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Cashify Explains: Difference Between Lithium-Ion And Lithium Polymer Batteries?


The lithium-ion batteries have always been there and used as the primary source of power-cell in old technologies. However, new and advanced technologies are demanding and using lithium-polymer batteries. We have established the critical differences between these two and which one’s more suitable for what.

By Akhil Taneja - 
26th Aug 2020
Lithium ion vs Lithium Polymer Battery

Highlights of the Story

  • Lithium-Ion batteries have traditionally being used for smartphones and portable gadgets.
  • The newer lithium-polymer (Li-poly) batteries are a suitable alternative to Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Here we discuss Why Li-poly batteries are more in use with newer advanced technologies

When you are out shopping for your much-awaited gadgets you must have always checked the battery capacity and the weather it has a great battery life or not. We have always believed, the bigger the battery capacity equals a better and long-lasting battery life. But that’s not always true and it depends on a lot of more factors as well. 

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There are two main types of batteries that do exist in the market right now, the one is Li-ion batteries that have traditionally been used in all our smartphones and portable gadgets. The other one, Lithium Polymer batteries are the ones that are used in most modern gadgets and most of the new flagship devices. 

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However, there do exist some differences mainly being in terms of battery safety and longevity. Here are the detailed pointers that make Li-ion and Li-poly batteries different below:

What is a Li-ion battery?

Li-ion batteries have been used for a very long period of time and were and still are the choice of battery for all gadgets. This is due to the fact that these batteries are long-lasting, have a great energy density, and are comparably cheap to produce.

Li-ion or Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable types of batteries that are highly portable. This is the reason why they are mostly used for electronic vehicles such as aerospace applications.

In these batteries, the positively charged lithium-ions are carried by electrolyte from the anode to the cathode and vice versa. Lithium-ion batteries are highly durable and are great for longevity, these batteries can last for about 2-3 years or 300-500 charge cycles.

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Merits of Lithium-ion battery:

Now that we know the meaning of Li-ion batteries, let’s discuss what merits they have with the help of the following points –

1. Cost-Effective

As Lithium-Ion batteries have been used for a very long time, the cost of manufacturing the battery has reduced significantly and is much cheaper to implement a Li-ion battery for a portable gadget as these are readily available and costs much less.

2. High-Power Density

When compared with other battery types, lithium-ion batteries can store 3 to 4 times more charge compared to batteries of similar size. It makes it not only compatible but also efficient and robust to use in portable gadgets. 

3. Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer than most of the other battery types. They can last for about two to three years or maybe even more, or about 300-500 charge cycles.

4. Maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries are effortless to maintain and take care of as they do not require many complex processes for maintenance. Neither much effort nor much investment is needed to maintain lithium-ion batteries.

5. Constant voltage

Another benefit of lithium-ion batteries is that they are capable of maintaining a constant voltage. No matter how heavy the load or usage is, a Li-ion battery will successfully keep the voltage constant.

Demerits of Lithium-ion battery:

Demerits are bound to be present with merits. So, we have listed the few demerits of Li-ion batteries have that are as follows:

1. Efficiency decreases with time

Even though battery life is long-lasting, it is not the same throughout its period. Lithium-ion batteries tend to decrease in terms of capability and performance as time passes by.

2 .Fragile

These types of batteries are not suitable for extremely rough usages as they do not have much robust technology. As these batteries have liquid chemical electrolyte inside them, these batteries can get punctured easily with minimal force.

3. Unsafe at Higer Temperatures

At high temperatures, that is likely in cases for smartphones as the smartphones tend to overhat, the battery becomes unstable and can catch fire. Altough electronic controllers are used to regulate the temperature, still its quite unsafe to use these batteries in portable gadgets.

What is a Lithium Polymer battery?

The Lithium Polmer battery is another rechargeable kind of battery that uses a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte. This difference in choice creates lithium-poly batteries to be more efficient and safe for use.

The lithium polymer batteries are versatile in nature and therefore are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of the lithium-poly batteries are light-weighted. 

Merits of Lithium-poly Battery:

Lithium polymer batteries come with numerous benefits. Some of the major merits of these kinds of batteries are as follows:

1. Extremely Safe

Lithium polymer batteries are incredibly safe to use. They have flexible packaging with aluminum that protects from any kind of explosion or hazardous situation.  

2. Light-weighted (highly portable)

Lithium polymer batteries are highly portable, as they are very light weighted. It is because no heavy metal or liquid electrolyte is included in its making. 

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3. Versatile in nature

Lithium polymer batteries are versatile in nature and available in different shapes and sizes. There is no limit in customizing its shape, and manufacturers take full advantage of that. 

4. Low self-discharge level

Lithium polymer batteries are good with their dischargeable characteristics. They are efficient and functional with low self-discharge level. This means that the battery won’t discharge much when the battery is not in use.

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5. Thin with huge capacity

Lithium polymer batteries are thin, which makes them highly compatible with mobile phone usages. They are available in thickness, even below 1 mm. 

Even though they are thin, they have high capacities. They are 10-15% stronger and more capable than many of the other batteries of the same size.

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