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How To Create Short Videos Using Instagram Reels


Here’s how you can create TikTok like videos on Instagram using Reels, which just launched in India.

- Updated: 9th Jul 2020, 20:10 IST
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    How to create Instagram Reels

Do you miss TikTok? Instagram Reels is here to keep you entertained with its new content. It is just as easy to use like TikTok. Since the ban in India, “TikTokers” are looking for a suitable replacement to publish their content on a platform. We are seeing a lot of new apps coming in the Indian market to capture the TikTok audience. But, now the big shooters like Facebook are stepping in the game.

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How to create Instagram Reels

It is fairly simple like TikTok but what one needs in creating a Reel is to log in your Instagram account, if you have one or to create a new account to access the feature.

  1. Tap the camera icon on the top-left corner.
  2. At the bottom, you’ll see options such as Live, Story, and Reels. Tap Reels.
  3. Now you can start creating Reels on Instagram. The maximum length of any video clip is 15 seconds at the moment. We’ll walk you through all the options in the next few steps.
  4. To record Instagram Reels, tap the big white circle icon. The same button lets you stop recording too.
  5. Before you start recording you can add a few effects via icons on the left side. To adjust video recording speed the right arrow icon which looks like the play button. You can record videos in slow motion at up to 0.3x or speed them up to 3x.

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  6. To add effects to your videos, tap the smiley button, and swipe right on the big white circle. This will show you all the available effects and you can pick what you like. The effect icon shows up inside the big white circle and you can tap it to start recording.
  7. Instagram Reels also allows you to set a three-second timer before recording any clip. Tap the timer icon on the left and set the duration for your clip (0.1 to 15 seconds) and tap Set Timer. When you start recording, you will see a three-second timer on screen before the video begins
  8. Finally, you can also add music to it by tapping the music icon on the left. The best part here is that you can see the lyrics on-screen and choose any part of the song that you want to use. TikTok allowed you only a specific 30-second clip for each song, but on Instagram Reels, you have the freedom to pick your favourite parts of any track. You can add music before recording a video to create lip-sync videos, or you can add it after recording to give it a cool soundtrack.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook and it already has millions of users in India. This gives the platform an extremely good chance to capture the attention of the audience. This covers on how you can create a TikTok style Reels video on Instagram.


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