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5 Best Mechanical Keyboards That You Can Look To Buy November 2023


Want to buy a mechanical keyboard with your favourite type of key switch? Check out our list of the best mechanical keyboards in India.

- Updated: 30th Oct 2023, 12:09 IST
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    Best Mechanical Keyboards In India
    • 1. HP GK320 Wired Full Size RGB Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    • 2. Zebronics Zeb-MAX PRO V2 Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    • 3. HP Omen Sequencer Wired Gaming Keyboard
    • 4. Asus ROG Strix Scope RX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    • 5. Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Mechanical keyboards are getting increasingly popular these days, especially in the gaming segment. They differ from standard laptop or membrane chiclet-style keyboards, which aptly advertise themselves as semi-mechanical or with coloured vital switches. Mechanical key switches comprise a circuit’s moving pieces, such as a spring and metal contact points. However, not all mechanical switches are the same. So let’s look at all the best mechanical keyboards you can buy right now.

Mechanical keyboard switches are widely classified into three types. Depending on their qualities, they are either linear, tactile, or clicky. Linear switch keys are typically smooth and provide consistent critical press support without tactile feedback. They are primarily offered in Cherry MX Red. On the other hand, tactile switches are identical to linear switches in architecture, except they contain a bump halfway down the key’s downward journey. They are primarily available in MX brown key switches. Clicky switches work on the same principle as tactile switches, which means they’re rough but sound loud and have a clicky feel. These are primarily available in MX blue key switches. Let’s dive into the guide and find the best mechanical keyboard in India.

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Best Mechanical Keyboards In India

Mechanical keyboards cater to almost every type of user these days. Hence even gamers, coders, or professional typists love to use a mechanical keyboard. That is reflected in our list of the finest mechanical keyboards we’ve tested, which includes our top picks for gaming, office use, budget buyers, ergonomics, and more. So let’s take a look at all the keyboards, which are stacked according to their price range and features.

1. HP GK320 Wired Full Size RGB Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HP GK320 keyboard

The HP GK320 Wired RGB Mechanical gaming keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard on our list. This particular budget keyboard from HP comes with up to 50 million critical switch life, ensuring the keyboard’s extended life for most use case scenarios. The keycaps of this keyboard employ wear-resistant, non-fading double injection technology, which means it is super wear-resistant and also gives a superb typing experience.

Further, the dynamic RGB backlight allows you to quickly control the brightness and switch the backlight mode, with more colourful lighting effects. Its attractive and dazzling colourful light patterns also excite your urge to battle opponents and help you have a better gaming experience. It also comes with a dedicated gaming chip inside the keyboard, which helps you operate this keyboard. You can buy this muti-useful mechanical keyboard for less than Rs. 2,000 in India, and it is a must-buy if you want a mechanical keyboard from a reputable brand like HP.

104 keys full sized keyboardKeys are not individually backlit
Rainbow backlighting
Three years warranty life

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2. Zebronics Zeb-MAX PRO V2 Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb Max keyboard

The following mechanical keyboard on our list is the Zebronics Zeb – Max Pro V2 Premium mechanical gaming keyboard. It comes with twelve integrated multimedia keys and Blue MX key switches. You can enjoy gaming with a multi-colour RGB LED mechanical keyboard with 18+1 programmed LED Modes, 4 brightness levels, six different-speed modes, and much more. It also has a gold-plated USB Type-A port, which means it rusts free and provides a stable connection.

Another exciting part of this keyboard is the illuminated side panels of the mechanical critical devices, which have eleven pre-programmed LED modes. It also has a dedicated switch to turn off these illuminating lights. The ZEB-Max Pro V2 also comes with a dedicated Windows key to enable/disable a function that helps gamers cut distractions and put their focus on gaming. It doesn’t allow you to click the windows button accidentally and ensures the gaming sessions are uninterrupted. You can buy this Zenronics keyboard for less than Rs. 3,000 in India, and it is an excellent choice for most gamers or professionals.

