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    Complete List Of Free And Paid Rewards Of PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royal Pass!


    It always enlivens the spirit to know that something novel is sprouting up. PUBG, already loaded with adventure and fun, embarks on a journey to render more joy to the players with awe-inspiring rewards. This nail-biting game pushes one to the edge of the seat has evolved more surprising and unique with fantastic rewards in season 14. Here are all the new rewards that come with the new PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royal Pass.

    By Akhil Taneja - 
    30th Aug 2020
    Rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 14

    Highlights of the Story

    • PUBG Season 14 is mesmerizing with appealing themes, outfits, supplies, and rewards for players, and many more add–ons.
    • All the free and paid rewards list is shared to pump up your game instincts.
    • Opting for these rewards aid in making the game more exciting and fun.

    Online Multiplayer games have always been thrilling, especially battle royale games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. The mobile version of PUBG is always a bit special and more exhilarating as the number of features and add-ons it carries with every new season. “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” is the most tantalizing statement for any PUBG lover. People, young and old alike can’t resist, but they can only come back for more time spent with PUBG, as 100 players drop onto an island rich in resources and fight for survival in a continuously shrinking battlefield.  

    When its basic attributes are by themselves so splendid, the new seasons would be at its best and so is PUBG Mobile Season 14. Here is the complete list of all rewards (paid and free), that season 14 has got to offer, despite other complementarities like outfits,  supplies, packages, weapons, etc. 

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    Complete list of PUBG Mobile Season 14 rewards (Free and Paid)

    Every new season in PUBG brings a whole lot of new things while updating the old ones. PUBG Mobile Season 14 is no exception to all these new additions. Meanwhile, players who updated their game before 22 July 2020 were ensured to get the fascinating Parachute Trail Skin as well as battle points.

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    The Royale Pass holds two variants, with the equivalent price tags like the former seasons. There are two upgraded passes accessible at 600UC and 1800UC. Here’s everything that’s new with the PUBG Mobile Season 14:

    1. Night Commander Set and Butcher of Stalber -S1897

    Unlocking at RP 1, the Night Commander is the very first and initial prize a player can obtain when the Royale Pass Elite scales up. Also, the players must collect 4800 RP for getting the set. Meanwhile, the Butcher of Stalber is a legendary and themed outfit that one can have access to at rank thirty.

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    2. Night Commander Headgear:

    Available at RP 5, the Night Commander Headgear adds a fantabulous part of your journey in the battlefield, which would be one of the nicest parts of PUBG and most sought reward of season 14.

    3. Like Emoji (Cheer Park Only) and Speed Demon Ornament:

    The Cheer Park that basically reinforces one’s spirit has become more cheerful with Like Emoji and unique and powerful Speed demon Ornament has also found its place in the rewards, and is available from RP 10. 

    4. Provoke Emote (Cheer Park Only)

    The Cheer Park is more lively with the provoke element, that is accessible from RP 15. It allows interaction with other players in cheer park.

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    5. The PUBG Life Emote and Rose Unicorn Helmet

    The theme of the brand new PUBG Season 14 is ‘Spark the Flame’ that employs flame and fire inspired items for the game. Items like the Rose Unicorn Helmet add to the theme and glow of the game, which can all be aspired at RP 20, along with indulging PUBG Life Emote.

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    6. Drop the Bass – Pan and Adore Emoji:

    Yet another stunning reward from PUBG season 14 is Drop the Bass pan and adore Emoji, and is affordable at RP 25.

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    7. Fatal Cry Parachute and Iron Rose Set

    Unlocking at RP 30, the parachute cover (fatal cry parachute) has a graffiti on it. Also, the iron rose set too unlocks at RP 30, adding more spirit to the game. 

    8. Iron Rose Headgear

    One of the most precious rewards, Iron Rose Headgear, is rewarded at RP 35, and it is one of the essential equipment required for a blazing start. 

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    9. Blazing Dawn Plane Finish

    Royale Pass Elite can also access the “Blazing Dawn” skin/ plane finish when one is ranked forty in the Season. 

    10. Royale Pass Avatar 

    Royal passes are always exquisite since one has access to other features with the help of royal passes. The most unique of them, Royale pass Avatar, unlocking at forty-five is special and above all.

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    11. Sharktooth – M16A4 and Drop the Bass Grenade

    Fiftieth, one of the prime levels in PUBG, offers access to Sharktooth, vibrant skin for Gun and also the drop the bass Grenade, one of the most important of novel weapons. 

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    11. Black Commander Set:

    At RP 60, aspiring players get access to the next second upgrade for the clothing in Royale Pass Season 14, the eminent Black Commander Set.

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    12. Avian Tyrant Avatar, Tyrant – M416 

    At levels 75 and 80, one of the most awaited rewards by PUBG players in Season 14; the weapon skin is offered. Season 14 would render a skin player to the well-performing M416 weapon named as, “Avian Tyrant”.

    13. Firefighter Backpack

    Going with the theme, “Spark the Flame”, even the backpacks are streamlined to adhere to the theme. At level 80, one has access to one of the most breathtaking aspects, the backpack resembling that of a firefighter. 

    14. Avian Tyrant Emotes, Headgear

    Unlocking at levels 85, 90, are the most vibrant and different of all aspects, the mythic emote in Avian Tyrant theme and Avian Tyrant headgear that helps in having a kick start in the game. 

    15. Avian Tyrant Mask and Set

    At RP 95, mythic clothing set, the mask is all available after 95+ RP levels. The prominent benchmark level – RP 100, helps in unleashing the potential of “Avian Tyrant”, a mythic set for clothing, which all gamers want to take possession of. 


    Every game like PUBG is a do or die thriller game. Hence, new seasons, updates, and addons are always amusing. Those mentioned above are some of the top rewards, paid as well as free, out of the ocean of other rewards like enhanced UI and graphics, new outfits, themes, supplies, etc. Thus, one must choose the right updates one would be in need of for successfully having an excellent finish in every game in PUBG Mobile Season 14.

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