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PUBG Mobile Livik Tips And Tricks To Score Chicken Dinner Guaranteed!


PUBG has taken its users by surprise with the launch of the new Livik map and players are finding the game more intense since then. The new map has a smaller area than all other maps and has tough terrain that makes the gameplay even more complicated. However, things can go easy if you follow these tips and tricks while playing the Livik map mentioned in this article.

- Updated: 3rd Nov 2022, 14:14 IST
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    What is Livik Map?
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    PUBG Mobile Livik Tips And Tricks:
    • 1. Avoid Power-plant and Milstein
    • 2. Kill but don’t always loot
    • 3. Monster trucks
    • 4. Secret of waterfall
    • 5. Hot springs for healing
    • 6. Avoid the vehicles
    • 7. Landing spots are a no
    • 8. Full boost at the end
    • 9. Be fast
    • 10. Practice
    • 11. When to jump
    • 12. Keep it planned
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    Final Note

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game wherein 100 players drop in at an island and the last players surviving wins the battle. It’s a fun game to play and players can play with their friends and also communicate via voice chat in real-time. 

This game is no easy game, though. It is more than a survival game. Battles can go brutal and violent, and the new Livik Map is not making things easier. However, the tips mentioned in this article will definitely help players in their game. So keep scrolling to find out what these tips are.

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What is Livik Map?

Livik map in PUBG is the newest map in the PUBG Mobile’s recent update v0.19.0 and the map is quite small (2km x 2km) compared to the other existing maps in the game. This small map intense fights as there is not much surface area to run away and hide and amazing loot all over the map. The Livik map has a unique terrain that makes players confused about their surroundings.

The game lasts only about 10-15 minutes, with a maximum of 52 players. Users can go to the classic section to use this Map. However, you must know about the following tips before getting onto the Livik Map.

PUBG Mobile Livik Tips And Tricks:

So here’s the most awaited list of the tips and tricks for livik Map in PUBG that you have to know about :

1. Avoid Power-plant and Milstein

PUBG Power-plant area
Image Credits: Nefus (Yuutube)

It is better to avoid the Power-plant area and Midstien as these two places are basically the hot drops in livik Map. Livik is full of places to loot wherein you can get several good weapons. So, you don’t really need to go to these places unless you think you are a pro and can handle the chaos.

2. Kill but don’t always loot

It is best not to loot from every opponent you have killed in the Livik map. It is better to stay undercover and shoot from a distance on a dangerous map like livik. Looting opponents can bring you in the eyes of other rivals.

3. Monster trucks

Monster trucks
Image Credits: redbull

Avoiding vehicles is essential, but not if it is a monster truck. Livik map features a new monster truck that is great for survival and offers many hit points along with excellent speed. 

It is pretty fast, and using it in the early stages can be advantageous. However, this monster truck is a bit difficult to use, especially for first-timers, so do keep that in mind before you take a ride in it.

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4. Secret of waterfall

There’s a secret place behind the waterfall in livik Map. You must find and visit this place in the southeast corner as it is excellent for looting. Super Crates can also be found here that will give you an upper hand on your opponents. Plus, it is comparatively a safe place to loot as not many players know about it.

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5. Hot springs for healing

Hot springs for healing
Image Credits: Game On (Youtube)

Go to the hot springs if you ever have an intense match and are out of medkits. This place will help your character in healing and cause regeneration of your energy. It will help you in continuing the game with full strength.

6. Avoid the vehicles

It is best to avoid vehicles as chances of encountering enemies are higher here. Plus, you do not really need a vehicle on the livik Map since the map is a small one, and running can get you to the desired location. Though if you think that taking a vehicle is the only option you have left, then go for it. However, make sure that you are not opting for the vehicles in the last moments of the game as that will bring you some real disadvantage in the game.

7. Landing spots are a no

Landing spots are the last place you will want to be on the livik Map as it holds a much higher probability of your rivals attacking you during the loot. You will end up getting surrounded by enemies everywhere. So, it is better to stay away from these spots to avoid the risk. Plus, there are a lot of potential places to loot in the livik Map of PUBG, so it’s not like you will miss on anything good. 

8. Full boost at the end

The ending or final moments are the most crucial ones as they engage the most brutal fights. So, always make sure to be fully boosted and energized and compete with your opponents with full strengths. You must utilize all your medicine to gain full health for winning when you are at the last stages of the game.

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9. Be fast

Be fast
Image Credits: mobilemodegaming

This game lasts only for about 12-15 minutes. Your character’s head can get off if you decide to take it slow and laze around. The only way to win this 10-minute battle is to be super fast. All the looting and killings must be made at your highest possible speed to get chicken dinner.

10. Practice

Practice makes a person perfect. You may not win the first time you play on livik Map in PUBG Mobile. But, the more attempts you make, the more expertise you get with better practice taking you closer to your chances of winning the game.

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11. When to jump

PUBG Mobile Livik Tips- When to jump
Image Credits: baltana

It is the best to jump when you are about 400 meters from your point on livik Map. This is because of the small size of this Map. Also, make sure that you use the maximum speed for landing so that you land faster than your rivals. Landing ahead of your rivals will give keep you at an advantage in the game.

12. Keep it planned

Make sure to have your routes planned before-hand as the game does not give you much time to decide while playing it. Also, do not fire gunshots unnecessarily as enemies will find and trace you quickly as the map size is small and each gunshot alerts the players around you. So, the best way to get a chicken dinner in Livik Map is to no to attack needlessly, and get yourself in unnecessary troubles.

Final Note

These were all the tips and tricks for surviving and winning the livik Map in PUBG. The size and time of this Map are comparatively much smaller, but the danger that this Map has is more significant than ever. 

Enemies are everywhere, looking for chances to get you out of the game. Fights can get brutal here. Therefore, make sure that you go through all these tips and tricks in detail and follow them wisely while playing the game. One wrong move can take the chicken dinner away from you. So, be cautious and consider these tips to win the game.

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