Many websites these days offer you to easily gain 1000+ free Instagram followers within minutes of subscribing to their packages. Considering the huge need to grow your social media platform, there have been people who are curious to delve deep into it, buy such a package and grow their follower count. Our article here is…2023-02-22 11:56:21Get 1000+ Free Instagram Followers In 5 Minutes! Here’s How

Get 1000+ Free Instagram Followers In 5 Minutes! Here’s How


1000+ free followers on Instagram within 5 minutes? May seem unbelievable at first. However, this step-by-step guide will help you get there ASAP!

Updated: 22nd Feb 2023, 11:56 IST
Table Of Contents
  • 1
    Is getting 1000+ free followers on Instagram possible?
    • 1. Websites
    • 2. Social Media Accounts
    • 3. Apps
  • 2
    6 Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers
    • 1. Engage with your audience
    • 2. Create a circle
    • 3. Strategically plan and roll out content
    • 4. Be consistent
    • 5. Additional tools for the win
    • 6. Use trends to your advantage
  • 3
    Free Instagram Followers Scam: Why To Stay Away?
    • Should you use Instagram MOD Apk?
  • 4

Many websites these days offer you to easily gain 1000+ free Instagram followers within minutes of subscribing to their packages. Considering the huge need to grow your social media platform, there have been people who are curious to delve deep into it, buy such a package and grow their follower count. Our article here is totally dedicated to understanding how you can have 1000+ free Instagram followers.

To begin with, all the claims of getting thousands or more free Instagram followers within a matter of minutes are nothing but a hoax. Let’s delve deep into these claims.

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Is getting 1000+ free followers on Instagram possible?

Let’s classify the claims of getting free Instagram followers based on the medium and type of channels.

1. Websites

While many websites that you would search for to get free Instagram followers will say this is a genuine claim, this cry is far from true. Firstly, when you go to these websites providing you with instant followers, they ask you to sign up with your email address. Additionally, they may also ask you to complete a challenge to prove that you are not a robot. In these challenges, these websites ask you to potentially download some links. Considering the challenging aspect of device security, this might be a threat to your device.

Once you complete these steps, the website might add a few followers within some time. Let’s say they add 20 followers to your account. Now, you can add another lot in the next 24 hours only. Meanwhile, you cannot be sure of the fact that this number of free follower counts that is added is maintained.

As Instagram has developed the ever-evolving algorithm, the platform notifies accounts that use inauthentic ways to gain followers and likes. Besides, it goes against the community guidelines set by the social networking site. Hence, there is always a suspicion of a dip in the count during the coming time.

Key problems of using the website to add free Instagram followers

  • The email ID that is used for registering the account may be misused
  • The follower count may decrease after some times
  • You might end up downloading unsecured links to complete the challenge before getting free Instagram followers.

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2. Social Media Accounts

Many a time, you come across social media accounts that promise to give you 1000 followers in a particular amount or similar packages. These accounts are run specifically to gain a particular sum of money, and then they deactivate the entire account. You would find them commenting on some popular posts about ways to increase the follower count by contacting them.

Once you contact them, they ask for a payment, and as the process is completed, the promised number of followers is added. However, as they are added in a go, Instagram detects such a sudden spike in follower or like count and deletes them at the end of the day.

Besides, there are Instagram pods too that are meant to help each other with the barter. You will perform the activities like liking, following, and more in exchange for a similar account doing this for you.

Problems faced with social media account

  • They may not add followers at all
  • Followers add maybe bot accounts that can be deactivated once no activity is detected.
  • It may be mere fraud to gain access to your online payment.

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3. Apps

Multiple applications on Play Store or App Store offer free Instagram followers. They offer to boost your Instagram profile by not only increasing your follower count but also likes and views on the profile. However, they exhibit a similar problem of losing count after being detected.

The vague method of getting the followers inflated is not reliable. Even though the number increased, there is no impact on the actual growth of the profile. There is no increase in likes or engagement on the profile. Without these parameters, an account knows no meaning.

Problems associated with increasing followers using the app:

  • Followers may get deleted after some time.
  • Compromises user’s data and can be used for spamming.

