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10 Apps To Boost Your Productivity


Time and time, many of us often struggle with our productivity. In fact, who doesn’t want to do more in less time? But imagine what if there are certain applications that can help you in real to increase your productivity? Well, a few apps are there, which can boost your productivity. Here in this article, we have talked about 10 best apps that can actually boost your productivity. Have a look now!

- Updated: 29th Aug 2023, 15:08 IST
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    How to Boost Your Productivity while working from home?
    • 1. Todoist
    • 2. Pocket
    • 3. HabitHub
    • 4. Spark
    • 5. Dropbox
    • 6. Trello
    • 7. Clockify
    • 8. Engross
    • 9. Evernote
    • 10. Forest
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    Conclusion – Apps To Boost Productivity

No matter if you are working from home or from a workplace, be it a small business or a large enterprise, the productivity of all employees is a must. In case you are searching for the right applications that can help you boost your productivity, here are the best 7 applications that can actually increase your productivity.

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How to Boost Your Productivity while working from home?

Productivity tools are available on several platforms with a different set of features. Hence, depending upon your nature of work, you need to choose the applications that are best suited for you. Here we are going to precisely talk about our handpicked productivity apps that can definitely help you boost your productivity.

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1. Todoist


Available For: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web

If you struggle to manage your tasks and find it tough to meet deadlines, the Todoist can come in real handy for you. This task management application allows you to simplify your complex to-do list to something easily manageable. The app lets you get hold of all the tasks at hand and ensures that you don’t forget a single one.

Key Features

  • Set Project Goals: The application comes with a simple interface that is very easy to navigate through. You can set project goals using the app.
  • Task Management: No matter how much bigger of a to-do-list, you have got to manage the Todoist comes with a feature-rich intuitive interface to help manage all your tasks easily.
  • Reporting Feature: Todoist allows us to keep a track on the progress of a particular project. Plus, the application also comes with a reporting feature that displays comprehensive reports for any project.
  • Prioritise Tasks: Do you find difficulties when it comes to managing multiple projects at a time? Then, Todoist can help you for sure. You can prioritise the tasks which have a closer deadline and get the work done within the right time frame.

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2. Pocket


Available For: Android, iOS

Pocket is another amazing productivity app that you must try using. Especially if you read a lot on the internet, then you will find Pocket really handy. The application lets you save the webpages you read through for later reading. It’s more like a bookmarking tool that has been turned into an additional application, but frankly speaking, it makes a difference from the way the normal browsers’ bookmarks work.

The best part is that you can keep things much more organized through Pocket. The application has both the free and paid versions from where you can choose the right plan as per your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Allows highlighting: While reading about something, highlighting works really great. Pocket allows you to highlight the texts while reading. For the free version, you can highlight up to 3 times per article. Whereas for premium versions the number is unlimited.
  • Continues listening: If you use the Pocket app on your Android smartphone, then you get an additional feature of continuous listening. All you gotta do is tap on the headphone icon on the top left corner to start listening.
  • Reading time estimation: If you like to know how much time a piece will take to read then Pocket has the right feature for you. Using the reading time estimation feature, you can easily get to know what time you exactly need to read an article on Pocket.

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3. HabitHub


Available for: Android, Coming soon for iOS

If you are looking to start some good habits but struggling to maintain the focus regularly, then HabitHub has the perfect solution for you. The application is prepared to depend on Seinfeld’s productivity secret. The app offers a combination of future goals rewards and statistical feedback on your performance so that you can check and learn about the progress you have made.

Key Features:

  • Offers Graphical representation: The HabitHub has a complete performance tracker, and it represents the data graphically to you. Therefore, you can always keep a tab on your performance.
  • Reminders: Do you want to get reminders about the regular tasks? Well, the HabitHub has got the reminder feature for you to stay on track.
  • Rewards: When it is about starting a habit, nothing helps more than offering yourself with rewards. You can add rewards for the completion of your goals at each stage.

4. Spark


Available for: Mac, iOS, Android

Managing emails properly takes time, and often or not, it acts as a productivity killer. Spark is an amazing email client that manages your mailbox effectively and categorizes your emails in the right way so that you don’t have to go through a hard time when it’s about finding an email from your inbox.

Key Features:

  • Smart inbox feature: Spark comes with a Smart inbox feature that allows you to clean up your inbox, and find any email using ‘Smart Search’. 
  • Reminders: Sending follow-up emails at the right time often remains unattained just because we forget about the job. If you also face the same issue, then Spark can aid you with reminders. You can set reminders for follow up emails and next time send it at the right time.
  • Smart notifications: Let’s face it! Our mailbox is not just about the emails that really matter to us. With the Smart Notifications option, you can set to receive notifications for the emails that matter to you only.

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5. Dropbox


Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

If you are a content creator or a software or app developer, then collaboration is a really important factor for you. Moreover, if you work within a team and share databases with other people, then Dropbox can come really handy for you.

In fact, Dropbox is really helpful for personal uses as well. It allows you to upload all your important documents on the cloud and sync those across all your devices. Therefore, you can conveniently access all the documents across several devices.

