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5 Best Keyboard & Mouse Combos In India December 2023


Want to buy a new keyboard and mouse combo? Check out our comprehensive list to learn about the five best keyboard and mouse combos.

- Updated: 28th Nov 2023, 18:29 IST
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    Best Keyboard and Mouse Combos You Can Buy In India
    • 1. Zebronics JUDWAA 750 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo
    • 2. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
    • 3. Logitech MK270r USB Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo
    • 4. HP KM300F Wired USB Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Set
    • 5. iGear KeyBee 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo
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    Summing Up

Over the last couple of years, we have become more dependent on our PC computers and laptops as the growing culture of working from home has increased. Most of hence are relying more on our keyboards and mouse for our daily work targets. We also saw a surge in the retail of wireless keyboards and mice in these years as more and more people are adopting them. You may do away with wires by using a wireless keyboard and mouse to create a tidy and comfortable desk. Bluetooth or Wireless Receivers make it simple to connect wireless computer peripherals to a PC via a USB connection. You only need one dongle for connectivity when using a keyboard and mouse together.

So, in this article, we have covered some of the best keyboard and mouse sets you can buy in India right now. We have also included a few wireless keyboard and mouse combos as well. So let’s now look at all the beautiful and versatile PC peripherals combos on show.

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Best Keyboard and Mouse Combos You Can Buy In India

Several keyboards and mice sets are available in the market and come with various features and benefits. Therefore, making the appropriate choice is challenging. Our list of top keyboard mice is provided below. The list includes a thorough explanation of the keyboard and mouse and a list of their pros and shortcomings as well.

1. Zebronics JUDWAA 750 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Zebronics JUDWAA 750

The first keyboard and mouse combo on our list is the Zebronics Judwaa 750 Wired keyboard-mouse combo. This particular set from Zebronics has a full-sized keyboard with a Numpad and a fantastic mouse with a smooth scrolling rate of 1200DPI. The Judwaa 750 also comes with 104 keyboard caps and a dedicated rupee key, designed to use comfortably and silently. Further, the 1200 DPI mouse has three ultra-clickable buttons, which are easy to use and work without dedicated software.

The mouse also has an accurate optical sensor that ensures faster navigation than any standard mouse pad. The keyboard, as mentioned above, has a silent operation and its scissor design is also very comfortable to use. You can buy this wired combo for around Rs. 400- Rs. 500 in India, and it’s one of the cheapest and best-selling keyboard-mouse combos in India.

High-quality USB connectorsNo backlit option in the keyboard keycaps
Plug-and-play operation
Silent keyboard keys

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2. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer

The second keyboard-mouse combo on our list is the Zebronics Zeb- Transformer Gaming set which has multicolour lights and dedicated media control buttons. Zeb- The transformer keyboard and mouse have various capabilities to improve your gaming. The mouse has a high sensitivity setting of 3200DPI, while the keyboard contains features like the ability to control media playback.

With the backlit keyboard of this combo, you can game to a new level. Four different LED light settings are available, including a one-off option from which you can choose multiple settings and brightness adjustments. The set also has superb ergonomics so that you won’t feel tired even after extended sessions of work or play. The keyboard has an aluminium shell, and the ergonomically designed mouse is small and portable. The mouse is well-made, with a metal plate at the bottom. Long braided cables with top-notch USB connectors are included with the keyboard and mouse, which ensure that it’s rugged in nature.

Multicolour LED lightsNo software support to customise LED lights
The mouse comes with six different buttons
Braided cable

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3. Logitech MK270r USB Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Logitech MK270r USB Wireless Combo

The next keyboard and mouse set on our list is from the popular Swiss-American Logitech, and it’s the first wireless combo on our list. The Logitech MK270r has a comfortable full-sized 104 keycaps keyboard, which the company promises offers long battery life as well. The company promises up to 2 years of battery life with the supplied AA batteries and 12 months of battery life with the mouse. The keyboard is also spill-resistant, with a dedicated number pad so that the calculation work can be easily sorted out.

Another intuitive feature of the mouse is enjoying all-day comfort for your hand and smooth, accurate tracking because of the precise optical tracker. There’s also a storage compartment for the wireless receiver, so it stays safe whenever you need it. Logitech has also provided up to eight different keyboard shortcuts, from which you can open up your desired or most used apps. The wireless keyboard mouse set is usually available for less than Rs. 1,500 in India and is a must-buy if your budget is set around that range.

Eight media shortcut keysAll plastic build
2.4Ghz wireless connectivity
Spill-resistant keyboard

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4. HP KM300F Wired USB Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Set

HP KM300F Wired Keyboard mouse combo

The following keyboard-mouse combo on our list is the HP KM300F Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse. As the name suggests, this is a gaming combo from HP, with the keyboard being one of India’s most popular PC peripherals. The company also gives a premium build with the keyboard, as we get a metal panel with LED logo lightning and three different types of LED indicators. The backlit keyboard also works without any third-party app or software support.

The mouse is also no slouch, as it has a peak of 6400DPI, which promises smooth navigation with any basic mouse pad. HP also claims that the keyboard’s keycaps have anti-ghosting functionality, ensuring that keys are pressed in the set order without errors or wrong input. Overall with three years comprehensive warranty, metal build, and LED-backlit functionality, this combo from HP is a must-buy for those looking to buy a keyboard and mouse combo under Rs. 2,000.

3 Years comprehensive warrantyComes without any LED light settings for the mouse
Metal panel, which is scratch and dust resistant
Membrane backlit keyboard

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5. iGear KeyBee 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

iGear Wireless Keyboard mouse combo

The last keyboard and mouse combo on our list is the iGear KeyBee Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo, which has funky colour options and comes with big round keycaps. iGear has designed it like a Typewriter, which gives it a nostalgic feel. The keyboard is also relatively lightweight and easy to carry around. The company also provides a low battery indicator, reminding you to replace the old AA batteries.

Coming to the mouse comes with a toggle switch key that lets you change the DPI setting with the click of a button. The company promises a peak of 1600DPI with the mouse. iGear also provides a cleaning brush and batteries inside the pack so that you can easily use and clean the combo from the get-go. Overall, those looking to customise their PC deskspace can choose this retro combo with eight different colour options. You can buy this typewriter-inspired wireless keyboard-mouse combo from popular online retail outlets for less than Rs. 3,000 in India.

Eight different colour options to choose fromNo backlit option on the keyboard and mouse
Big and round keycaps
Long 10meteres range

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Summing Up

A wireless keyboard and mouse can be helpful and serve the same purposes as a wired keyboard and mouse. Because of this, many believe it offers additional functions, making it a sought-after item in the market these days. Therefore, wireless keyboard and mouse sets allow you to conserve space and keep tangling connections out of the way of your desk. But, looking at the wired keyboards set section, we also get some great gaming and cheap keyboard options. So, in the end, it boils down to your personal preference. For more such excellent listing articles and comparisons, please follow Cashify TechByte.

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