You may do away with wires by using a wireless keyboard and mouse to create a tidy and clutter-free desk or workstation. Wireless or Bluetooth receivers make it simple to connect wireless computer devices to a PC via a USB connection. You need one dongle for connectivity if you use a keyboard and mouse together. Several wireless keyboards and mice are available, with various features and benefits. Therefore, making the appropriate choice in your budget is quite challenging.

Hence in this listicle, we have covered the top five wireless keyboard mice you can buy in India. The list includes a thorough explanation of all the keyboards and mice and a list of their benefits and drawbacks. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

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Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos You Can Buy In India

Below, we have selected some of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos you can buy right now. All the products mentioned in the list are customers’ favourites and have great rating points. So let’s look at them.

1. Portronics POR-1658/Key 5 Silent Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo

Portronics Wireless Keyboard Mouse

The first wireless peripheral PC combo on our list is the Portronics POR-1658 Silent Wireless Mouse and Keyboard combo. It comes with a dependable 2.4GHz wireless connection alongside a tiny nano-receiver that uses just one USB connector to connect the keyboard and mouse. The box of this combo contains a portable outlined mouse for easy control, a full-size keyboard with stylish, low-profile keys, and other accessories.

Portronics claims that the keyboard works silently without the noise of the keys, with the silent key design of this wireless keyboard and mouse combo. You also get an ergonomic design and three different colour options to choose from. Its seamless 2.4 GHz network connectivity means that it’s compatible with all types of Windows versions and is also compatible with Apple products. You can buy this combo for less than Rs. 1,000 in India, and it is one of the cheapest and most well-known products from Portronics.

Silent operationAll plastic build
Three different colour options
Dedicated multimedia keys

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2. Logitech MK235 Mouse & Keyboard Combo

Logitech MK235 Wireless Combo

The second wireless keyboard and mouse combo on our list is the Logitech MK235 wireless combo, which has a spill-proof design. Logitech claims that once you insert batteries in this combo, the keyboard and mouse will run for up to three years. As soon as you insert the receiver into a USB port, the MK235 starts to operate. A 10 m range and a robust, dependable wireless connection let you forget about dropouts or breakouts during work. This also ensures that you have the wireless freedom you require as a result.

Now, coming to the wireless mice of this combo, both left- and right-handed users can benefit from the ergonomic form provided by the small, portable design. It’s simple to use, and you can carry it wherever you go. Further, the full-sized wireless keyboard has an excellent key response and can be used long-term. This particular model from Logitech is usually available for less than Rs. 1,800 in India, and if your budget is set around that price, then it’s a great buy.

Long battery lifeNo on/off button on the keyboard
Spill-proof design
Multiple shortcut buttons

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3. Tizum Retro Wireless Keyboard & Optical Mouse Combo

Tizum Wireless Retro KeyBoard mouse combo

Coming to the third wireless keyboard and mouse combo on our list, the Tizum Retro Wireless keyboard and optical mouse combo has a funky design and typewriter-like key input. Its round keycaps and small compact design help you to conveniently locate each key. You also get a red glowing battery indicator inside the keyboard, which is useful to know about its battery status.

Even beginners can type more easily because of the keyboard’s distinctive colour scheme. The company also has a similar designed and themed mouse, which is compact and comfortable to use. Further, to conserve battery, both the keyboard and the mouse come with an intelligent power-saving mode, which means you can work with three different power-saving modes. Both the mouse and keyboard work with AA batteries, which are sadly not included inside the box. You can buy this amazingly themed wireless keyboard and mouse combo for less than Rs. 2,000 in India, and it’s a great buy for those who want to customise their workstation.

Round and big keycapsThe keyboard comes without a dedicated numpad
Unique design
1 million clicks supported by the mouse

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4. iClever GK08 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

iClever GK08 Bluetooth Wireless keyboard mouse set

The next wireless keyboard and mouse combo on our list is the iClever GK08 Bluetooth-supported keyboard and mouse combo. The main highlight of this keyboard is that it comes with lithium-ion batteries inside both devices, which lets you get away with the hassle of replacing batteries after a few weeks or months. It works with Windows, Mac OS, and even Chromebooks. All you have to do is plug in one tiny, handy USB receiver to your computer, and the keyboard and mouse will be instantly connected so that you don’t need to use two separate receivers.

Further, the highly responsive scissor switches in this wireless keyboard will help users who value accuracy in their typing feel at ease. It types softly, and the buttons’ enhanced stability helps to reduce tip noise and improve their accuracy. The LED indicators located on the keyboard notify you when the battery is low so you can recharge accordingly. The company also promises up to 33 feet range with both of these devices, meaning you can work even from the next room for any typing or scrolling work. You can buy this wireless set for less than Rs. 3,000 in India and is a must-buy for most buyers looking for a multifeatured and rechargeable keyboard and mouse set.

Quick charge supportNo mechanical key membrane support
33 Feet signal range
Full-sized keyboard with multimedia keys

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5. Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK470

The last wireless keyboard and mouse set on our list is the Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and mouse combo, which comes with an ultra-low sounding keyboard. The keyboard and mouse become a statement piece for your workplace setting thanks to the thin profile and simple minimal design. It is also a compact keyboard with a number pad and all the keys you need for daylong productivity. The mouse, on the other hand of this combo set, comes with a slim pebble design, which surprisingly even fits in your pocket or any small pouch.

You can connect quickly to a USB 2.4 GHz wireless receiver for a simple and dependable wireless connection. This straightforward USB receiver that is plug-and-play provides a reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a 10-metre range. The MK470 Slim Combo goes into a battery-saving mode when not in use thanks to its auto-sleep feature. The battery life for the mouse and keyboard is accordingly 18 months and 36 months after you pair your batteries inside both wireless machines. This impressive set from Logitech is available for less than Rs. 5,000 in India and is one of the best combo set from a reputed brand like Logitech.

Fluid typing supportExpensive
Ultra slim design
Long battery life

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So there you have it. We have now presented you with the five best wireless keyboards and mouse sets you can buy in India. All the wireless combos mentioned in this list win different price brackets and should be ideal for most users with varied budgets. You can buy the Portronics POR 1658/Key 5 wireless set if you want an ultra-cheap wireless keyboard mouse. But if the budget is not an issue, then the iClever GK08 or the Logitech Mk470 are both excellent choices. We hope that you found our comprehensive list helpful, and for more such excellent listing articles, please follow Cashify TechByte.

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