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    How To Find and Delete All Your Old, Unused Accounts


    If you want to delete your old account, then simply deleting it might not work. You have to delete your old and unused accounts permanently. Stay with us till the end of the article. We will let you know how to do it.

    By Mukul Dhiman | 
    Updated: 25th Nov 2021 18:07 IST
    old unused accounts

    Highlights of the Story

    • Many users still have some old and unused accounts of social media.
    • We will let you know how you can delete your old and unused accounts.

    Erasing web accounts is probably the ideal way of ensuring your information security and protection. The less information you have put away on corporate data sets dissipated across the web, the more secure you are from the abuse of individual data.

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    Sadly, a few administrations clutch your data even after you close a record. However, it’s as yet a shrewd drop to close down the public-confronting admittance to your information once your relationship with an organization is finished.

    But there is yet another catch! Are you struggling to find your discarded accounts? Have you abandoned them and can’t find them easily? To delete them or erase the past data, you must know how to spot your unused account. Follow the following steps to know how to go about finding the accounts. 

    Finding Old Accounts

    It is very likely for us to create an account and forget about it. However, an abandoned account still might have all the permissions to access your To stream of information. Therefore, finding and deleting old, unused accounts on various social web platforms is advisable to avoid data breaches. Here are a few ways in which you can trace back your way to an unused account from the past.

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    Follow these or any of these to get back to your account. 

    1. As a quick fix, you can visit a site known as It offers an extensive list of various platforms, and you can browse through the same and find a way to delete your particular account.
    2. Do a google search. Composing your most favourite username of past into Google is an extraordinary way of tracking down old records. Then, look for your name and email addresses—old and new. Also, remember to put quotes around your inquiry term when you’re searching for multiword catchphrases, similar to your name. You can also use other web browsers for the search like- Bing, DuckDuck Go, etc.
    3. Another way to trace down your old account is by going through saved logins. To find your saved logins in Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and open > Settings > Passwords. It is more or less similar while using chrome on a mobile phone. 
    4. Looking for old correspondences from sites, applications, and administrations is a decent strategy for revealing past account records. Quest for your most loved/used usernames, also. On the off chance that you’ve utilized numerous email addresses throughout the long term, sign in to them and glance through their inboxes, too.
    5. As a method of last resort, you can also seek help from tools that are specifically designed to aid in tracking your old account. Some of these sites are-,, and

    Deleting Old Accounts 

    Delete Old Accounts

    Now that you were able to find/locate your old, unused, and discarded accounts, it is time to delete them eternally (if you plan not to log in again). This is very passionately advised to delete or discard unused accounts to prevent data breaches. Follow the steps for a particular social web platform to delete your account. You will find ways to delete your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. 


    Facebook (or, now Meta) takes up to 30 to 90 days to process your request of deleting your account and for the exodus of your personal information. 

    To delete your Facebook Account: Go to the top right of the Facebook app or site> select ‘Settings & Privacy’> Click ‘Setting’> Click Your Facebook Information in the left column> select the option for deactivation> choose to delete your account permanently> select ‘confirm’ to proceed. 

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    Being a part of the Twitter world can be fun and exhaustive at the same time. So, if you are someone, who wishes to take a break from the constant tweet battle from across the world, then follow these steps to deactivate your account. 

    To delete your Twitter Account: Select your profile picture/display picture (in the top left-hand corner)> select ‘Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu > go to the Account tab> select Deactivate your account > Deactivate > Enter your password to confirm your actions. 


    Pinterest is a one-stop place for creators, artists, and content creators. The platform lets the user gain and exchange ideas in visual form and helps in creating mood boards for art, fashion, design, and other academic interests. It usually takes a 14-day period for the deactivation process to actualize after you delete your account.

    To delete your Pinterest Account:  Go to options of three dots in the top right corner > click ‘Settings’ > choose ‘Deactivate Account’ > click ‘Permanently close my account’ > select ‘Yes, send the email’ prompt > Go to your email to find a confirmation mail in the inbox > In the confirmation message, click ‘Yes, close account.’


    Facebook or Meta owns Instagram (also Whatsapp). Thus the information pool of users is shared by these platforms. Amidst the privacy concerns raised by certain whistleblowers at these corporations, a lot of users have opted out of these apps/platforms. If your account lies here unattended and unused, it still allows the data breaches to take place. It is thus a better choice to get rid of such accounts. In order to delete your Instagram account, you will have to use a web browser.

    To delete your Instagram Account: Go to the ‘Delete Your Account’ page > Select a reason as to why you’re deleting your account > Enter in your current password > select ‘Permanently delete my account.’


    LinkedIn is an American business. Its works arranged internet-based assistance that works employing sites and portable applications. 

    To delete your LinkedIn Account: Go to your profile in the top right corner > choose ‘Settings and Privacy’ > select ‘Account’ > click ‘Close your Linkedin account’ > choose a reason for deactivation and click ‘Next’> Type in your password to confirm the process. 

    Start it still by disposing of old and unused accounts that you at this point don’t often think about.

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