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8 Easy Steps To Get Free Instagram Followers Organically! May 2024


Here’s one of the very few articles on the web dedicated to letting you get the know-how of the ways to grow your social media account and get free followers for your Instagram account organically without paying a single penny.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:25 IST
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    Is it worth getting fake followers?
    • How does Instagram crack down on these bot accounts?
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    Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers Organically
    • 1. Consistent Posting
    • 2. Using trending music
    • 3. Follow accounts with similar interest
    • 4. Engage with the Instagram community
    • 5. Promote your account through multiple channels
    • 6. Use the relevant hashtag
    • 7. Appreciate good content
    • 8. Keep up with the latest trends
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    Summary: Get Free Instagram Followers Organically

Who does not want to grow their Instagram community these days? However, is paying money for it worth it? If you are looking to get free Instagram followers organically, then this might be the right place for you to begin with.

While many people chip in a significant amount of money to get bot followers or fake followers from scrupulous methods, it is not always recommended. The best way is to grow your social media account and get free Instagram followers organically by having real and genuine account. This makes your account even more credible and authentic.

Is it worth getting fake followers?

Many scrupulous mediums like social media accounts and a few other websites offer to get X amount of followers for Y amount of money. It may sound easy, but this is not always the deal. These followers that they offer you might not last long as they are bot followers or fake followers. If you are not well aware of what a bot follower is, here is the answer. They are not run by humans directly but via algorithms.

Generally, these bot accounts hit follow or likes on detecting particular keywords. While some of them are available free of cost, there are businesses or influencers who pay a huge chunk of money to buy these bot followers. This, in turn, looks good on their profile as the follower count rises. However, is it worth the purchase in the long run and get free Instagram followers without organically growing the account?

The answer to it is NO! Organic growth using real and consistent posting helps you gain followers that stay with you through your business and journey. However, there have been many reviews and complaints that people lose bot followers after some time once it is detected by the Instagram algorithm.

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How does Instagram crack down on these bot accounts?

Instagram has an ever-evolving set of algorithms and guidelines that lets it crack down on these bot accounts. Besides, this inhibits you from getting free Instagram followers organically. Some of these may be using the following ways:

  • Removes any follower or like that is gained using third-party apps.
  • If the account cannot confirm its identity on being detected for any wrong activity once Instagram asks for it.
  • If there is a sudden increase in someone’s follower or like count, that may not seem natural.
  • Absence of any profile picture and personal details.

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Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers Organically

If you are an avid social media follower and have been wondering about gathering some great ways in which you can get free Instagram followers organically without paying a single penny, then the below-mentioned steps will surely help you out. Here are some of the tried and tested ways that have helped thousands of accounts to grow organically.

1. Consistent Posting

consistent posting

To get some great reach on your social media account, it is necessary that you have a set schedule for when you plan to post on social media. This can be achieved by doing some advanced planning for a week or a month. You can strategize about the type of content depending on the previous engagement and plan accordingly. Here are some tips for consistent posting:

  • Make a content calendar in advance
  • Schedule the post if you are unavailable for a given timeline
  • Use tools like Hootsuite that help you keep a repository of all upcoming post
  • Keep posting even if they do not yield good results in the form of engagement at times.
  • Check the regular calendar to see if there are some important dates around which you can plan the post.

2. Using trending music

Reels are a real rager! If you want to make a significant social media impact and reach a large audience on Instagram, then Reels is your go-to tool. Reels are small clips or video snippets that can be posted as per the user profile. For example, someone who is a jewellery seller can make reels around their product and sell it by reaching a greater user. However, to get more cognisance, you need to use trending music. Here’s how:

  • Check the music that has received great engagement on other similar profiles.
  • See all those music that has a side arrow pointing to the right direction near it.
  • Check the Trend report to see what is working on the platform. You can find this on the Creators’ Instagram account.
  • Browse the Spotify playlist dedicated to it.

