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5 Best Keyboards For Laptops In India September 2023


Want to buy a new keyboard for your laptop? Check out our top five recommendations, that will surely experience.elevate your

- Updated: 31st Aug 2023, 11:48 IST
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    5 Best Keyboards For Laptops In India
    • 1. Ant Value FKBRI01 Wired USB Keyboard
    • 2. Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard
    • 3. ZEBRONICS ZEB-K5000MW Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
    • 4. iClever BK04 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
    • 5. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard With Easy Media Control
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    Summing Up

Most laptops these days skimp out on providing a good keyboard prebuilt inside the system. As an input device, any lousy keyboard will suffice and not perform as per your expectations. A high-quality keyboard, on the other hand, is more accurate, faster, and more responsive as well. You can also work from a distance without worrying about connectivity or performance-related issues with a wireless keyboard. Hence most of the time, using an external keyboard for your laptop might be the most sensible decision you can think of.

The best keyboards will completely elevate how you interact with your laptop and improve your entire experience. After using numerous laptops over the years, we can confidently state that there is a significant difference between an external keyboard and most of the pre-built keyboards inside laptops. Hence, in this article, we will take a look at some of the best external keyboards you can buy for your laptop. So let’s take a look at all of them.

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5 Best Keyboards For Laptops In India

Most cheap keyboards come with membrane-style keys, but if you really want to improve your typing experience, then investing in a mechanical keyboard makes sense these days. We have also tried to include some wireless options on our list so that you can enjoy a tangle-free experience on your work setup. Some of our suggestions are slightly expensive but are well worth the cost. So let’s begin.

1. Ant Value FKBRI01 Wired USB Keyboard

Ant Value keyboard

The first keyboard on our list is the Ant Value FKBRI01 wired keyboard, one of India’s cheapest and most purchased keyboards. You get a full-sized 104 keys membrane keyboard for under Rs 300, which is pretty insane. The keyboard comes with an all-plastic build and all the basic keys necessary for any keyboard functionality.

The device also comes with a dedicated Numpad, which would really help in your accounting or tally-related work. It’s different from most standard laptop keyboards, as it comes with soft touch keycaps and a beautiful texture design, which most laptops come without. This keyboard from Ant Value comes with a user manual inside the box and requires no software support to run inside a PC or laptop. You can plug in the USB A port, and you are ready.

Full sized keyboardDoes not come with backlit support
Textured design

X-Factor – This keyboard from Ant Value is a really cheap and the most functional device in the PC market.

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2. Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

Dell Kb216 keyboard

The Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard is an easy-to-use home, or office computing uses. The entire layout of the keyboard with chiclet-style keys enables efficient, comfortable typing – ideal for everyday use on nearly any work. Further, the multimedia keys make it simple to access features like play, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and even volume control.

The Dell KB216 is ideal for everyday use, as it’s designed to give comfort for the daily rigours of desktop usage, with a robust structure and silent keys. The Dell Multimedia Keyboard also comes with a palm rest, which can be purchased separately. You also get bright Caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock indicators, which are easily visible as well. This keyboard from Dell is usually available for around Rs. 800 in India and is one of the most purchased keyboards in the online market.

Dedicated multimedia keysThe keycap response sometimes is not up to the mark
Wrist rest support
Compact and lightweight design

X-Factor – This keyboard from Dell also comes with palm rest support, which helps in more prolonged usage without any stress or wrist injury.

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3. ZEBRONICS ZEB-K5000MW Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Zebronics Bluetooth keyboard

The third keyboard on our list is the Zebronics Zeb-K5000MW Bluetooth wireless keyboard, which has a compact design and twelve dedicated multimedia keys. The compact design of this wireless keyboard is easy to carry and comes with Bluetooth support so that you can multitask at work, at home, or on the go. Its Bluetooth connectivity also makes it compatible with other types of devices, such as tablets, smartphones and even Android smart TVs.

The keyboard comes with an inbuilt battery, which lasts almost six months with a single charge. The round key shapes with a typewriter-like feel also give a retro touch to this keyboard. You can easily type on your laptop, tablet, or phone, with up to three devices support that can be used simultaneously. With a few keystrokes, you may switch between devices. This wonderful and compact Bluetooth keyboard is usually available for less than Rs. 2,000 in India and is a great accessory to have if you are a laptop or tablet owner.

Type-C chargingComes without a dedicated Numpad
Long-lasting battery life
Compact and portable size

X-Factor – Its multi-device connectivity allows you to connect up to three devices simultaneously.

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4. iClever BK04 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

iClever Bluetooth keyboard

The next keyboard on our list is the iClever BK04 wireless keyboard, which has seven different backlit keyboard designs and two different brightness levels. You can also use this keyboard with any of the four major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac Os, Android, and even Linux, that supports Bluetooth connectivity. The low-profile, whisper-silent keys also provide a comfortable and quiet typing experience.

Further, a four-hour charge delivers almost 250 hours of continuous typing, and the keyboard can also be utilised in standby mode for more than 280 days. It also has a unique standby mode, where the keyboard enters sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity to provide a longer operating time. The ultra-slim backlit keyboard is even more compact than some smartphones. You may carry it with you wherever you go, whether you work or travel.

Backlit keyboardBattery life with backlit profiles is really low
Ultra slim design
Low profile keys

X-Factor – This Bluetooth keyboard has a wonderful seven different colour profile backlit keyboard.

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5. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard With Easy Media Control

Logitech K400 Plus keyboard

Finally, the last keyboard on our list is the Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard, which has a built-in trackpad and intuitive media controls. You can manage your streaming entertainment from your laptop or television without the hassle of connecting other peripheral devices with this keyboard. This small, slim living room keyboard consolidates all the controls into a single device. Just connect the single USB receiver to a USB port of your media device, and you’re ready to go.

Logitech also promises up to 18 months of battery life with this keyboard, which is pretty insane. It also supports and connects with multiple operating systems and even supports the Android TV interface. The long 33 feet range also means connecting this excellent keyboard from almost every corner of your room. This nifty and feature-rich keyboard is usually available for less than Rs. 4,000 in India and is available from most e-commerce stores.

Comes with dedicated media controlsNot meant for gaming or heavy coding tasks
Has an inbuilt trackpad
Long-range wireless connection

X-Factor – This keyboard has a built-in trackpad and almost 18 months of battery life.

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Summing Up

The correct keyboard is like a finely tuned instrument for any musician, as it enhances your typing experience from ordinary to fantabulous. Any keyboard can handle your basic internet and word processing needs, but as you put more hours of typing or gaming into it, you realise you need more than just a normal keyboard layout. Finding the correct keyboard entails selecting the right size, backlit operation, and the right type of key switches to make every keypress enjoyable.

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Hence we have selected every type of keyboard you can imagine and provided you with a selection from each price range. We hope our informative post will help you make an informed decision. For more informative listing articles and comparisons, follow Cashify Tech Byte.

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  • Most laptop keyboards lack basic features that can be detrimental to your productivity tasks.
  • Hence, you might need to buy a new external keyboard for your laptop or PC.
  • So, in this article, we have listed the top five keyboards you can buy for your laptop.

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