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Identify Instagram Fake Followers Within 5 Minutes: Here’s How


Do you know that studies have suggested that at least one in four influencers on Instagram have bought fake followers? If you want to know the entire business of Instagram fake followers and ways to recognise them so that you do not fall into their trap, here is our way out!

- Updated: 23rd Dec 2022, 18:24 IST
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    What are fake followers?
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    Are fake followers worth it?
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    Tools to recognise fake followers on Instagram
    • 1. Online Websites
    • 2. Activity Tracking
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Instagram fake followers are one of the cruel realities that come as a hazard to people who want to develop their content organically. It is especially hurtful to brands and companies who want to select genuine influencers to expand their business. To make the work simpler and identify fake followers on Instagram within no time, we have this article curated specially for you.

Generally speaking, fake followers are sought after by those people who do not have much talent to create their own content to work hard to gain more followers on social media. As per the research conducted by IMAI on 130 million profiles, it is understood that three in four influencers purchased 10k or more followers.

Here, we delve deeper into every fact related to identifying fake followers, the definition of fake followers, statistics around it, and tools to identify them.

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What are fake followers?

Fake followers are the term given to an account which is not really active on social media and is created for unsolicited purposes. So, if you ask that when someone really deactivates their social media account or takes a break from social media, can they be counted as fake? Well, the answer to it is NO.

These accounts, while being active, perform the general task of messaging other accounts, liking posts, viewing stories, posting, and more. The Instagram algorithm can more than differentiate between what is real and what is fake.

The real issue with fake followers is that even though they try to inflate the number of followers or like counts associated with the account, they do not actually create an impact.

Imagine an influencer having 200k followers but is not able to garner 16-17 likes or 2-3 comments! Should that person actually be counted as an influencer? Because there is no real-time influence that is happening. This is where tools to understand Instagram fake followers make sense.

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Are fake followers worth it?

Most of the fake followers can be gained by spending considerable bucks on some businesses that would help in adding these non-active users. Generally, this is done by the influencers. Even though they may not add any value to these followers, they are added to

  • Build a hoax reputation among businesses to approach them
  • Make other genuine people follow, seeing such large numbers
  • Project audience that account is growing rapidly
  • Plan any proposals to businesses that might interest them

Thereby, it is necessary to understand such influencers and weed them out at the initial stage of selection so that it does not impact your brand.

Tools to recognise fake followers on Instagram

Let us simplify the entire method of drilling down the task to recognise and understand Instagram fake followers.

– Online websites

– Activity tracking

We take each of them individually for a better understanding.

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1. Online Websites

Many genuine websites have come up in the recent time which aims to recognise fake followers on Instagram. Through the inbuilt algorithm, tracking the profile of these accounts, and checking audience quality, they come up with the result. Some of them are:

  • Fake follower checker powered by Hypeauditor on the Influencer Marketing Hub.
  • Social Blade gives an idea of followers and the following rank, along with the engagement rank.
  • FakeCheck gives you an audited idea of follower engagement, how many ideal likes or engagements that account should have, etc.
  • Analisa provides followers and profile analytics. Additionally, you can compare multiple profiles too.

Generally, these accounts give you an overview of the basic parameters to check Instagram’s fake followers. However, these online tools can give you detailed reports, too, once you buy a premium plan. There are still easier ways to understand social media authenticity without using any tool.

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2. Activity Tracking

Another simple way to check fake followers on Instagram is via activity tracking. You will not need any specific tool for the purpose. Instead, what you need is a set of parameters that would help you monitor the account and come to the required result.

Some of the parameters that you need to keep an eye on are:

  • Followers count
  • Following count
  • Average likes on the last four-five post
  • Comment section
  • Audience image

Let us understand how to use them.

  1. Try to see if the followers look genuine or not. If you find followers who do not have DP, have an absurd name with greater numerals or likewise, or are only following people, they might be bot accounts and fake followers that companies generate.
  2. Go to their previous post to see the engagement. In general, people receive atleset 1 per cent of the follower count as their engagement. Let’s say the person has 1000 followers; they should have at least 10-15 likes or comment on the post. If not, that might be a fake account alert for you.
  3. Check their posts. If there are fewer to no posts compared to a huge number of followers, that might be fake!

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Understanding if the account has fake followers helps businesses more than people. For an individual, knowing if an account has fake followers on Instagram or not may not be worthwhile. However, it helps the brand make an informed decision before choosing any influencer who claims to have a particular amount of followers. Using these tools and activities, they can make a clear choice between choosing them for the brand or dropping them, thereby making an informed decision within no time.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram fake followers can add zero to no value to someone’s profile.
  • Three out of four influencers have been studied to have bought more than 10000 followers.
  • Through various tools and techniques, you can identify these fake followers and make an informed decision.