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Most Annoying Problems With Xiaomi Smartphones And How To Fix Them


Xiaomi no doubt is one of the most popular brands in India that offers great value for money devices. But users are not a fan of the MIUI in general and the devices frequently encounter some common issues such as laggy performance, overheating, battery drain issues, and more. But are the issues really that troublesome? Here are the fixes for some of the most common issues with Xiaomi devices.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 21:52 IST
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    Solution 1: Fix GPS Issue on Xiaomi Smartphones
  • 2
    Solution 2: Fix Overheating Issue on Xiaomi Smartphones
  • 3
    Solution 3: Fix UI Lagging Xiaomi phone issues
  • 4
    Solution 4: Fix Battery Drain Xiaomi phone issues
  • 5
    Solution 5: Remove Ads from Xiaomi Smartphone
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    • What are the disadvantages of Xiaomi?
    • Are Xiaomi smartphones reliable?
    • Why do Xiaomi phones overheat?
    • Which is better, Xiaomi or Samsung?
    • Is it worth buying Xiaomi?
    • Is it safe to buy Xiaomi?

If you are someone who is Xiaomi phone is facing some Xiaomi phone issues, this article might have some solutions for you to try! Xiaomi is among the top smartphone brands in India. They have a phone to offer for every budget group. The devices are extremely functional and provide a great value for money to the user.

This is the reason why every new model is sold out within seconds of launch. So, if you or anyone you know is facing phone issues in Xiaomi phone, then read the article till the very end. Whether you are facing issues like GPS issues, overheating, poor battery life, laggy performance, network, or anything else.

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Solution 1: Fix GPS Issue on Xiaomi Smartphones

Some Xiaomi users have reportedly stated that they face GPS problems on their smartphones. This means, when you use an online maps service such as Google Maps, the device does not show the correct location. Your phone fails to connect with the map service and the GPS fails to load the current location. This issue is common and can be resolved with the below-mentioned actions.

The first step of troubleshooting any issue is to keep MIUI updated, and you can simply bypass this issue. In case this does not resolve the issue, you can also try some additional steps listed below.

1. Restart your GPS from the notification bar. Swipe it down and turn it off first. Then turn it on again after waiting for a few seconds.

Xiaomi phone issues

2. You can also toggle On and Off the Airplane mode to refresh the connection and network settings. It also fixes the GPS issues most of the time.

Xiaomi phone issues

3. Restart your phone using the power button, and the GPS problem should be gone

4. Sometimes your additional phone cover can interrupt the GPS signal reception, so removing it may solve your problem.

5. You can do a factory reset to resolve the GPS problem on your Redmi phone. But make sure to do a backup of your data. Go to settings > backup and reset > Factory reset to do a factory reset.

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Solution 2: Fix Overheating Issue on Xiaomi Smartphones

Overheating issue is nothing new on Android-powered smartphones and since we are talking specifically about Xiaomi phone issues here, the issues are quite common here too. The overheating issue is most apparent in older Xiaomi smartphones such as Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro smartphones which were powered by older 600 series Snapdragon processors and were prone to overheating issues.

You can fix the overheating situation on your Xiaomi smartphone if you can avoid the following:

  • Don’t do cellular phone calls for more than 40 minutes
  • Don’t play a graphic-intensive game such as PUBG mobile constantly for more than 20-30 minutes, take a break in between, and then start playing again
  • Avoid using multiple apps at the same time, Don’t do multitasking as it heats up the phone pretty fast
  • Avoid constantly watching videos or listening to music for more than 40 minutes
  • Also, try not to capture videos and pictures constantly with your phone. Especially on a hot sunny day.

Remembering all these points all the time may not be the easiest of things to do, but fixing the Xiaomi phone issues overheating problem is a cakewalk if you follow the guide below.

1. Remove any smartphone case or cover, this can block the heat dissipation from the back panel. In case you have any sticker or skin installed on the rear, get rid of this as well.

2. Close all the unwanted apps that you are not using currently

3. Keep the phone regularly updated from Settings > About phone > System Update, which helps you with the overheating issue. 

Xiaomi phone issues

4. Removing widgets and Live Wallpapers can also save some battery life

5. Change the battery mode from settings -> Advanced Options -> