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How To Make Striped Candy And Wrapped Candy In Candy Crush


Candy Crush is one of the most fun and addictive puzzle games out there. We have come up with helpful steps to make chocolate and wrapped candy in the game.

- Updated: 10th May 2022, 14:13 IST
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    Candy Crush: How To Make Wrapped Candy
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    How to Make a Striped Candy?

Candy Crush is a super addictive game and it is definitely something that gets you hooked, big time. Moreover, the game can be pretty frustrating at times. This is why you need to understand the game mechanics of the game. Sometimes an outside help can prove wonders to boost your game sense. This is why we came up with the best tips to make wrapped candy in Candy Crush.

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Candy Crush: How To Make Wrapped Candy

candy crush

Step 1:

The first step is pretty straightforward. Just open the Candy Crush app. Start the game.

Step 2:

Now, look for five identical candy pieces. Furthermore, you can only make a wrapped candy by placing these pieces in a specific shape.

Step 3:

You need to swipe away adjacent candies. This allows you to get your matching pieces of candy into rewarding shapes. These shapes are a plus sign, an L or a T. You may need to play a level for a while or shuffle your candies before you are able to get your pieces lined up in the right order for this combo.

Step 4:

For every wrapped candy that you make, you will earn 200 points. You need to swipe away adjacent candies until you finally get the desired line up of matching pieces. You need to bring them in a plus sign, an L or a T, as mentioned in step 3.

Step 5:

You can now experience the special powers of a wrapped candy. You can trigger an explosion to eliminate all of the eight candies surrounding your wrapped candy. You can do so by activating your new wrapped candy in a 3-piece combination. Moreover, you will earn an extra 540 points for that explosion.

Step 6:

Furthermore, it can get very annoying when you encounter frosted meringues or chocolates. These are two of the worst blockages in your progression. However, you can use the wrapped candy to explode and breakthrough these obstacles.

How to Make a Striped Candy?

Striped candy can be made by matching up four candies. Moreover, striped candies can clear away entire rows or columns. For this, you need to match them up with at least two regular candies. However, these candies need to be from the same family of candies. For example, two regular jelly beans and one striped one match up.

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Additionally, a striped candy will have vertical striped if you move a piece vertically to make a four match. This will clear a column when used. However, if you moved the candy horizontally, it will attain horizontal stripes and clear a row.

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Hopefully, these steps will help you in making just the perfect chocolate and wrapped candy!


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