6 Best Hindi Movie Apps That You Cannot Miss Out! February 2023


“Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap lagtey hai, naam hai Shahenshaah!” , “Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jaano Ramesh babu!”, “Main bachpan se hi apni favourite hun!” Getting into the nostalgic trip of watching a popular Hindi movie again? Here are some Hindi movie apps that will take you down the memory lane

By Kumari Purvi - 
Updated: 31st Jan 2023 12:26 IST
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    Best Hindi Movie Apps To Look For
    • 1. Zee5 Movies
    • 2. ShemarooMe
    • 3. Disney + Hotstar
    • 4. Eros Now
    • 5. Netflix
    • 6. Amazon Prime Videos
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You can take an Indian out of India, but you cannot take Bollywood out of an Indian! Yes, and with the growth of mobile apps, how can we forget some Hindi movie apps that keep the spirit of these movies alive?

The affinity of people with the world of cinema is such that people look forward to it as their mood changer. Hindi movies have the capability to make you smile even in the worst of times. What’s better than having all of these in your pocket so you can enjoy them anywhere you like?

There are multiple Hindi movie apps for your mobile phone, using which you can watch your favourite movies. Many of them are free to use, while others come with advertisements. There are still many others that can be watched with the subscription. The ultimate aim of it all is to get to catch your favourite stars in action.

Earlier, people used to wait for days to watch their movies after it released. However, times have changed now, and users can watch them soon after the release from the comforts of their homes. Besides, you do not wait for your cable operator to re-watch your favourite Hindi movie at a designated time and channel. You can easily switch to your favourite app and watch it at your preference.

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Best Hindi Movie Apps To Look For

Here are some of the best Hindi movie apps that you can watch on your mobile phone.

1. Zee5 Movies


Zee5 has a large collection of 3800+ movies at your disposal for all-time entertainment. It hosts newly released movies along with some of the old classics in a different genre. This includes romance, drama, action, comedy, thriller, and much more. Hindi movie is just a subset of a large collection of movies belonging to more than seven languages. While some of these movies can be watched for free, the newer ones require a subscription. Besides, you get to enjoy all of them add free once you become a member of the channel.

Download link for Android devices

Download link for iOS devices

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2. ShemarooMe


Shemaroo is a well-known name in the movie industry. Most of us would have come across the name while watching movies. But their app is totally desi loaded with fun, action, and drama from Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi movies. The Bollywood Premiere section has new releases every Friday for all 53 weeks of the year. Besides, it has 3000+ collections from old Bollywood classics and movies from yesteryears that are mostly unavailable on other platforms. There is a separate section for kids, which contains shows and movies from small children considered apt for their age. So, next time you do not get to complain that the apps are not child-friendly!

Download link for Android devices

Download link for iOS devices

3. Disney + Hotstar

hindi movie apps

Hotstar is a known network that streams TV shows, movies from multiple languages, news, documentaries, and much more. Recently, it has been the host to many Bollywood releases. There have been movies in the recent past that got released only on Disney + Hotstar instead of getting released in theatres due to their extreme popularity. Besides, one can even watch English movies dubbed in Hindi through the app. The kids’ mode allows your tiny tots to safely browse the videos created especially for their entertainment.

Download link for Android devices

Download link for iOS devices

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4. Eros Now

eros now

Eros Now app hosts a wide variety of movies, short films, and other entertainment bits on the platform. It has 13000+ movies in the repository, and some of the great movie names and production lines have been attached to Eros Now. Bajirao Mastani, Singham, Devdas, and Cocktail, to name a few Hindi movies, have been present on the app for user entertainment. The movies can be watched in HD, and you can access the full movie catalog once you become a subscriber to the application.

Download link for Android devices

Download link for iOS devices

5. Netflix


It is impossible for people owning a smartphone or a smart TV not to have heard the name Netflix! The popular video streaming application has a huge database of Hindi movies and entertainment slices. It contains a store of some new Hindi movies along with age-old classics! Besides, they have some excellent new releases from Hindi movies. They were extremely popular during the times of COVID when Netflix saw many groups of great directors and producers coming together to put up some great path-breaking Hindi movies never seen before- Geeli Puchhi, Lust Stories, Ajeeb Dastaan, among others.

Download link for Android devices

Download link for iOS devices

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6. Amazon Prime Videos

movie apps

Prime Video hosts a collection of Hindi movies from almost all eras. Additionally, if you are the 90s, 80s, and 70s movie lover, this might be your place! The movies are generally present with subtitles, and you can access those movies too that are not present on other platforms. This also holds true of old movies that have been etched in the memory of cinema lovers who could not easily access them on another platform. With Prime Videos, the problem is sorted, and people can access them at their wish.

Download link for Android devices

Download link for iOS devices


Hindi movies have always intrigued audiences with their variety. It is a cocktail of simplicity, grandeur, reality, drama, entertainment, fights, and whatnot! Still, people clutch onto the beauty of these movies as they seem to relax their troubled minds with their happy endings. With the greater penetration of Hindi movie apps, access to these sources of entertainment has become easy. Our list of best Hindi movie apps will help you make an informed download!

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Highlights of the Story
  • It would be wrong to say that people now do not have much affinity for Hindi movies.
  • With the growth of technology everywhere, we can now access them at the tips of our fingers.
  • In this article, we read in detail about the best Hindi movie apps.

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