importantly, these normal towels do often don’t clean the surface properly, for instance, small and minute particles are left behind.

How to clean Germs from Smartphones?

Once you have caught hold of the Microfiber cloth, which you can get from anywhere easily, pick it up, start swiping with it on the screen in either horizontal or vertical lined pattern if you feel there is any difficulty in removing a stain or so, spray up a little of water or use a soap solution on the cloth and then try. Make sure to wipe the screen again with a dry cloth, this will possibly remove all the stains and Germs on Smartphones. This is the most basic method one could and should try to keep Germs on Smartphones away.

Wash Your Hands Often:

Before moving on to further advanced steps, we do recommend you to first follow the basic guidelines from World Health Organization and stay hygienic and the basic step is washing your hands with soap at regular intervals of time. While this might seem like a very basic step, do remember that the germs might actually go on Germs on Smartphones via your hand, so better keep your hands clean rather than cleaning your smartphone multiple times.

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Use Products Like Clorox Sheets:

wipe phones clorox sheets
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Recently a few OEM manufacturers like Apple and Google have confirmed that using Clorox Sheets to wipe a smartphone isn’t harmful to the screen or the device. These sheets are similar to the Alcohol Wipes that you get shipped for free with a screen protector. Usage is pretty simple, simply pull out one sheet, wipe and rub it on the screen’s surface until there is no particle on the screen and either apply a new screen protector or use it directly as it is. But we will do recommend you not to hit the smartphone hard with the wipes, do not submerge it too much in the solution and do follow the other basic steps as well.

Use a Screen Protector and a Case:

phone case and proctector
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While most of you might already be using a case with your smartphone, which we obviously recommend and people use due to the fear of either damaging the smartphone or that the phone would breakdown if fallen from the hand, but people do often miss out on the front screen protection, we do recommend using a screen protector either a plastic film or a tempered glass, this is beneficial in multiple ways, one that the phone’s actual screen won’t get scratched up while using, another one can always replace the protector whenever need and its quite easy to install as well.

Get a UV Phone Sanitiser:

uv phone sanitiser
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While this might seem odd to some people, brands have started to manufacture UV Phone Sanitizers to be able to kill bacteria and germs in just minutes of time. The process is fairly simple, just get one of these UV treatment boxes and place your smartphone in the case for a few minutes till it does the job, and once done, you can now be tension free that your smartphone is free of germs for some period of time. While there are a couple available in the industry now, most of them are currently out of stock due to the COVID-19 demand, you may find one of them locally or wait until they are back up in stock.

How COVID-19 Affected the Technology Industry

Now with all these methods to keep your phone sanitized, here are a few instances and situations where the Technology Industry has taken a hit due to the Corona Virus Epidemic. Firstly, Most of the launches has been either cancelled or shifted to an Online event, so that the Media and the Fans don’t need to travel undertaking the risk of Corona Virus outbreak. Big Events like Mobile World Congress 2020 had been cancelled, smartphone launches such as the Realme 6 Series Launch Event was shifted to an Online Event and there were a lot more instances of such cases.

Secondly, Products have either gone out of stock or brands have raised the prices of the products in order to compete with the demand. The ASUS ROG Phone 2 for example, the company had issued a letter that due to this COVID-10 outbreak, the phones were going out of stock and will only be available after some time. Similarly, the Redmi Note 8’s prices in India were hiked by Rs.500 in India, due to the coronavirus outbreak as per the company.

So this was your look at a few tips on How Germs Could Affect your smartphone, how to stay away from them, how to clean and disinfect your phone and the impacts it brought out. With this, Stay safe and stay healthy.


Beginning with your hands, the most probable method for small COVID-19 virus particles to enter as Germs on Smartphones is as follows: According to a 2016 survey by Dscout, the typical smartphone user touches their phone 2,617 times per day, with extreme users touching their phones up to 5,400 times per day. Therefore, a cough, sneeze, or close-talk without a mask can come up with dangers.

Consider cleaning your phone a routine habit by scheduling it in your plan. Also, think about reducing the danger that Germs on Smartphones is exposed to. If you’re at a shop, restaurant, or public area where you could come in contact with other people’s belongings, keep your phone in your pocket. Wait till you’ve cleansed your hands before touching them. Also, avoid resting your phone on joint surfaces since this may lead to the transmission of Germs on Smartphones and viruses.

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