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5 Best Samsung Monitors That You Can Buy In India May 2024


Your search for the best Samsung monitors ends here. With our picks at every price segment, you’ll gain a better understanding of which monitor suits your needs!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:26 IST
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    Samsung LS22F355FHWXXL
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    Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL
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    Samsung LS27BM500EWXXL
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    Samsung LS27BG400EWXXL
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    Samsung LS32A800NWXXL
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    Summing up

Samsung monitors have always provided a decent value for their price. Whether you’re looking for a cheap monitor to add to your setup, or the best gaming monitor, Samsung has plenty to offer. Moreover, choosing the right monitor for your PC setup is more important than ever. Monitors come with multiple valuable features, such as blue light blockers, sharper contrasts, and a better overall picture production. Whether you’re working, playing, or watching your favourite movie, the right monitor for the job can elevate your entire experience.

This is why we’ve curated the best Samsung monitors that you can buy today. In this list, you’ll find monitors that range from the most affordable to the ultra premium products. We’ve segregated these products according to different budget segments, thereby making it easier for you to choose a monitor based on your requirements. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Samsung LS22F355FHWXXL

Samsung LS22F355FHWXXL

The first entry on our list of the best Samsung monitors is also the most affordable in this list. This monitor comes with an LED panel, which measures 21.5 inches. Whether you’re gaming or working, this LED monitor comes in handy for all situations. Samsung has also included its signature Flicker Free technology with this monitor. This ensures that even if you’re using the PC for long hours, the monitor will minimise flickers and remove distractions from the screen. There’s also a 170-degree wide viewing angle, ensuring that your field of view is never disrupted. Furthermore, Samsung’s Eco-saving technology provides less power consumption without compromising on quality.

When it comes to the build quality, the monitor is sleek and stylish. The curved panel is slim, coming in at 10mm thickness. This makes the monitor itself very lightweight and easy to handle. Finally, the Eye Saver mode in the monitor also helps you reduce blue light emissions from the monitor. Overall, for an affordable monitor, it comes with some excellent features!

Comes with decent featuresDoes not include an HDMI cable
Lightweight and easy to handle
Affordable pricing

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Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL

Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL best samsung monitors

Next on our list of the best Samsung monitors is this beautiful 24-inch monitor from the South Korean manufacturing giant. If you’re looking for an LED monitor under INR 11,000, you should definitely consider this product. There are various reasons for this too, as this monitor comes with an elegant, minimalist design. In fact, the 3-sided borderless display provides a clean aesthetic that’s required with any modern computer setup. Moreover, the viewing angles are highly accurate, thanks to the IPS panel, which ensures that there’s no issue with colour reproduction at any angle. There’s some good news for gamers as well – this monitor is powered by AMD FreeSync, ensuring a fluid and seamless gaming experience for all the modern gaming titles!

In case you’re wondering, the monitor provides a 75Hz refresh rate. This is complemented by a Game Mode which optimises colour and image contrasts to help in intense gaming scenarios. Finally, HDMI and D-sub ports provide you with the versatility expected in all modern monitors!

Decent gaming features75Hz refresh rate isn’t ideal for enthusiast gamers
Excellent colour reproduction at all angles
The 3-sided borderless design looks elegant

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Samsung LS27BM500EWXXL

Samsung LS27BM500EWXXL

For our third entry in the list of the best Samsung monitors, we’re making quite a leap with the Samsung M5. This is essentially a smart monitor from the South Korean company, with some excellent features at a great price. It has a nifty Adaptive Picture feature, which makes use of sensors to detect the ambient lighting. After this, the monitor automatically adjusts the picture quality to the optimal settings. There’s also an Adaptive Sound feature which works similarly, changing the sound quality based on the ambient noise. For gamers, the 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio gives you a proper field of view in every game. Of course, since it’s a smart monitor, it uses Samsung’s in-house operating system, Tizen. Connect the monitor to the WiFi, and you’ll have access to Netflix, Prime Video, and Samsung TV Plus!

It also works with Apple AirPlay and other Android casting services for easier working situations. Moreover, the SlimFit camera provides excellent video quality and audio clarity, whether you’re catching up with friends or on a work call. Finally, you can make the monitor a Smart Hub by connecting it to all your smart products!

Excellent value for moneyNo adjustable height stand
Decent features for the price
Great for gamers

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Samsung LS27BG400EWXXL

Samsung LS27BG400EWXXL best samsung monitors

The best Samsung monitors also often include the best gaming monitors. With the Samsung Odyssey G4, you get one of the best gaming monitors under a crispy INR 25,000. This monitor comes with an excellent 240Hz refresh rate and a clear FHD IPS panel. Moreover, the 178-degree viewing angle ensures you don’t miss a single bit of the action from any perspective. Returning to the refresh rate, 240Hz and 1ms response time ensures you’re always ready to face challenges in the toughest online gaming battles. Whether it’s for the perfectly timed pass in FIFA 23 or a headshot in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, latency will be an issue of the past.

Additionally, to ensure that there’s no choppiness or image tearing, you can pair the monitor with your Nvidia RTX GPU. The monitor itself is Nvidia G-Sync compatible. This provides you with the smoothest frames in gaming or video editing. Lastly, if you use multiple input sources, the Auto Source Switch+ will detect any new sources of input supremely fast, thus ensuring that your gaming remains uninterrupted!

240Hz refresh rateControls under the monitor are slightly wobbly
Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync compatible
Removes all sources of latency

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Samsung LS32A800NWXXL

best samsung monitors

For our final entry on the list of the best Samsung monitors, we have this 32-inch Samsung monitor. The monitor features an Ultra HD 4K resolution, complemented by a host of unique features. Apart from this, the display uses HDR10, effectively increasing the number of colours represented to 1 billion! This ensures that no matter what you’re watching or playing, the monitor will always provide the closest colour reproduction possible. The monitor also features TUV-certified Intelligent Eye Care. Through this component, the monitor automatically adjusts the colour reproduction based on the ambient lighting. Excessive blue light is blocked, thereby protecting your eyes from strain or damage. Samsung has also provided an excellent build quality with the monitor. The stand is adjustable in multiple ways, with the narrow depth and slim metal stand taking up less space at your home.

Basically, if you have the money to spare, you won’t find a better monitor than this product. It has the latest features, and its Eco Saving Plus mode ensures that your power consumption is always at its lowest!

Has the best featuresThe refresh rate is just 60Hz
Excellent and durable build quality
Reduces power consumption by a considerable amount

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Summing up

Finding a suitable monitor for yourself is never an easy task. There are multiple renowned companies providing hundreds of options in different price segments. However, Samsung is a reliable company that’s been operational in India for decades. Moreover, their smartphones, smartwatches, and monitors are widely trusted. So, our selection of the best Samsung monitors should work well. We’ve curated and listed them based on various factors, such as pricing and features. If you’ve got any other recommendations in this segment, let us know in the comment section. For more such lists, follow Cashify TechByte!

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