How to Fix Common Battery Drain Issues on your Smartphone?


Battery anxiety isn’t uncommon on smartphones. If anything, it is the universal truth of the smartphone age we live in. That doesn’t mean it is here to stay though. With some handy tips and tricks, it is possible to fix common battery drain issues.

#1 – Use Battery saver apps

Battery saver apps like Dr. Battery, Clean Master or UX Battery master helps in conserving vital battery power. These apps put your device into hibernation mode and stop background apps.

#2- Turn Off Mobile Data when not required

If battery life is big issue and you travel within areas with spotty coverage, try to disable Mobile Data entirely. You’ll be able to do the main things like receive texts and make phone calls while you save a lot of battery. Remember – worse the coverage, the faster your battery drains.

#3 – Don’t use the Facebook app

Not all apps are created equal, and you won’t find any better examples of this than Facebook. Many regard Facebook for Android as horrible. The only way to stop Facebook from always checking for notifications and eating battery is logging out.

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#4 – Control the brightness

Go to the Settings app and look closer at the Brightness setting on your device. Even though the displays built into our devices are amazing, they can still get really, really bright. The brighter the display, the faster your battery will drain.

Set your device’s Brightness slider at the middle – it will be fine in most circumstances and can cut down on eye strain in low light environments.

#5 – GPS

If you don’t use GPS, you probably have no need of it on your phone for constantly pinging satellites to a service that you’re not using anyway. Go to settings -> Location Services and turn GPS off.