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5 Best HP Wireless Mouse You Can Buy In India Right Now February 2024


Want to buy a new wireless mouse from HP? Check out our five lbest HP mouse in your price range.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2024, 14:38 IST
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    Best HP Wireless Mice In India
    • 1. HP X200 Wireless Mouse
    • 2. HP 150 Wireless USB Mouse
    • 3. HP Z3700 Wireless Optical Mouse
    • 4. HP 430 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
    • 5. HP 930 Creator Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
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    Summing Up

The best wireless mice are ergonomic, precise, and sensitive. They liberate us from a tangle of cables and serve as an extension of our will, whether we’re chasing the perfect spreadsheet or a challenging opponent in an online game. On the other hand, wired mice are often messy and can be a mess in any workstation or desktop setup. HP also makes a lot of wireless mice these days to avoid this conflict and give you peace of mind and tangle-free operation.

So, in this article, we will take a look at some of the best wireless mice from HP you can buy right now. HP provides wonderful computer peripherals and other devices, and their PC mice are no different. You get a long-range wireless mouse to Bluetooth mouse from the company. So let’s take a look at all the best HP mice in India.

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Best HP Wireless Mice In India

All the HP wireless mice are dependable, sturdily built, and offer great battery life. But still, making a choice and finding the best mouse in your budget can be a challenging task. But worry not! We have listed the best mice from HP, which are easily available across all leading electronic platforms. So, let’s begin.

1. HP X200 Wireless Mouse

HP X200 Wireless mouse

The first HP wireless mouse on our list is the HP X200 Wireless Mouse, which has a long 10 metres range and three years of assured warranty support. HP also claims that it performs more than other contemporaries in this price range, with up to 18 months long battery life. Adjustable DPI settings of this mouse allow up to 1600DPi, to speed up or slow down scrolling speed whenever required.

You can enjoy excellent device and operating system compatibility with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and even MacOS 10.1 or above support. The mouse is also very compact and lightweight to hold, making it super accessible to carry or manoeuvre around. You can buy this mouse usually for less than Rs. 600 in India, and it’s one of the highest-selling mice from HP.

3 years warrantyAll plastic build
18 months battery life
Peak navigation speed of 1600DPI

X-Factor – This is one of HP’s cheapest and most trusted wireless mice.

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2. HP 150 Wireless USB Mouse

HP 150 Wireless mouse

The second wireless mouse from HP on our list is the HP 150 Wireless USB mouse, which has an elegant ergonomic design that gives you all-day comfort. With its 1600 DPI optical sensor speed, this mouse operates well on practically any surface. You can put it in your bag with your laptop or tablet, and you’re ready to use it anywhere. The mouse is comfortable for both left-handers and right-handers because of its contoured edges and grippy design.

You can easily connect this mouse to its 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, which can also be stored inside the mouse. The scroll speed of this mouse can be controlled. It’s a handy mouse with three standard buttons. You can click the dual-function scroll wheel to the left, right, or centre. You have complete control in the palm of your hand. The price of this mouse is also pretty impressive, as it retails for around Rs.500-700 in India.

Lightweight designLow battery life
Rubber grip
Three years warranty

X-Factor – Its contoured edges and grippy design make it really comfortable to hold.

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3. HP Z3700 Wireless Optical Mouse

HP Z3700 wireless mouse

The next HP wireless mouse on our list is the HP Z3700 Wireless optical mouse, which has an elegant design and three different colour options. A 1200 DPI optical sensor and 2.4GHz wireless communication provide up to 30ft excellent accuracy so that you can use it anywhere you like. Further, its Blue LED technology allows the mouse to work on a variety of surfaces, allowing you to work from practically anywhere and on most hard surfaces.

HP also claims that once the AA battery is plugged in, the mouse can run for almost 16 months, which is pretty insane. You also get multi-OS support, where Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and even Linux OS are also supported. HP also promises 1-year comprehensive warranty with this mouse, giving you peace of mind after your purchase. The mouse is mostly available for Rs.1,200 in India and is an excellent purchase for those who want elegance in their work or playing setup.

Multi-OS supportOnly 1-year warranty
Elegant and sleek design
16-month battery life

X-Factor – Its elegant and slim design adds a touch of class to your work setup.

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4. HP 430 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

HP 430 Wireless mouse

Coming to the fourth wireless mouse on our list, the HP 430 Multi-device wireless mouse is also the first Bluetooth mouse on our list. You can connect to several devices by moving your pointer between several platforms, including Windows and macOS. The mouse is also compatible with the built-in 2.4 GHz wireless mouse receiver or Bluetooth connection.

Further, the mouse has four different customisable buttons, with an adjustable scroll wheel, where you can also perform cursor tracking. HP also claims that this HP 430 mouse is made from recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly. With this very efficient, incredibly long-lasting mouse, you can work for years without interruption. HP also provides clever power technology, which ensures that with a single AA battery, the mouse can last up to 24 months.

2 years battery lifeNo LED lights
Dual connectivity
Fast 4000DPI cursor speed

X-Factor – This mouse is compatible with working with multiple devices simultaneously.

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5. HP 930 Creator Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

HP 930 Creator Bluetooth mouse

The last wireless mouse on our list is the HP 930 Creator Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. It comes with seven different programmable buttons and a hyper-fast scroll wheel. It’s also a unique and, at the same time, a premium mouse, as it has a USB Type-C charging port and an inbuilt lithium-ion battery. You can connect to several devices and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of connecting to many devices on which you choose to operate this mouse.

It can also be paired with up to three devices using a USB-A nano-dongle or Bluetooth. Its unique connect across devices functionality allows the dragging and dropping across multiple devices using this one mouse. It also moves with you even between Windows and macOS operating systems. HP also promises up to 3 hours of battery life, with just one minute of charging this mouse. You can buy this mouse for less than Rs. 5,000 in India, and it’s one of the most premium and feature-rich mice from HP.

Seven different programmable buttonsExpensive
USB Type-C charging
3000DPI optical speed

X-Factor – The mouse has USB Type -C charging, which means you can charge this mouse anywhere.

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Summing Up

HP mice are available at a variety of pricing points, with prices ranging from roughly Rs.500 to Rs.5,000 or more. Before making a purchase, evaluate your budget and the qualities that are most essential to you. Overall, HP provides various mice for various customers and budgets. You may choose the best HP mouse for your needs by considering design, connection, DPI, and button customisation. It’s usually a good idea to read customer reviews of the precise model you’re interested in before making a purchase. This will give you a sense of the mouse’s benefits and cons and if it’s a good fit for your needs.

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But you need not worry, as we have researched a lot and curated our list with the best wireless mice from HP, with great customer reviews and positive points. For more such detailed articles, please follow Cashify TechByte.

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