YouTube Ads are annoying. Of course, there are ways to let go ads such as subscribing to YouTube Premium or using tips and tricks to eliminate ads. Apparently, there’s a new way to do it. Turns out Redditor /r/webdev found out an incredibly easy way to circumvent the ads not by adding software or extensions or by memorizing any string of code.

Turns out adding a ‘period’ at the end of the domain name in the URL bar does the magic. For example, if a video arrives with an URL “”, simply adding a ‘period’ after the domain name such as “” does the magic.

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According to a supporting report explaining how to block YouTube ads and how this trick works, it works simply by breaking a landing page in a way that videos do load but end up failing to load quite a lot of aspects such as advertisements in this case. This also circumvents the ads that run when you tap on any video to watch or while binge-watching any video. Note that this doesn’t work on YouTube apps since you’ll need to tweak the URL to get it working, however, it does work flawlessly on desktop and on mobile browsers with the desktop mode enabled.

If you are still clueless on how it actually works, here, adding a period overthrows the ability to match the hostname. This, in turn, breaks the page as to only loading the content it offers and not the ads and a few other parts of the website. It also blocks cookies and paywalls that news sites and other websites might institute to pay for reading a blog or article.

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