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What Is A Facebook Creator Studio & How To Use It?


Are you confused about Facebook Creator Studio? Read on to learn about its functioning and how you use the web tool to your advantage.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2023, 12:03 IST
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    What Is Facebook Creator Studio?
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    How To Get Facebook Creator Studio?
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    How To Create A Post On Creator Studio?
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    Benefits of Using Creator Studio
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    Summing Up

Nowadays, the majority of online business firms utilise Facebook in some capacity. But still, not all of them make advantage of the Facebook Creator Studio feature or are aware of its features. Also if your firm is one of those, where you could take the advantage of the Creator Studio, you can certainly avail of its benefits. If not, you could be losing out on the chance to use Facebook and Instagram to reach a larger audience with your business.

Brands and content producers who use Instagram and Facebook have access to Creator Studio as a dashboard. It streamlines content posting and performance analysis across accounts on both platforms. In more straightforward terms, it’s a one-stop shop for managing social media material on Facebook that assists publishers and content producers keep track of their output. Still, trying to understand? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Let’s talk about Facebook Creator Studio in detail.

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What Is Facebook Creator Studio?

In simple words, content producers and Facebook marketers can manage their Facebook pages or Instagram content for free using Facebook’s Creator Studio dashboard. Additionally, it also enables you to browse all of your pages in one location if you handle social media for many businesses. Providing innovative tools like scheduling, community management, and social media analytics enables artists to monetise their online works and promotes cooperation between companies and influencers.

I’d like to now take a look at how you can use Facebook Creator studio to your advantage and how to get access to it.

How To Get Facebook Creator Studio?

Users of both desktop and mobile devices can access Creator Studio. Simply visit while logged into your Facebook account to access Creator Studio from a PC. Although some elements are exclusively accessible to paid or premium users of Facebook, Creator Studio is open to anybody, who has an account registered with Facebook. You can download the Creator Studio app for iOS or Android to utilise the dashboard on a mobile device. Below we have posted the download links for both platforms.

Facebook Creator Studio – Android / iOS

How To Create A Post On Creator Studio?

Now that you have learned about the Facebook Creator Studio and how to access it, we now learn about the basic usage of the Creator Studio. So, you can create, publish, and upload all of your business to Facebook using Creator Studio. There are four main methods to accomplish this. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Create A General Post – The first option you could choose from the page is the Create Post option. It’s located in the top left corner of the web page. Then, you must decide what to post. You can publish non-video or written content using Create a post option. Further, a live video broadcast can also begin from the Go Live option.
  • Post anything unique – You can start by choosing the Post something option and your account of yours from where you want to post to. Then decide what kind of post you’ll write, write, and publish it. Unique content will attract more audiences and give you a better reach. You can also share the live location of any post or post a travel post.
  • Post Videos – We all know short-form videos with multiple cuts are appreciated these days. As an audience, many viewers always prefer this type of content. To post videos, you should Choose the Upload a video option. From there, you can post a video on numerous pages or upload one or multiple videos. Choose the videos you wish to upload, the location for those posts, and any additional information. Editing video names, descriptions, or distribution settings also attracts more viewers.
  • Post Tests – Facebook account holders can build and test up to four variations of an organic video post using this option. Before publishing a post to your Page, Facebook offers many draughts of it to different audiences. A winner is chosen based on the answers, and their name is promptly displayed on your Page. It’s an innovative way of publishing your content on Creator Studio.

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Benefits of Using Creator Studio

With capabilities that lets you upload content in bulk, view all of your posts in one location, add music and sound effects to your videos and more. Creator Studio for Facebook or Instagram can help you with all of these aspects.

  • Upload multiple videos – This function makes your work more efficient by enabling you to perform things like post a full series of videos or your entire back archive of videos to your page. Simply select Multiple Videos from the dropdown menu under the Upload Video option on the main screen.
  • Inbox+ – You may respond to direct messages you receive on your Facebook pages and Instagram profiles by using the Inbox+ tab. Using the dashboard to react to comments and messages and labelling discussions as Done, Unread, or Sent might help you manage your workload. The Inbox+ maintains track of all these interactions in one convenient location.
  • Schedule Posts – In addition, you can figure out when to post material most successfully by rescheduling different post articles if you find that you’ve scheduled something for publication at a time when your audience won’t be as interested. Posts may be scheduled in advance using Creator Studio features.

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Summing Up

The one-stop shop for content producers is Facebook Creator Studio, which was introduced in 2017. Users may interact with groups by creating videos or live broadcasts. These tools provide everything you need to create different posts, engage your audience, and monitor the success of your postings, including analytics tools. Although there are certain limitations to utilising Creator Studio without revenue, the platform and its app are free to use. Facebook is also renaming the platform to Meta Business Suite soon. The tool for managing Facebook Pages and popular Instagram accounts will be handled under one roof.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Facebook Creator Studio was launched in 2018 to the global Facebook audience.
  • You can easily post, schedule, or track your social media content through it.
  • Let’s take a look at how you can use Facebook Creator Studio, and what are the advantages of using it.

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