Key Features:

  • Store and access documents: With Dropbox, you can keep all your important documents handy from now on. Dropbox seamlessly syncs all your documents to all your devices. Hence, you can access them from anywhere.
  • Collaboration is easy: Collaboration or running remote teams has become really easy with Dropbox. It lets you update meeting context while keeping you notified about progress updates from other people working on the same project.

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6. Trello


Available for: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

Based on the Kanban board philosophy Trello is an amazing project management application. The app is very easy to use, and the whole visual layout is simple and appealing. You can easily manage a remote team through Trello. You can organize your tasks and assign several tags like ‘to-do’, ‘on-going’, and ‘done’ to the projects.

Key Features:

  • Voice & Video Calls: You can directly opt for voice or video calls from Slack using Trello.
  • File-Sharing: Trello offers a drag-&-drop feature for sharing files like PDFs, videos, images etc.
  • Update status: Collaboration is easy with Trello. As the application lets, you generate several tags while working, your other team member can keep track of the progress.

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7. Clockify


Available for: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Web

If you work as a freelancer or require to work at an hourly rate, then time-tracking software is necessary. Clockify offers you the best solution. You can use this software not only for time tracking but also to show your clients how much time you have spent while working on a particular project. Or if you lead a team, you can use the application to keep a tab on the performance.

Key Features

  • Time tracker: You can log in your time through a timer or the application lets you add your working hours manually.
  • Timesheet: You can add different activities through the timesheet like ‘working’, ‘lunch break’, ‘vacation time’ etc. and review to get an idea of the total working hours every day.
  • Reports: Through reports, the application offers a complete overview where you can review tracked hours and send them to clients. Plus, you can export the reports into CSV, PDF, or Excel format.

8. Engross

engross -Apps To Boost Productivity

Engross is a productivity app that can help you improve your focus and manage your time. It includes a Pomodoro timer, a planner and calendar, reminders, and statistical analysis of your time usage. Engross also allows you to block notifications and functions from other apps to help you stay focused. The simple, minimalist design of Engross makes it easy to use and saves you time compared to more complicated apps.

Available for: Android, iOS

Key Features:

  • Pomodoro timer: This is a popular time management technique that breaks down work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. Engross allows you to set custom Pomodoro intervals and track your progress over time.
  • Planner and calendar: Engross includes a built-in planner and calendar to help you stay organized and on track. You can create to-do lists, set reminders, and track your progress on long-term projects.
  • Statistical analysis: Engross provides detailed statistical analysis of your time usage. This data can help you identify areas where you can improve your focus and productivity.
  • Notification blocking: Engross allows you to block notifications and functions from other apps while you are working. This might assist you in remaining focused and minimizing distractions.
  • Minimalist design: Engross has a simple, minimalist design that makes it easy to use. The app is free to download and use, with a premium subscription option that unlocks additional features.

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9. Evernote

evernote-Apps To Boost Productivity

Evernote is an app that lets you take notes and helps you stay organized and get things done. It allows you to integrate text, images, audio files, PDFs, and other documents into your notes, so you can work with all of your information in one place. Evernote also offers a variety of features to help you stay on top of your schedule, including note-taking templates, a web clipper, and resizing and recoloring features. Evernote is available for free on all major platforms, and paid plans offer additional features such as offline access and integration with other productivity apps.

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Key Features:

  • Note-taking: Evernote allows you to create notes in a variety of formats, including text, images, audio, and video. You can also add attachments to your notes, such as PDFs, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Organization: Evernote allows you to organize your notes into notebooks and tags. This makes it easy to find the information you need when you need it.
  • Search: Evernote has a powerful search engine that allows you to find notes by content, title, tag, and more.
  • Collaboration: Evernote allows you to collaborate on notes with other people. This is perfect for working on projects with others or sharing information with clients or colleagues.

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10. Forest

forest -Apps To Boost Productivity

Forest is a productivity app that uses gamification to help users stay focused. When you plant a virtual tree in Forest, you commit to working on a task for a set period of time. If you leave the app or open another app during that time, your tree dies. Forest also offers a personality test to help users figure out their focus needs.

In addition to growing virtual trees, Forest also partners with the tree-planting organization Trees for the Future. When users earn virtual coins in Forest, they can donate those coins to plant real trees. This helps users feel good about using their phone less and also makes a positive impact on the environment.

Available for: Chrome, iOS, Android

Key Features:

  • Virtual coins: When users earn virtual coins in Forest, they can donate those coins to plant real trees. This helps users feel good about using their phone less and also makes a positive impact on the environment.
  • Social features: Forest allows users to connect with friends and family to encourage each other to stay focused. Users can also compete with each other to see who can plant the most trees or earn the most virtual coins.
  • Customization: Forest offers a variety of customization options, such as the ability to change the tree species, the background music, and the timer length. This allows users to create a Forest experience that is tailored to their individual needs.

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Conclusion – Apps To Boost Productivity

In conclusion, we would like to mention all these applications here are simply the best apps to boost productivity. However, there are other applications also that you can use for the same purpose.

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