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6 Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers

Ways To Grow Insta Following

There are varied channels that will keep offering you free ways to enhance the number of followers. However, these methods may not give you relishing results as they would short live. By following simple ways, you can follow a natural progression and grow the follower count. These methods may take some time, but it is worth the effort. Enumerated below are the steps that you can follow to get some great results:

1. Engage with your audience

Free Followers On Instagram Engaging With The Audience

Social media engagement is the key to growth. Of course, it can get tedious on some days when you don’t feel like interacting at all. But, pushing through it all and doing it anyway is something you have to learn. Responding to comments and liking the posts/reels of other creators does help get on the good side of the algorithm. Use the different Instagram tools like:

  • Appropriate hashtags with posts
  • Mention and tag artists and celebrities
  • Questions for followers via stories

There are several other tools. Explore and see what suits your content the best. In other words, be active.

2. Create a circle

The best way to create a circle on Instagram is to stop following people just for the sake of it. Of course, when you start rapidly following accounts, there are chances for a lot of them to follow you back. However, instead of doing that, create a strong “base” by following those who share similar interests.

For instance, if you are a musician, follow those who are musicians as well. That helps you create a loyal following. The easiest way to get free followers on Instagram, if you ask us. Legit too. Supporting each other and growing together is important on a platform like Instagram.

3. Strategically plan and roll out content

Free Followers On Instagram Planning Content Posting

When is the best time to roll out content? What type of content can you creatively roll out? How much should you post? Notice what the top accounts in your circle doing. They keep these things in mind and approach posting on Instagram accordingly. Additionally, you can also try to experiment by posting on weekdays and weekends.

Analyze when your post gets the most likes and comments. The day and time of the day are important factors. For instance, on weekdays, people mostly view your content after coming back from work in the evening (say between 7 pm to 9 pm).

Meanwhile, on weekends, it is mostly between 11 am to 2 pm. Again, it varies from region to region. So, please make a note of it and do your bit of research.

4. Be consistent

No matter what you do, being consistent is the key. It also applies to social media posting. If you post one fine day and decide to slack off for about a week, your reach will automatically drop.

Especially in the initial stages, you have to make sure to post something or the other. At least, once every two days. Posting every single day will be gold. Then again, not everyone can come up with the time to do so especially if you are associated with a full-time job.

5. Additional tools for the win

There are several third-party planners like Planoly and Later that will help you make the most out of Instagram and plan your content. There are multiple tools for Android and iOS platforms as well.

Use these tools and curate the best-looking Instagram feed. When your feed is aesthetically pleasing, it will automatically get you free Instagram followers.

6. Use trends to your advantage

Free Followers On Instagram Using Trends Right

Whether you are talking about Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush or Chris Brown’s Under The Influence, these tracks gained an immense amount of popularity through the power of social media. They started trending as more and more people joined in and started using them in their reels and posts.

When such tracks are trending, use them to your advantage. Besides, Insta Reels are THE thing now. So, post as many reels as possible using these trendy background tracks. This increases your chances of getting viral tenfold and getting thousands of free Instagram followers.

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Free Instagram Followers Scam: Why To Stay Away?

When your account starts growing, you will gradually get to see a lot of Instagram accounts reaching out to you. These accounts will claim to get you a lot of free followers for a price. And, they will. You will see major growth. However, these will be bot accounts as followers. So, even if your account looks good with thousands of followers, deep inside you will have a bigger problem.

  • Bot accounts don’t like and comment on your posts
  • That will lead to Instagram treating your account poorly as it won’t appear on Instagram Explore
  • This prevents your content from being viewed by your real audience
  • Very hard to keep track of your actual page data (like how many accounts you have reached, how many likes you have received from real followers, etc)

Keeping these things in mind is of paramount importance. Organic growth is the best growth on Instagram or any social media platform. You are guaranteed likes, comments, and a genuine following for whom you will enjoy posting.

Should you use Instagram MOD Apk?

Instagram MOD Apks claim to offer free followers and likes on Instagram. However, the biggest issue is that it can get your account permanently suspended. With that, all your efforts will go down the drain just like that. You don’t want that. Nobody wants that. Staying away from such malicious third-party MOD Apks is important if you don’t want to risk it all.


These sustained methods and consistent efforts will help you grow social media exponentially. It depends on you if you want a lasting solution to grow your profile or desperately want the numbers to grow.

However, if you are serious about your social media, it is good that you follow consistent methods of growing and do not fall into the gimmicks of getting 1000+ free followers on Instagram by any website, social media account, or app.

Lastly, be patient and have realistic expectations. The algorithm takes a while to turn in your favour. But, if you follow these methods and are consistent, you will get tons of free Instagram followers pretty fast.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Is it really possible to get 1000s or more Free followers on Instagram within a span of 5 minutes?
  • Is it good to inflate your follower count to achieve super-fast results?
  • To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand every aspect of it and make decisions accordingly.

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