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Best Battle Royale Games To Try After PUBG Mobile Ban


PUBG Mobile has now been officially banned in India. Although we did see this coming, it is hard not to be surprised. However, nothing to worry as we have created a list of the best alternatives that will lift your spirits up for sure.

- Updated: 23rd Nov 2022, 18:55 IST
  • 1
    1. Call Of Duty: Mobile
  • 2
    2. Garena Free Fire
  • 3
    3. Fortnite
  • 4
    4. Hopeless Land: Flight For Survival
  • 5
    5. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

In a country where 25 per cent of the PUBG global gamer base came from, the ban upset a considerable section of the mobile gaming community. Furthermore, the incredibly popular battle royale did give birth to the esports scene in the country. According to the analytics firm SensorTower, the game had seen over 175 million game installations in India alone. This is a massive number indeed. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are tons of good alternatives in the battle royale genre of games. The best ones are:

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1. Call Of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile is an incredible alternative to PUBG Mobile. It has been seeing a significant rise in players over time. Furthermore, with PUBG out of the scene in the country, COD does have a considerable advantage. Additionally, the Season 9 update is the biggest and best update in the history of COD Mobile. The latest update is Call Of Duty Wafragments zone fragments and pieced together in COD Mobile. Also, the game saw a massive rise in installations after the Season 9 update came out.

Although the battle royale section of the game was already good, the latest update took it to the next level. The animations and overall feel of the battle royale map have changed completely.

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Also, the game provides players with a whopping ten loadouts now, but it also has the gunsmith which gives players complete control of their gun customization. From a variety of optics and magazines to charms and stickers, the gunsmith has it all. Also, there are several camos on every gun, which the players can grind challenges. Even a knife has multiple camos. This is very overwhelming indeed.

call of duty mobile gunsmith

There is just so much to do in the game than following the stereotypical gameplay mechanics. The multiplayer mode adds to the overall flavor of the game and makes it even better. It is not only highly challenging to push through the ranks, but the system is also really fair. The rank-based matchmaking system is what players precisely needed. You either win gloriously or lose miserably, fair and square. Furthermore, there is always something new lurking around the corner waiting to be discovered by you.

2. Garena Free Fire

PUBG garena free fire

Although it will seem as if this game is the closest alternative to PUBG, it offers an entirely different experience. The game is surprisingly unique and has so many original elements which easily differentiates it from PUBG. The game has received a ton of appreciation recently and has seen a massive rise in the player base.

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garena free fire

Also, we see many players now joining YouTube as Garena Free Fire players, and it is exhilarating. There are so many layers to the game, although it is a battle royale game. PUBG players will immediately feel the difference in gameplay. The graphics are crisp, and the gameplay experiences are robust yet straightforward.

3. Fortnite

PUBG fortnite mobile

Yes, the popular PC game can be played on Android too. Furthermore, the game is cross-platform. This means that even if you have friends playing on the PC v of it, you can play with them via an android too. Therefore, players do not have to break a sweat about it. Also, the game is a unique battle royale game that has addictive crafting elements in it too. These elements make the game even more immersive and enjoyable.

PUBG fortnite mobile

However, the sad news is that Fortnite is not available for iOS users anymore. Another thing to note here would be that the game requires really good Android devices to run efficiently unlike PUBG which had a Lite version.

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4. Hopeless Land: Flight For Survival


You could call this game a clone of PUBG as it tries to take similar elements. Although it is nowhere nearly as good as PUBG, it does do a decent job. Also, it does not take much time to get used to the simple controls and smooth experience. The game does not really provide a unique experience. However, it does give air to land battles via helicopters that can shoot down the enemies below. Furthermore, instead of a hundred, there are up to 121 players which makes battles long enough.

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5. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

PUBG pixel unknown battle ground

If you take Minecraft and PUBG, you get Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground. It is exactly what it sounds like. The world is a pixelated depiction of a battleground and you have to fight it out with a 100 other players to survive. The gameplay mechanics are exactly the same as PUBG. However, we have placed it in the fifth position as the game needs a ton of improvements. Also, there is no uniqueness in the gameplay to make it stand out. However, if you are a fan of pixelated and cool upbeat games, this is it.

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ESports Federation Of India Director Lokesh Suji says that the mobile gaming industry in India is not only based on PUBG. He says that there are a variety of other games that could benefit and take advantage of this situation to come up with something new.

The PUBG ban did upset a considerable number of people, but, it is not the end. This could pave the way for a brand new and even stronger ESports scene in India. Games like COD Mobile and Free Fire are highly competitive and faced paced too. Looks like the next big thing in India will go to someone else worthy of it.


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Highlights of the Story

  • PUBG Mobile has now been banned in India
  • There are various alternatives to the banned game
  • Call Of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire to benefit a lot from this