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    Elements That Make Up The Best Phone Display

    By Sidhant Gupta - 
    15th Jan 2020
    best display

    In 2020, the best display phones is a vital smartphone category that all manufacturers are trying to get their names on. The display has always been an essential part of smartphones. Still, ever since the advent of full-screen touch smartphones, it has become imperative for manufacturers to provide the best display smartphones to consumers. 

    Progress over the years

    Phones have been getting larger over the past few years. From the 4.5″ iPhone 4, we have progressed to a time when 6″ big screen mobiles are standard. This is due to phones’ growing utility in everyday work. We use phones to work, connect, watch movies and videos, play games, photography, and even extensive reading. None of these things can be easily accomplished in a small or weak display, which only highlights the necessity of big-screen mobiles. 

    Resolution is perhaps the most crucial element of any display. Gone are the days of small pixelated screens. Instead we have even surpassed HD displays to now having 4k units right in our pockets. The sharp detail makes high-resolution photography and movies fun to interact with. Of course, it all does depend on colour reproduction too, as one display can be high resolution yet still be bland or incorrect in representing colours. Such is also the case with brightness, as only when a phone has a wide brightness range can it be comfortably used both during a sunny day and in a dark room. 

    The Best Phone Display Types and Refresh Rates

    Today, various types of displays are available. While IPS LCDs are relatively conventional, AMOLED displays, which used to be uber expensive, have started dropping in price. AMOLED displays have sharper colours and deeper blacks which are very pretty to look at. OnePlus has recently introduced the trend of higher refresh rate displays which makes screen animations look even smoother. Earlier the fixed standard used to be 24Hz but now we are getting 120Hz refresh rate display phones like the ASUS ROG Phone 2, which are an absolute breeze to watch slow-motion videos on. 


    Another concern is Gorilla Glass protection and IP certification, which increases the ruggedness of a phone. The best display smartphones ought to always have these elements. It makes the phone sturdier to ensure that it lasts longer. 

    Hence there are various qualities that smartphone manufacturers today have to pay attention to while crafting the perfect display. After all, all of these things must be bundled in a price point that is attractive to consumers. So make sure that you’re up to date with Cashify’s latest smartphone news and reviews to know what every manufacturer’s best display offerings are in 2020.


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