5 Best Mouse Pads That You Can Buy In India Right Now February 2023


Want to buy a new mouse pad? Check out our top-five list, and make an informative purchase.

By Sandip Chakraborty - 
Updated: 31st Jan 2023 12:22 IST
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    Best Mouse Pads In India Right Now
    • 1. Tizum Mouse Pad With Anti-Slip Rubber Base
    • 2. Redgear MP35 Mousepad
    • 3. CLADD Vegan Leather Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest
    • 4. Tuzker Gel Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest Memory Foam
    • 5. Amazon Basics RGB Light Gaming Mouse Pad Desk Mat
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Although most mice will work fine without a mouse pad, you must consider whether just working fine is sufficient for your detailed e-gaming sessions or time-consuming professional responsibilities. Over the years, the finest mouse pads have undergone significant change. While purchasing a gaming mouse pad may seem like an afterthought for some, it can actually provide you an advantage in games and enable you to dominate leaderboards. Mouse pads may not get as much attention as other peripherals, but they complement any work desk and complement your mouse in many ways.

Hence, this article will look at some of the best mouse pads you can buy in India. Most hot-selling mouse pads come with smooth scrolling support, cover your entire desk space, and add elegance. We have also tried to include all the mouse pads under Rs. 1,000 only so that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. So, let’s begin

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Best Mouse Pads In India Right Now

Although most gaming mouse pads are significantly more capable than their earlier predecessors, particularly in terms of how they are compatible with various types of mice while gaming, you can also select a dedicated basic gaming mouse pad for your entire desk, which would complement and protect your desk. So, let’s look at all the mouse pads below.

1. Tizum Mouse Pad With Anti-Slip Rubber Base

Tizum Mouse pad

The first mouse pad on our list is the Tizum Mouse Pad, which has an anti-slip rubber base. Gamers, graphic designers, students, or any working professional, who uses a mouse for extended periods of time may benefit from this mouse pad. Its anti-slip, and ultra-smooth Lyra cover enhances office productivity and players’ gaming experience. The mentioned Lyra cover fabric helps for easy gliding of the mouse. It was designed to move your mouse with high accuracy and control quickly. Both mechanical and optical mice are compatible with it.

Further, the soft and dense Non-Skid Rubber Base keeps the pad firmly in one place. This also allows for high-speed tracking movement and helps you get more kills in most multiplayer games. Another great feature of this pad is that it’s also fully washable and can be cleaned inside a washing machine. With a price tag of just under Rs. 300, it’s one of India’s most recommended and highest-selling pads.

Anti-slip baseSmall size
Five different colour options

X-Factor: It’s one of the cheapest and most portable mouse pads you can buy in India right now.

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2. Redgear MP35 Mousepad

Redgear MP35

Coming to the second mouse pad on our list, the Redgear MP35 mousepad is ideal for gamers. Any desktop or in-game sensitivity settings have little effect on how fluid and effective it remains with most budget or high-end mice. The mouse mat feels considerably softer and cosier to the touch. Perfect for gamers that want speed and acceleration since it provides the highest level of movement precision and speed for their gaming settings.

The mouse mat will be unmovable like a rock on any surface, including ones that are sloped or uneven. The mouse mat’s side layer is stitched, highly soft, and sturdy for maximum wrist and hand comfort during extended gaming sessions. It also comes with high-quality foam and a non-stiched design, which ensures its longevity. You can buy an excellent mouse pad for less than Rs. 500 in India from all leading electronic outlets, and it is probably the cheapest mouse pad made especially for gamers.

Suitable for gamersNot recommended to wash inside washing machines
Available in different sizes and options
Non-slip base

X-Factor: This cheap, speed-type, compatible mouse pad is really good for gamers.

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3. CLADD Vegan Leather Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

CLADD Vegan Leather PAd

The third mouse pad on our list is a premium one with a Vegan leather finish and faux leather design. Another design element that is added to this pad is that it has palm and wrist support. The mousepad also offers a silky smooth surface for effective and continuous mouse use. When you scroll, glide, or use your mouse, it feels lovely on your skin. You can easily use the pad on the sit-stand desk, bed, sofa, or even a soft blanket because it is smooth, flat, and has a rigid base.

The extended soft wrist rests have a plush feel and minimises the pressure by following the natural contours of your hand and wrist. The padded wrist rest keeps your wrist in an ergonomically beneficial posture, which ensures that you can work for longer hours without any stress or potential hand injuries. You can buy this premium mouse pad for less than Rs. 600 in India, and it comes with four different colour options and a circular design.

Vegan leather designNeeds to be washed with utmost care
Soft touch feel
Wrist support

X-Factor: It’s one of India’s cheapest and most premium-looking mouse pads.

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4. Tuzker Gel Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest Memory Foam

Tuzker Gel Mouse pad

The following mouse pad on our list is the Tuzker Gel Mouse pad, which also has excellent wrist rest memory foam. It helps keep your wrist in the correct position, reducing wrist pressure and pain and making the use of the mouse more accurate and comfortable. The fabric adheres to the rubber foundation tightly with a shrinkable press handling method. It is difficult to separate, preventing edges from curling up and memory foam the pad from being damaged after prolonged use. The memory foam holds its shape to offer supple support without distorting or being damaged even after several months of use.

Coming to the surface of the mouse pad is made of breathable fabric and is non-rational to the skin. You also don’t get much itchiness or heat generation, even after prolonged use. The Tuzker Gel mouse pad is available in four different colour options and is ideal for most professional users and gamers as well.

Foam rest wrist supportSmall area for scrolling
Ultra smooth lycra fabric
Four different colour options

X-Factor: The Tuzker Gel mouse is ideal for those with wrist pain problems after prolonged mouse use.

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5. Amazon Basics RGB Light Gaming Mouse Pad Desk Mat

Amazon Basics RGB Mouse Pad

Lastly, we have the Amazon Basics RGB Light Gaming desk mat, which also doubles up as a gaming mouse pad. As the name suggests, this mat also has RGB lighting effects, which can be customized from the mat’s dedicated control menu. This mat will add elegance to your desktop setup if you have a gaming PC with RGB lighting. You can also easily power up the lighting by connecting the USB-A connector to any power source outlet or your PC’s proprietary port.

The base of this huge desk mat is textured with natural rubber, ensuring that the mouse and keyboard are secure and steady. You can have an enhanced gaming experience with this desk mat, and the silky, soft-touch cloth also is really good for most plain surfaces or wooden desks. You can buy this desk mat for less than Rs.1,000 in India, and it can be purchased from the Amazon marketplace.

Covers your entire deskCannot be washed under running water
RGB lighting effectsNeeds power outlet
Smooth surface for precise and firm grip

X-Factor: It’s one of the cheapest desk mats with RGB lighting effects.

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A gaming mouse pad typically won’t cost you that much because many are reasonably priced. We have also tried to include all the budget-range mouse pads, which offer insane value for money and have several attached functionalities. A mouse pad or desk mat also protects or covers the flaws in your desk, which may have been causing hindrances to your working setup.

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In fact, a cheap mouse pad with attractive looks might be a wonderful gift for a tech enthusiast or someone who enjoys keeping their desk tidy. Overall we have tried to cover gaming mouse pads with premium-looking pads or mats well. We hope you liked our list. Do let us know in the comments section for more suggestions or recommendations.

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Highlights of the Story
  • Most people ignore the usage of mouse pads for desk setups, but they benefit your gaming or professional needs.
  • Most mouse pads also have a firm base grip and washable design.
  • Hence, in this article, we look at some of the best mouse pads you can buy in India.

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