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Best Bluetooth Gaming Controllers For Android And iOS!


Controllers are crucial for gaming and can drastically improve your gaming experience. In a market full of heavy competition with controllers, it becomes a difficult deal to find and purchase the perfect and most desirable product. Therefore, we have listed the best controllers for Android and IOS devices.

By Akhil Taneja - 
29th Aug 2020
Best Bluetooth Gaming Controllers

Highlights of the Story

  • Gaming controllers that connect via Bluetooth is something that every mobile gamer much possess to improve your gameplay
  • The market for controllers is full of tough competition. Such a case makes it difficult to make a final choice
  • We have listed out the best products of Bluetooth controller for Android and iOS devices

The best part about playing games on a gaming console is that you can just lean back and play games using a controller. Fortunately, we have almost identical gaming controllers available for smartphones as well that connect via Bluetooth and provide a similar console-like gaming experience.

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Playing games using a controller is quite convenient and it also improves your gameplay as you get more physical buttons that can be pressed mechanically instead of taping on the touchscreen of your smartphone.

To cut through all the hassle we have listed some of the best Bluetooth controllers that are compatible with both Android and iOS.

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Top Bluetooth controllers For Both Android and iOS

Here’s the list of the most popular and effective Bluetooth controllers that gamers must try:

1. Cosmic Byte C1070T Interstellar Wired Gamepad

The first gaming controller in the list is from Cosmic Byte which is famous for producing high-quality gaming accessories for PCs. This Bluetooth gaming controller is very effective product for winning the game like a pro. Compatible with almost every mobile device, this product makes a great companion for gamers. The factor that makes this very different from others is the built-in dual vibration motor provides a maximum game thrill. So, not only you get smooth and fast functioning, but you can also have access to a gaming experience that you can live in.

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  1. The keys on this controller are built with high-quality materials and are highly sensitive that delivers quick response times.
  2. The two joysticks on either side are quite smooth and allows the player to move in all directions while shooting.
  3. You can perform all the functions like shooting, moving, jumping, squatting, aiming etcetera at once with this Bluetooth controller. 
  4. The weight of this product is also light, and therefore, you can take it anywhere you want.
  5. The controller supports mobile devices of varied screen sizes and it also supports PCs as well.

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2. Amkette Evo Elite Wired PC Gamepad

The next impressive and reliable product on this list is the Amkette Evo Elite Bluetooth mobile game controller. This controller works great with almost all Android and iOS devices along with PC and provides super smooth functioning to its users. It is made with materials that make it comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. The product has a dual vibration motor making the gameplay more immersive and exciting.


  1. The Amkette Evo Elite Bluetooth controller offers its users a high sensitivity gameplay for fast actions and responses. 
  2. The controller is highly customizable and players have an option to easily customize their controls and functions.
  3. This gaming controller is made with non-slippery materials that prevent any disturbance during the play, allowing stability.
  4. Amkette is a well-trusted brand by gamers and thus is almost compatible with all smartphones be it Android or iOS.

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3. Enter USB Game pad with Vibration E-GPV

The gaming controller by Enter, a brand that is well known for producing accessories for PCs is the newest addition to the category. The gaming controller is not only an effective one but also very appealing in terms of looks and designs. The Enter E-GPV controller is an ergonomically-designed gamepad for comfort during play that helps you enjoy your games for an extended time. It is made with premium quality that lets you enjoy fierce gaming battles with ease. Moreover, It is effortless to use, and you can make customizations according to their need. 


  1. This gaming controller offers high-sensitivity triggers that give you advantages over touchscreen display. You can have faster responses to your actions than your opponent.
  2. All of these keys are relatively big and are strategically placed on the game-pad so you can reach them easily when holding the controller.
  3. The controller features an ergonomic handle that provides stability and prevents problems of slipperiness or sweating.
  4. You can perform all the functions like shooting or moving simultaneously using the L1/R1 and joysticks. 

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4. SAMEO SG27 Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad

This Bluetooth remote controller from Sameo is extremely suitable for hardcore gaming with support for games like PUBG Mobile, COD, Fortnite, and many more. It works with both Android and iOS devices and is also compatible with PC and gaming consoles. The Bluetooth controller works well up to a distance of 10m from the device and the battery on the controller is 600 mah that can last well for long gaming sessions. 


  1. This gaming controller is specially designed for shooting as well as battle royale games. It is made in such a way that players can play with it continuously for hours and still not feel any discomfort. 
  2. It is made with soft materials that bring relief to your fingers, and it also offers stable support and does not disturb the movement while gaming.
  3. This controller is actually highly sensitive and therefore delivers super-quick reaction time. It is also light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere. 
  4. It supports smartphones having up to 6.2 inches of display.

Overall this gaming controller by Sameo enhances your gaming skills to a whole new level. You will never have to worry about accidentally draining all the battery or losing connection while gaming.

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