Four different brightness levelsNo wrist or palm rest support
Braided cables
Dedicated media keys

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3. HP Omen Sequencer Wired Gaming Keyboard

HP Omen Sequencer

The following mechanical keyboard on our list is the HP Omen Sequencer Wired gaming keyboard, which has a fancy red volume roller and optomechanical keys. It also has five dedicated macro keys labelled P1 through P5. The top case of this keyboard is made of dark grey aluminium, surrounded by black plastic, and capped with black keycaps. It also has a dedicated cable manager, where you can rest its long cable’s extra length for better space management.

A set of dedicated media control keys can also be found in the top right corner. A mute button and the highlight of this keyboard, the volume roller, which has a lovely, textured feel but a looser action, is joined to an angular plastic chunk of moulding above them. You can also command its keys or set some preset lighting options with the HP Omen Command Centre app. Overall, with a price tag, which is just shy of Rs. 7,000, this mechanical keyboard from HP’s Omen series is a serious gaming beast for any gamer or can be used for all other types of work as well.

Roller volume barNo onboard RGB lighting profile storage
Customisable controls
Dedicated macro keys

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4. Asus ROG Strix Scope RX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Asus ROG Strix keyboard

The ROG Strix Scope RX from Asus is a full-size keyboard with a few design tweaks to the normal layout that are intended to appeal to gamers. It has a black and grey colour scheme with per-key RGB backlighting and a large ROG logo in the top-right corner. The illumination appears to shine uniformly through the optical keycaps, and the coating on the aluminium top plate allows it to reflect those lights without seeming shiny.

Further, the optical switches of this keyboard are a welcome addition, but sadly can’t be removed, unlike other mechanical keyboards. Gaming is where the ROG Strix Scope RX shines, and it passes with flying colours. The gripping quality of the keycaps proves to be an advantage for most gamers, as it implies a faster response time and more durability as well. Like the other Asus devices, the ROG Strix Scope RX employs the same Armoury Crate app to handle key customisations, essential RGB lighting control, and firmware upgrades. This premium optical-mechanical keyboard from Asus is usually available for less than Rs. 10,000 in India and should be an excellent buy for most users.

Water and dust resistantKeycaps cant be removed for cleaning purposes
Keys can be customised
USB 2.0 passthrough cables

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5. Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G Pro keyboard

The last mechanical keyboard on our list is the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming keyboard, which is excellent for gaming. It has custom GX blue switches that are quite clicky and feel a little heavier than typical mechanical switches because of the hump before the actuation point. The cord of the Logitech G PRO keyboard is detachable. It, too, has a proprietary design, although it should be compatible with any micro-USB cable.

But the keyboard may not be ideal for calculation-related work, as it comes without tenkeyless support. Further, all keys are individually RGB backlit, and the lighting is exceptionally apparent even in bright sunlight. There isn’t much light bleed on the keycaps’ sides as well. Because of its solid plastic frame and sturdy board, the keyboard feels really solid to hold. You can buy this superb keyboard from Logitech for around Rs. 10-11,000 in India, and it’s available from most leading PC markets across India.

Portable + Compact designExpensive
Customisable RGB lighting with Logitech’s G-Sync appNo palm rest support
Detachable cables

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Whether you’re looking for the best compact mechanical keyboard, full-size mechanical keyboard, or gaming mechanical keyboard, the recommendations above are what we believe are the best options available right now. We have tried to cover all the best keyboards in different price segments and also considered user reviews and ratings.

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It is totally up to personal preference with keyboard switches and keyboard size. Choose a clicky blue-switch keyboard if you enjoy a loud keyboard with tactile feedback. You can choose linear brown switches if you prefer a softer sensation. Alternatively, consider a tactile red -keys switch keyboard if you prefer feedback with your keypresses. Nonetheless, if we have overlooked your favourite mechanical keyboard in this list, please let us know in the comments below. You can also follow Cashify TechByte for more informative articles.

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  • Mechanical keyboards are in demand these days because of the extensive features they offer.
  • Most types of mechanical keyboards come with a tactile feel and satisfactory key response.
  • Hence, in this article, we will discuss and point out the five best mechanical keyboards you can buy right now in India.