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How To Avail OnePlus Red Cable Club Benefits?


OnePlus has taken a great step when they introduced the Red Cable Club program to Indian customers. All customers with an eligible OnePlus phone are eligible to join this program. After joining, you can get the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earphones, battery replacement, and more accessories and services at a 50% discounted price. In addition, you will also get 50GB free cloud storage space for one year, if you upgrade your plan. Members who have joined the Red Cable Club stand a chance to win a gift box worth Rs.1,00,000. Read on to know more about the nitty-gritty of becoming an OnePlus Red Cable Club member and availing the benefits.

- Updated: 27th Oct 2022, 12:32 IST
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    OnePlus Red Cable Club Benefits
    • The Red Cable Jackpot
    • Free Cloud Storage
    • OnePlus Care Privileges
    • OnePlus Red Cable Club Benefits: Key Points
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    How to Avail OnePlus Red Cable Benefits?
    • Method 1: Avail Red Cable Club Benefits for OnePlus 6/6T and Onwards
    • Method 2: Avail Red Cable Club Benefits for OnePlus 3/3T and OnePlus 5/5T Users
    • Method 3: Avail Red Cable Club Benefits for OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X Users

OnePlus has come a long way from just being a fringe enthusiast brand to become a fully-fledged, legitimate competitor to the pre-existing established flagships in India. The growing OnePlus community of fans has a sincere contribution to this huge success of the brand. OnePlus Red Cable Club is the latest move to reward the consumers with a plethora of benefits just to welcome and continue this rabid following. 

The company has named the program after their unique red and white charging cables. These charging cables with their unique colors are present in every OnePlus phone box. This online club offers the OnePlus users access to certain bonuses, extra features, even entry into lucky draws. Additional benefits include extended device support and amazing discounts on any out-of-warranty product repair. The Red Cable Club plan comes with all these exciting support features for its members.

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Red Cable Club benefits

The OnePlus Red Cable club is huge! And if you are still in search of a way to become a member of this brand new online club? If yes, then here is what you need to see. We have provided a step-by-step guide to join the program and make the most of it. What’s more? Well, we have provided the dedicated process for each of the OnePlus version. So, even if you’re using OnePlus X or 6T, we’ve got you covered! Have a look. 

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OnePlus Red Cable Club Benefits

Red Cable Club benefits

The OnePlus Red Cable Club is created only to benefit the customers from India. The brand has launched this premium plan last year on 17th December 2019. They have marked the date as Red Cable Day to celebrate the exponential growth of the OnePlus userbase. Now, the 17th of each month is celebrated by providing special benefits to the Red Cable Club community.

However, as soon as you become a member, you get to access all these lucrative offerings from the brand. Take a look at the list of benefits that you’ll be privileged to have. 

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The Red Cable Jackpot

This is one of the best benefits the Red cable Club offers. While signing up for the membership, you get a chance to try your luck once a day till the 31st of December. What’s on the prize list? Well, whenever you’re trying your luck, you stand a chance to win curated gift boxes, which is worth Rs. 1,00,000. Along with that, you can also with a 50% discount on the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earphones. 

Free Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage

The Red Cable Club membership will offer you the leverage of having a 50GB of free cloud storage space for 1 year. So, you will get more room for your photos, videos, documents. Just sign up for the online plan and have as many as you want, probably thousands of them. 

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However, you must keep in mind that free storage space of 50GB is offered to the users of OnePlus 6 and above versions. For now, it is not available for previous versions. But with upcoming updates, it will be available on more devices. 

OnePlus Care Privileges

The Red Cable Club members are eligible for all the OnePlus Care benefits. These benefits are listed below.

Red Cable Club benefits
  • You get a free 1 year of extended warranty for models like OnePlus 6 and above versions
  • Members can avail a 50% of discount on the battery replacement for OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5/5T, and OnePlus 6/6T onwards
  • Exciting offer upgrades for all the OnePlus users

That’s all OnePlus Red Club plan has got to offer you. We understand how amazed you are by knowing about such amazing benefits. Now you are probably eagerly waiting to know how to avail OnePlus Red Cable benefits. But before you jump to the process there are certain key points that you must remember.

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OnePlus Red Cable Club Benefits: Key Points

  • Only one benefit is available per phone or phone’s IMEI number
  • OnePlus users will get a free 1 year extended warranty if they signed up for the plan before 31st of December, 2019. From 1st January 2020, this plan will change as per the insurance. If your OnePlus device is covered by the insurance, you can still avail of the 1 year extended warranty. Else, you will be offered a 50% off on the battery replacement. 

How to Avail OnePlus Red Cable Benefits?

The Red Cable Club membership is a lifetime one and the best part is that it comes for free. You do not have to pay a single penny while registering for the membership. We have listed down three methods to get the Red Cable Club membership.

These methods are dedicated to different OnePlus versions. Check the OnePlus phone you have and follow the suitable steps to get your Red Cablee Club membership.

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Method 1: Avail Red Cable Club Benefits for OnePlus 6/6T and Onwards

You need to have Android Oreo and above versions to get the Red Cable Club benefits. If your phone is running on the latest Android 10 or above, follow the steps below to register for Red Cable Club. 

 Club membership benefits

Step 1: First, go to the Settings page

Step 2: Now, click on System

Step 3: After that, navigate to System Update to update your device

Step 4: Once done, go to Settings and use your login credential to enter your OnePlus Account 

Step 5: Next, link your account with the phone

After linking your account with your OnePlus, you’ll automatically be registered for the Red Cable Club membership. Start enjoying the benefits then. 


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Method 2: Avail Red Cable Club Benefits for OnePlus 3/3T and OnePlus 5/5T Users

For OnePlus 3/3T, and 5/5T users, the OnePlus Community app is necessary for availing the benefits of the Red Cable Club. To get the application, go to Google Play, search for the OnePlus Community app, and download it. In case you already have the app, update it from the Google Play store and follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Open the OnePlus Community app first

Step 2: Go to your Profile section at the top

Step 3: Now find the Red Cable Club option and click to link your OnePlus device with your OnePlus account

Once done, you’re good to go with the Red Cable Club benefits. 

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Method 3: Avail Red Cable Club Benefits for OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X Users

If you are using any of the older versions of OnePlus mobile, the methods mentioned above are less likely to work. You would have to have to go to the Google Play Store and search for OnePlus Care. Download the application and verify your device to reap the benefits of the program.


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