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5 Best TVS Keyboards To Buy In India


Want to buy a new keyboard from TVS? Check out our top five recommendations from the brand.

- Updated: 28th Dec 2022, 00:59 IST
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    Best TVS Keyboards In India
    • 1. TVS Champ Wired USB Keyboard
    • 2. TVS Champ HD Wired USB Keyboard
    • 3. TVS Champ Smart Keyboard
    • 4. TVS BK372 Bluetooth Keyboard
    • 5. TVS Electronics Gold Pro USB Mechanical Keyboard
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TVS, the famous Indian IT company in India, is known for its keyboards and other PC peripherals. The company has served Indian consumers for a long time and has some of India’s most sturdily built keyboards. The company’s main motto is to build all their keyboards where durability and immunity co-exist harmoniously with operational ease and efficiency. Hence, most buyers looking to buy a well-built keyboard always prefer the brand.

So for these reasons only, we will now look at some of the best TVS keyboards available in India. All the products mentioned in the list come with different functionalities; some even offer premium features such as mechanical keys or wireless functionalities. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

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Best TVS Keyboards In India

We have curated some of the best TVS keyboards in India and placed them in the ascending price order list. We have also tried to include their advantages and disadvantages with their buying links. So let’s take a look at all of them.

1. TVS Champ Wired USB Keyboard

TVS Champ

The first keyboard on our list is the TVS Champ Wired USB keyboard, which has a sleek and slim design. This particular keyboard also has 104 full keys, with a dedicated Numpad. It also has a certain number of multimedia switches that boost productivity and also offer the best functionality for regular desktop users. You can buy this cheap and excellent keyboard for less than Rs. 500 in India, and it is a great buy for many users if their budget is limited.

Full 104 keysLimited availability
Long-life membrane keys
Slim design

X-Factor – The cheapest TVS keyboard you can buy right now.

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2. TVS Champ HD Wired USB Keyboard

TVS Champ HD

Now coming to the next keyboard on our list, the TVS Champ HD ( Heavy Duty) keyboard is an upgraded version of the previous keyboard. TVS claims this keyboard is built to last long and can withstand light falls or mishaps. You also get a palm rest to support your wrist, with dedicated multimedia keys for those movie-watching sessions. The bright LED indicators also are easily visible in low light. The keyboard is mostly available for less than Rs 1,000 in India and can be purchased from leading online retailers in India.

Sturdy builtKeys are not backlit
Elegant palm rest
Multi-OS support

X-Factor – It has a strong built and is meant to last for years.

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3. TVS Champ Smart Keyboard

TVS Smart keyboard

Next, we present you with the first wireless keyboard from TVS. The TVS Champ Smart keyboard is a multipurpose keyboard with a trackpad. It has crisp scissor keys that are a pleasure to type. The mouse pad attached to the keyboard also has 1600DPi and has the usual left and right mouse buttons. Like other TVS keyboards, this one also comes with dedicated multimedia keys and can also be used with Smart televisions. You can buy this slim and portable keyboard from TVS’s official website, which would be an excellent buy for those seeking a wireless keyboard.

Wireless operationNo rechargeable battery option
Dedicated touchpad
Lightweight and portable

X-Factor – It has a lightweight design with a dedicated trackpad for extra functionality.

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4. TVS BK372 Bluetooth Keyboard

TVS Bluetooth keyboard

Next, we present the TVS BK372 keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard with a dedicated cradle for smartphones or tablets. With a long battery life, it connects to up to three Android, Windows, or Mac OS devices simultaneously. Smartphones or tablets may be held in the built-in cradle for better viewing and typing. You can also perform all your productivity tasks with this intelligent keyboard. Also, unlike other keyboards, it comes with a lithium-ion battery, which can be charged easily. The keyboard also has an On/Off toggle button. You can buy this keyboard usually for less than Rs. 3,000 in India, and this can be purchased from TVS’s official website.

Rechargeable batteryNo dedicated Numpad
Built-in smartphone and tablet cradle
Can connect with three devices simultaneously

X-Factor – It supports a rechargeable battery with a slim profile.

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5. TVS Electronics Gold Pro USB Mechanical Keyboard

TVS Gold Pro mechanical keyboard

Lastly, we have the TVS electronics Gold Pro USB Mechanical Keyboard, one of India’s best and most popular keyboards. The Gold Pro is the most durable mechanical keyboard on the market, built to survive harsh environments. The item is suitable, user-friendly, and resistant to dust or liquid splashes.

The mechanical key switches include eight guided rails for a steady keypress, quick delivery accuracy, and comfort while typing. Because of these mechanical switches, you get a long life that can withstand up to 80 million strokes. The keyboard may be utilised as much as you’d like because these keys are very sturdy. You can buy this sturdy and functional keyboard for less than Rs. 4,000 in India, and can be purchased from all leading PC outlets.

Mechanical keysNo RGB support
Dust and water resistant
Strong tilt legs

X-Factor – Is one of India’s best, most durable and tough keyboards.

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So there you have it. We have presented you with the top five keyboards from TVS in India. All the keyboards mentioned in the list come with different functionalities and also are served in different price categories. The brand has plenty of features to offer and also has a variety of mouse and printer accessories in India.

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We would suggest the TVS Champ to all the budget-conscious users in India. For those who are seeking a wireless keyboard for enhanced portability, the TVS Champ Smart keyboard is probably the best choice. But for the best typing experience, we would suggest the TVS Gold Pro keyboard, as it promises long life and a faster typing experience, with its well-built mechanical keys.

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