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    Top 8 Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Smartphone in 2020!


    Rooting your Android phone brings numerous benefits that most people are unaware of. Not only does it improve your mobile phone’s functioning, but it also gives you a wide variety of new features that were not available before. These advantages have been explained in this article, so do not miss out on them anymore.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 4th Nov 2022 16:48 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      1. Say goodbye to Bloatware
    • 2
      2. Updates: You want it? You got it!
    • 3
      3. Style it on your own
    • 4
      4. What’s up with overclocking and underclocking
    • 5
      5. Reliable backups
    • 6
      6. Make your apps more useful
    • 7
      7. Increase your phone’s life (Custom ROMs)
      • 8. Custom controls for Kernel
    • 8
      Closing Note

    Highlights of the Story

    • Rooting your Android device means gaining Root User privileges for the OS that can modify every aspect of the OS for better and smoother functionality.
    • People don’t root their mobile phones thinking that it will affect their security and privacy, but that is a myth.
    • By rooting your Android phone, you can witness more trustworthy backups, no bloatware, and the best part is that you can customize your Kernel controls!
    • Rooting welcomes you to a more powerful phone, so you can opt for it guilt-free!

    Do you believe in the myth that rooting your Android device will harm your privacy and your device? Well then, Don’t! 

    These myths do not carry any reality or facts in them. On the contrary, Rooting your Android device is extremely beneficial and helpful to perform many more fun and exciting features. One of the ultimate features is that this simple step opens a gateway to a new horizon of unlimited apps loaded with amazing features. These tools are further explained with the help of the points given below:

    1. Say goodbye to Bloatware

    Say goodbye to Bloatware

    One of the biggest benefits of rooting your Android device is that you don’t have to keep up with the pre-installed apps. It means that you have control over what applications you want in your mobile device and what you don’t. 

    All the unnecessary inbuilt applications that you find useless and are just taking up the storage space in your phone can be uninstalled by rooting your Android device. Without rooting, you only have the option to disable such applications. Therefore, they still take up your storage space. However, by rooting, you can permanently delete them and free your mobile storage.

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    2. Updates: You want it? You got it!

    how to root android: Updates
    Image Source: 9to5google

    You can clear the dependency on manufacturers for getting an update by rooting your Android device. There are times when the manufacturers delay in delivering the updates. However, rooting gives an option to choose from a variety of different versions, including the latest ones.

    So, you will not have to wait for the manufacturer to put their update on your device. However, there are little possibilities that the update may be a little different from the original version. But then again, you are selecting to root your Android device. It clearly means that you don’t want the original OEM version of Android with not so useful features, do you?

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    3. Style it on your own

    Style it on your own

    Rooting gives you the complete command of your mobile phone. You can completely change its theme and design the way you want by gaining the Root access to your device. You can also keep it the same way if you want to. Certain themes don’t require rooting. But there are many themes that are only accessible via Xposed Module using which you can add more options of changes in font, status bar, screen texture, notification shade, navigation buttons, launcher etcetera, and make it more appealing only by rooting the device. 

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    4. What’s up with overclocking and underclocking

    What's up with overclocking and underclocking
    Image Source: knowthyphone.blogspot

    You can overclock your processor and make it much faster by rooting your Android device. All the issues of phone freezing, slow speeds, sluggish gaming performance can be resolved by rooting. Even if you want to extent the battery life and you can compromise on performance a bit then you can think of underclocking the device which can be achieved only by root.

    You can manage your hardware, make it run faster, or underclock it to increase battery life. All this with a single click and these resources can be modified quickly and avail their benefits, especially in the case of an emergency with rooting.

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    5. Reliable backups

    Reliable backups
    Image Source: Android Authority

    In straight-forward terms, backups with rooting are better than the backups with non-rooted devices. Cloud is undoubtedly useful to store your media and numbers, but rooting can help you backup and restore your mobile phone in the exact way it is.

    Literally everything can be backed up with rooting your Android device and kept the same, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything on your device. Your apps, contacts, your login details, app data, passwords, images, and almost everything. You can just restore the data of your smartphone the way you leave it. It creates a complete clone of the smartphone that you can restore later in case of an emergency.

    You can perform a backup and restore even if you accidentally uninstalled something important. Rooting management applications like Titanium Backup are useful for this purpose.

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    6. Make your apps more useful

    Make your apps more useful

    You can improve the functioning of your apps in a rooted android phone as you are given the administrator privileges. You can easily have access to the core files that you could never have before. You can also move these files for storage purposes and get a better experience with the apps. Plus, there are many amazing apps that cannot be downloaded on a non-rooted device. 

    Moreover, now some special applications allow more customizations and management of your phone functions like Better Battery Stats that is only accessible in rooted devices. So, you also gain access to such kinds of applications if you choose to root your Android device. 

    7. Increase your phone’s life (Custom ROMs)

    Increase your phone's life

    No kidding! You can extend the life of your mobile device by rooting it. It is because of the functions of installing custom ROMs and deleting the bloatware. There are a plethora of custom ROMs available at XDA forums that offer great features and stability and you can also tweak the processor’s clock speed and performance. Plus, you also get fast and frequent updates that are good for your smartphone.

    These custom ROMs provide a plethora of new features and customizations that were not available with the stock pre-installed operating system. This extends the life of your smartphone as it receives regular updates and bug fixes, it has all new features that one could ask for and overall improves your user experience.

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    8. Custom controls for Kernel

    custom kernel controls android

    Image Source: Medium User @franciscofrancoThe most crucial element of an Android device is the kernel. It works wonders for enhancing the better management and performance of your smartphone. However, you can’t have access to your kernel settings if your device is not rooted. Only rooting can help you to gain full control over the kernel and make whatever changes you want to. You can increase the power and speed of the processor whenever you want or turn it to underclock for saving and enhancing the battery life. You can even install custom kernels built by developers that have some built-in kernel profiles that can deliver even better performance. It basically gives you control over everything on your mobile device, allowing more personalization and making you feel like the actual developer.

    Closing Note

    So these some of the spectacular functions that can only be availed by rooting your Android device in 2020. These specified tools give you the full access and privileges of the administrator. You can customize your smartphone in whatever way you want and make it more personalized. Be it the themes, additional UI customization, Overclocking the processor, you can bring changes into everything by rooting. There are many more benefits of rooting that you will discover while using it. And you can also unroot your device in case you want to switch back to the original version. Though, we are pretty sure that’s not going happen with the mind-blowing tools that become accessible once you gain the root privileges. 

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