PS: Do not forget to check this dedicated video by CashifyTechByte on how to find trending songs.

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3. Follow accounts with similar interest

follow Get Free Instagram Followers

Try to follow and engage with the accounts that are most substantial. This is one of the great ways to get free Instagram followers organically. Generally, there are people who look up to you if you have a similar interest. Here, following each other will help make a great community and prove beneficial to reach a common set of audience. Here are some quick ways to do it:

  • Check people who have similar bios and passion.
  • Follow them to keep a tab on their posting and what content work for them.
  • Look for similar profiles in their Following section on Instagram. It will make you reach similar people in a shorter amount of time via their research.

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4. Engage with the Instagram community

Let’s say you post something on Instagram, and you get some great engagement in the form of likes and comments. The main motive behind making great engagement is not just to gain these comments but also to interact with them. It becomes crucial for you to engage with them by replying back or liking their comments, which makes them feel familiar.

  • Like the comments
  • Reply to the comments and tag the significant user
  • Answer the questions if something is addressed to you.
  • In case of negative comments, try to reply as positively as you can. This will build greater credibility.
  • Comment on the content of people who have similar interests to bring more audience to your page.

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5. Promote your account through multiple channels

collaboration to get Free Instagram Followers

Use methods like

  • Collaboration
  • Blogs Posts
  • Partnerships
  • Shout-outs

This way, you can reach varied kinds of audiences in a go with lesser effort. Besides, each of the methods mentioned above is easy to use. All you need to do is to find a trusted and right account to begin with. The mentions made by them will give you the sheer advantage of engaging audiences like never before and also get free Instagram followers organically.

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6. Use the relevant hashtag

hashtag for Free Instagram Followers

Hashtags are meant to club together posts from a similar genre and get free Instagram followers organically. Let’s say you use a hashtag by the name #travel, this will club all posts using similar hashtags, and you can view it all together. This also makes it easy for people to reach out and vice versa. Besides, people can look forward to content based on that hashtag having greater popularity and reach. Additionally, it also ramps up the like, follower, and share counts, making your profile even more visible. If you are wondering how to use the correct format for a hashtag, here it is:

  • Use the search bar on your Instagram app to see how many people have used that hashtag.
  • Tools like Later and Inflact to generate and understand the relevant hashtag for your profile.
  • Do not overdo the hashtag. The general recommendation is to use a maximum of five hashtags for ideal results. However, Instagram allows for around 30 hashtags in a go.

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7. Appreciate good content

good content

To get free followers for Instagram organically, it is necessary that you have a distributed approach. Try to appreciate the content of fellow creators too, and those who have made a really good effort to bring something different to the table. You can do this by :

  • Commenting on their post
  • Sharing their post with your own audience
  • Remixing with their content
  • Liking their posts
  • DMing them about how great their post was!

These small yet impactful steps will make the Instagram community healthy and make your account even more credible.

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8. Keep up with the latest trends

latest trends

Instagram is all about evolving updates. If you want to get free followers organically on Instagram, you have to stay updated with trends and understand what kind of content is working on the platform. This is how you can keep up with the trend to organically get free followers on Instagram:

  • See what other creators are making.
  • Check engagement on a similar kind of post before simply replicating them directly.
  • Keep a check on the new features introduced by Instagram and incorporated them in your post, stories, reels, etc.

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Summary: Get Free Instagram Followers Organically

Instead of leaning on unwanted methods to gain a huge number of followers, you should always find methods to get free followers organically. In this manner, you will not have to spend any amount of money on third-party websites and accounts but still, gain significant followers.

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Highlights of the Story

  • People are always in search to get new followers on Instagram to increase engagement on their profiles.
  • However, they end up paying a lot to get a few followers.
  • Getting free Instagram followers organically may take time, but it is long-lasting and guarantees good results.
  • Here, we go into detail to explain to you how to get free Instagram followers organically.

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