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One of the things that we have understood by observing the smartphone industry from a while is that people have started to select their next smartphone based on the camera it possesses. The best camera smartphones in the past couple of years have been either from Apple or Google, but honestly, it does not matter which smartphone you are carrying to capture. It’s the perspective that matters and a camera is as good as a photographer that takes it. For example, you can also use a mid-range Android smartphone and take some amazing photos which might even beat the premium-priced iPhones.

The final output picture captured through a smartphone depends on the camera sensor used, its aperture and the image processing algorithm that is used to deliver the final results. There might be a case where one smartphone delivers a better picture despite having the same camera sensor, the difference comes in post-processing. But there are some more ways to improve overall image quality from a smartphone and below are some of the methods that you can apply to capture great pictures straight from your smartphone.

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Balance your photos using Gridline


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The first and the most basic tip that we will give you for taking great photos is to use a Gridlines. Basically, a gridline is a set of horizontal and vertical lines on your screen when you are capturing the photo. With the gridline, you can adjust your phone to actually align them with the grid so that the photo does not look out of place and it is aligned well. Also, this is for everyone who wants to take symmetrical photos of buildings and even portraits 

Now, all you need to do is enable Gridlines which are available on every iPhone and Android device. To do this on an Apple iPhone, you need to go to Settings > Photos & Camera and switch “Grid” to On. On Android devices, you can navigate to the Camera Settings as per your device and enable Gridlines.

Tap to Focus on your Subject


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One thing we have also noticed is that people tend to take photos which are out of focus and they blame their phone’s camera for the same. Now, we know that the camera on your smartphone is meant to auto-focus and should be used as a point-and-shoot camera.

However, there is an option to manually select the subject to focus on and the camera will lock its focus on that object. All you need to do is while you are taking a photo of any subject, just tap on your screen where your subject is and it will focus on that subject. That’s it, now your camera will no longer do focus-hunting which is the process of finding subjects to focus on. 

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Embrace Negative Space inside your images


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One tip that every photographer will give you when you are taking photos and you want to take great ones is that you need to embrace negative space inside your photos. Negative Space is basically all the space that is without your subject. Now, people believe that you should fill your photography with your subject but it is not always the truth.

While the case is different when you are taking selfies and group photos since you need to have your subjects inside the frame. However, if you are taking a photo of your subject and want to take a different perspective then you can back off somewhat and fill two-third of your photo with negative space and only one-third should be your subject. This will help you have as much of your background along with your foreground inside the frame as possible.

Make Proper Use of Symmetry


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As we mentioned earlier, Symmetry is something that a lot of photographers use to take great photos. Symmetry is officially defined as “a vague sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.” All in all, symmetry is all about everyone’s perspective of looking at things and aligning things in line. 

If you are taking a photo of two boxes, you should align them well in symmetry so that the photos look absolutely aesthetic in nature. Also, here is where our first tip also comes into effect which is to use Gridlines inside your photos. Gridlines will help you check if the photo is symmetric due to the lines.

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Use Reflections in your photo 


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Another important photography tip that comes in handy when you are taking photos is that you need to make use of reflections. Basically, reflections can be seen on glass surfaces, metal tables, water droplets, puddles as well as rivers and lakes.

Now, people don’t normally make use of these reflections in their photos. However, you can get those excellent photos from just good photos by taking the original subject and its reflection in the same frame. Take one photo with reflection and one without reflection and see the difference for yourself.

So above are some of the tips to capture some professional looking pictures from your smartphone, these tips work on all smartphones be it Android or iOS. The smartphone sensor does not make much of a difference here, especially in day time photography, but still, in case you think the pictures are not up to the mark and there is a serious need to upgrade your smartphone then you can Click here if you want to sell your old mobile phone for the best price!