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11 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable and Avoid Unwanted Calls


Making your mobile phone not reachable sends the same message to the caller and puts no doubts or questions of you doing it on purpose. It is the best way to avoid calls, and here are some of the best ways to make your smartphone not reachable.

- Updated: 1st Dec 2023, 21:31 IST
  • 1
    Top 11 Tricks
    • 1. Airplane/Flight Mode
    • 2. Change The Mobile Network
    • 3. Change Network Mode
    • 4. Forward call
    • 5. Sim Card Trick
    • 6. Third-Party Applications
    • 7. Remove The Battery
    • 8. Call Barring
    • 9. Change Network Preference
    • 10. Aluminum Foil
    • 11. Block The Number
  • 2
    Bonus Tricks
    • 1. Put your phone inside a steel container
    • 2. Turn OFF your data pack forcibly
  • 3
    Final Note

Dealing with unwanted phone calls is a common frustration, and fortunately, there are several simple tricks to make your phone not reachable and minimize disruptions from callers. Whether you want to make your phone temporarily unavailable or simply reduce the frequency of incoming calls, here are 10 useful tips to consider.

Various situations may arise where you prefer not to receive calls from friends or family. Occasionally, you may find yourself answering calls that you’d rather avoid. Fortunately, there are some clever techniques to render your smartphone unreachable when someone attempts to call you. Implementing these strategies can be particularly helpful, as declining calls can sometimes be an awkward situation.

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Top 11 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

1. Airplane/Flight Mode

Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

The easiest way to make your mobile phone unreachable is simply putting it on an aeroplane or flight mode. It will do the job of sending the caller and message of you being unreachable and making them think that this might be because of a network error or any other technical fault in the device.

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Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

To do this trick, look at the top quick settings bar of your mobile phone, and you will find the option of the aeroplane or flight mode. You can also find it by holding the power button of a phone for about 2 seconds. Enable it, and you are done. This is one of the best tricks to make your phone not reachable.

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2. Change The Mobile Network

Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

Changing the mobile network will also do the job successfully without giving any hint to the caller. It is also relatively easy to do. All you need to do is go to the system settings. There you will find mobile and network settings. Click on manual selection once you get there and select any network that is not yours. Your phone will be unreachable the moment you have done it. You can later choose your actual mobile network to disable this setting. While there are more tricks on how to make your phone not reachable, this is one of the most reliable ones.

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3. Change Network Mode

change network mode

Changing the network mode is another helpful trick to make your phone not reachable. By default, your smartphone selects the best available network automatically and selects the strongest one automatically. But you can also make a manual selection of the network, and in case you select a network that is not available, then this shall make your number not reachable.

To enable these tricks to make your phone not reachable, you need to go to Settings of your device, then select network settings, and inside it, select ‘Manual’ under network selection. This shall make your number not reachable. Then, you can return to the same setting and choose the working network to start taking calls.

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4. Forward call

Call Forward

Other tricks to make your phone not reachable are to forward the call to an expired number. All you need to do this is an old and expired number. Simply go to the call settings of your mobile phone, and there you will find the option of forwarding calls. There, enter the number which is not in use and is expired. However, remember that the caller may know about the call being forwarded and guess that you are doing it on purpose.

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5. Sim Card Trick

SIM card trick

Removing your sim card and inserting it again is also an efficient trick to make your phone not reachable. All you need to do is take out the SIM card, switch off your phone, and insert the sim card back again. This will make your number not reachable until you restart your device.

6. Third-Party Applications

third party applications

There are some apps on the app stores such as “Phone Signal Jammer“, “PilferShush Jammer“, and many more similar apps that claim that these can block cell reception, which makes your number go not reachable. These apps are free to use and are only available on Android, but their functionality varies from device to device, so you can test it out on your device and see if this works.

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7. Remove The Battery

Portability of Lithium Polymer Battery

If you remove your smartphone’s battery without switching off the device, then this can work as a trick to make your phone not reachable. Your mobile phone will be unreachable just by doing this little trick making this another extremely easy method.

Your phone will switch off automatically after taking off the battery. You can check by calling on your mobile number from any other device to be assured of this. Remember to keep your phone on why you are removing the battery, or else this trick will not work.

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8. Call Barring

If you wish to make your smartphone unavailable, turn on the Call Barring feature in your device’s Operator-related settings. This feature allows you to restrict incoming and outgoing calls based on your preferences. Callers will receive a computer message stating that their phone is either turned off or unreachable once activated.

Furthermore, you will receive an immediate message from your SIM operator notifying you about the details of the individual who attempted to contact you. It is important to keep in mind that certain operators only offer this option for free.

9. Change Network Preference

If you use Jio as your network operator, you can make your phone unavailable without using aeroplane mode or turning it off. You simply need to change your network option from 4G/5G to 2G/3G. As you may know, Jio operates on a 4G standalone network and cannot operate on 3G or 2G networks. If you use this method, your network connection will be discontinued, and anyone attempting to contact you will receive a message stating that you are unavailable.

10. Aluminum Foil

Wrap your mobile phone in aluminium foil. It may sound like a stupid and non-working DIY, but it does the trick as it causes poor network connection. Doing these tricks makes your phone not reachable, your smartphone’s radio antenna won’t receive any mobile network, and it becomes difficult for your device to receive any signals once you wrap it in aluminium foil. Therefore, the caller will receive the message “This number is out of coverage area; please try again later!”

If you do not have aluminium foil in your house, try to put your mobile in a steel box. That, too, will do the same tricks.

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11. Block The Number

Block number

This trick to make your phone not reachable is a bit risky and usually only works for Android devices. Some Android devices deliver the message “the number you have dialled is currently busy” when putting the number on the block. However, some Android devices inform the caller about the number being unreachable on blocking.

First, it is best to check these tricks on how to make your phone not reachable by blocking any of your other or alternative numbers and then calling on your device by that number. If the message being delivered is of an unreachable device, then congratulations, as you can simply block the number whose call you want to dodge.

To block calls on your device, you can either use in-built call block functionality that can be viewed by selecting the recent calls menu and blocking the numbers manually. Or you can even use third-party apps like “Truecaller” to block calls. This might not make the number not reachable, but this will make the calls disconnect as soon as the caller calls your number.

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Bonus Tricks

1. Put your phone inside a steel container

One of the best tricks to make your phone not reachable is to place your phone in a steel container. This simple approach makes your phone unreachable temporarily. And will disable any incoming calls by blocking all signals to your phone. You’ll be bothered if you don’t put your phone in silence (no vibration).

2. Turn OFF your data pack forcibly

The last and the easiest trick to make your phone not reachable is by consuming a significant amount of network bandwidth; it is prudent to make your phone unavailable. Simply open as many tabs as possible in your browser (Chrome/Safari), programmes, download several files, and update your app over cellular data. All of this will cause your network to get blocked, making your phone not reachable.

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Final Note

the quest to avoid unwanted calls and make your phone less reachable has been addressed with 11 practical tricks outlined in this guide. Whether you seek to minimise disruptions, create temporary inaccessibility, or avoid awkward situations of answering undesired calls, these strategies provide a range of options. From utilising airplane mode to customising call settings, users now have a toolkit to tailor their phone accessibility according to their preferences. By implementing these tricks, individuals can reclaim control over their phone’s accessibility and enjoy a more peaceful and undisturbed mobile experience.

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