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Here’s Why You Should Sell Your Old Gadgets Right Now!


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to your old tech and welcome the new ones. With new technology comes new opportunities, improvements, and growth. You are missing out on all of this if you still have not made a decision to get a new tech. Here we have quite a few reasons in this article that will help you make up your mind and sell old gadgets.

- Updated: 1st Dec 2022, 21:00 IST
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    Step By Step Guide To Sell Old Tech Online
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    Things to take care of before selling the product
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    • 2. Factory Reset Your Device
    • 3. Remove your Sim Cards and Micro Sd Cards
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    Final Note

Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, and Gaming consoles; our life revolves around these gadgets. We use these tools as our work companions and a gateway to the internet and the outside world. But in this fast-paced world, the technology evolves so fast that a gadget becomes outdated within a few weeks of its launch.

There are a hundred reasons why you better update the technologies you are using to the newer and more advanced ones. Not only the advantages of better performance, fast speed, and smooth functioning can be availed, but the new iterations are more secure and less prone to get your data compromised.

We have listed out some points to cover the benefits in detail. Given below are pointers to find out what they are and why it is crucial to sell old gadgets.

Reason 1: Save gadgets from depreciating

Every year billions of dollars of unused tech is getting wasted in the households of India. The statistics all over the world are even more drastic. It is said that this worth will soon fall off as new technologies keep on arriving. The more the value of the gadget will decrease, the lesser amount you will get for selling it.

Therefore, it is better if you sell the product now without wasting any further time, or else you will have to encounter loss, or worse, you may not be able to find a potential buyer.

Reason 2: New is always better

New technology comes with new features, more advanced tools, better cameras, a refreshed design, faster processing speed, improved security features and so on that are much better than the older version. There are many things that you probably cannot do with old gadgets you have but are possible with the newer ones. Plus, it is more likely for older gadgets to start freezing and creating problems or stop functioning altogether. Also, it can also lead to the loss of all your data stored in the gadget if you don’t have a backup. 

A functioning gadget is still worth something in the resale market, but a completely dead product (which is more likely to happen to an old outdated product), the value of that dead/malfunctioned gadget is zero. So better sell off your gadget before it becomes a paperweight.

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Reason 3: Make extra money

Make extra money by selling old gadgets

Isn’t it amazing to make money from something you didn’t really need? Money is a factor that everyone likes, and selling an unwanted item is one of the easiest and best ways to earn it. 

Plus, you can also invest that money in buying the new version of the gadget to cut off the cost. Well, money always comes in handy, so why not make some by selling the useless stuff?

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Reason 4: Donate to Someone in need

There may be chances that someone might be looking for the old gadget, which is no more useful for you. Helping someone in need is an act of kindness that is always appreciated. You will feel good after doing it. 

During this pandemic, most of the business and learning sessions of schools and colleges have turned to online sessions. Donating a smartphone to someone who can have access to these online e-learning sessions is something that everyone should do.

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Step By Step Guide To Sell Old Tech Online

After making your mind to sell old gadgets, the first thing that pops up is How to sell it? Read these points and know the correct ways to sell old mobile phones.

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Step 1: Post an ad online

There are many websites that allow you to post advertisements for gadgets for free. Some of these websites are Cashify, Facebook Marketplace, OLX, and Quickr.

 How to Sell Old Tech Online

You will need to post the picture of the product. It should also include an excellent description of the model and its functioning. There are millions of people on these websites, and some of them may show interest in your product. You will most probably find a potential buyer from these websites at a great deal.

Make Sure to Read the following Before you sell your gadget online:

5 Simple Steps To Do Before Selling Your iPhone!

5 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Old Android Phone!

Tips for Pricing and Selling

  • Do not settle for an extremely low price just because the technology is old. Enter a price that you find reasonable for the product, but make sure it is not very high. 
  • To improve the chances of selling, ensure that you add a sharp and high-quality picture of the product. However, make sure that the picture doesn’t include any personal information. Also, remember to include only the positive points of the product and highlight them as much as you can. 
  • If there is a demerit of concern, then write it somewhere in between the numerous positive points so that it does not affect the reader’s mind. If possible, do include the original packaging of the product with its picture.

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Step 2: Refer to only the authentic ones

Fraudsters are present everywhere, even when it comes to selling a product. Make sure that the platform where you are making a deal is a reputable company with excellent reviews and feedback. 

Along with the company, also ensure the authenticity of the person you are making a deal with. If the platform is not showing details of the buyers, then be a little cautious and never share any personal information on the website.

If the reselling platform is not offering delivery services, then make sure to ask the buyer to collect the product in a public place. Do not give your home address; never do that. 

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Things to take care of before selling the product

Certain things must be kept in mind before finalizing the product sale. These components are :

1. Backup your Data

Backing up all your media and apps data is important before you sell/donate your smartphone. All your photos, videos, music files, WhatsApp chats data, call history, messages, app logins, and emails need to be backed up to cloud or a local storage device.

Here is a detailed guide on How to Backup your Device:

How To Take A Backup Of Your Android Smartphone

How To Take A Backup Of Your Apple iPhone

2. Factory Reset Your Device

Factory Reset

Make sure that you delete everything on your gadget by formatting it. The best and the safest way is to Factory Reset your device, this process completely removes the media files, apps data, setting. It just makes your device the way it was the day you bought it. Clean as new.

Before performing the Factory Reset, make sure you have all the data backup before doing this if you don’t want to lose your important data. Do cross-check that everything is gone once you are done with formatting for extra precautions. 

3. Remove your Sim Cards and Micro Sd Cards

The last step is to verify that there are no SIM cards or microSD cards inserted in the device. And once you are sure that everything is done then only hand over your old gadget to the buyer. 

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Final Note

The above discussion showed the critical details to consider before selling your old tech and also the reasons why you must sell it. We have also discussed the correct and authentic ways of selling old gadgets. You may face a few complications, but the result will be worth it. Make sure you follow everything mentioned above to end up with the right deal. 

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Highlights of the Story

  • Your old gadgets might turn out more to be a liability than an asset.
  • Old gadgets are more prone to failure and their value is depreciating over time.
  • A new gadget will be worth an upgrade and will make your life easier.
  • The Best ways to sell your old smartphone and things to do before selling your old smartphone is something you should look out for.

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