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Learn to Make Phone Stand At Home

By Akhil Kapoor - 
20th May 2020
How to make a phone stand at home

We have been constantly eyeing on the rapid sales of smartph0nes in the market. For business, regular day-to-day usage, studying, or for just entertainment, smartphones have become a necessity. With that comes the need for the accessories for your smartphones including mobile covers, screen protection glasses. Mobile Phone stand is also very helpful, especially when you are watching a movie, or reading your notes on the device. But where to get one from if you cannot go out, like during the lockdown period?

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Watch this video till the end to make your own DIY phone stand at home with waste materials easily available.

Method 1:

Requirements: One empty toilet paper roll, colourful art paper, cutter, one fevicol.

  1. Take the size of an empty roll and cut the art paper of that size. This art paper is used to cover the roll.
  2. Now, press the cylindrical roll to flatten it a bit.
  3. Do the markings on the roll as shown in the video and cut along the markings.
  4. Make the same markings on the opposite side of the roll and cut this side as well as per the markings.
  5. Place your phone between the ends cut to check if it is balanced right.
  6. Now, cut the front side of the roll as shown.
  7. Paste the art paper on the roll to cover it properly.
  8. Cut the extra paper and the phone stand is ready to use.
DIY Phone stand

Method 2:

Requirements: Rectangular cardboard, scale, cutter.

  1. Mark the centre of the cardboard with a scale.
  2. Do the markings as shown in the video to create a triangular cutout.
  3. Partially cut the centre of the cardboard.
  4. Cut along the markings as shown.
  5. Cover the cardboard with the art paper to give it a look.
  6. The stand is ready to use.
phone stand at home

That’s it. Your DIY stands are ready to use made using simple hacks at home.


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