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The Best Ways To Sell Your Old iPhone In 2020!


The one thing about technology is that with each passing year, there certainly is an upgrade making the new better in terms of experience, endurance, and more. If you have an iPhone that you have been using for a few years and wish to upgrade now, you might want to sell off the old device and get whatever money you can for it. There are multiple places where you can sell or recycle your smartphone in exchange for cash or vouchers thereby making it easier for you to buy your new dream smartphone.

- Updated: 6th Aug 2020, 05:05 IST
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    Online Marketplaces – Olx & Quikr
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    Facebook Marketplace

If you are planning to make an upgrade to a new smartphone this year and have your old iPhone lying around not being used, you can easily sell the device to make some cash and help you with your new purchase. There are multiple ways of getting rid of an old smartphone, you could either sell it or try sending it in for recycling. If you decide to sell your old smartphone then there are multiple options that you can choose from such as Cashify, Olx, Quikr, Facebook Marketplace, and more.


Cashify is perhaps the easiest way of selling a smartphone, tablet, or Laptop online. The website allows you to easily go online and give details on the smartphone variant, condition of the device, issues, and other details. Based on the details entered, the website will automatically and instantly calculate a fair value that they are ready to offer for the smartphone or device. At this point, if you choose to give them the smartphone then you will be asked to enter the IMEI number of the smartphone.

Cashify - The Best Ways To Sell Your Old iPhone In 2020

You can also choose how you want to get paid, you can choose to have the money transferred directly to your bank account or choose to get paid as a voucher for one of their partner websites. If you choose to get paid in either Amazon, Flipkart, or Croma vouchers you can get any way between 3% to 7% more than the initial value that was offered by Cashify. After you choose the mode of payment, you can select the date and time slot when you want the device to be picked up.

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After the smartphone is successfully picked up, the device is evaluated to ensure it matches the condition that was mentioned while you requested the pickup. After successful pickup, you will be asked to enter the OTP for the pickup and then the money will be instantly credited to the payment mode of your choice.

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Cashify employs a very simple process to ensure that the process of selling a used phone is extremely easy without any hassles of dealing with multiple buyers and then negotiating the price.

Online Marketplaces – Olx & Quikr

There are online marketplaces such as Olx and Quikr where you can post a free ad for the sale of your smartphone and get messages or calls from the interested people. While this opens you up for more choices as you can negotiate with the buyer, it also greatly increases the hassle of individually dealing with people to have your phone sold.

OLX - The Best Ways To Sell Your Old iPhone In 2020

These websites allow you to post an ad with images, details, condition, specifications, and your contact details. Whenever a user who is interested in the smartphone browses the ad listings and finds your device interesting, they can choose to contact you.

The process is more cumbersome as you need to arrange a commonly convenient meeting point and time, the device is then generally evaluated by the buyer, and then the money can be exchanged if the buyer is satisfied with the condition of the smartphone.

While it does open you up for more options allowing you to choose who you want to sell the smartphone to, it is also very time taking and you might be spending a lot more of your time for just a little more money.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is very similar to the online marketplace websites such as Olx and Quikr that allow you to post a listing with the details of the smartphone, images, and other description. If the user who is browsing the marketplace finds the listing interesting, then they can contact you and finalize the deal.

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This option also opens you up to the marketplace option and gives you a choice for more buyers but the process is lengthy as it involves a user to find your listing, like the condition and the price that you expect. After this process you will again have to set up a convenient time schedule to meet up and for the device condition to be evaluated.

Facebook Marketplace -The Best Ways To Sell Your Old iPhone In 2020

Considering the above options, websites like Cashify offer a very simple and easy approach to selling your smartphone online and offer a seamless process overall. The device condition is quickly evaluated to what was mentioned online and the payment for the same is instantly processed to the payment mode of your choice. You can also choose to get paid as a Flipkart or Amazon voucher and thus increase the amount you get for the sale, this can be of great use if you plan to buy your new smartphone online.



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Maybe I reached this post a little bit late but no matters when you wake up then morning. What I can say about this article is completely awesome with great helping to Sell Your Old iPhone. After read this I sell my old cell on and make money for buy new one.

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  • Smartphones get updated very often and each year all the major brands launch the refreshed upgrades to their predecessors
  • Smartphones are also expensive and it is a sheer waste to let them lie around without being used after upgrading to a new one
  • Online portals such as Cashify help you get cash or e-commerce vouchers in exchange for your smartphone

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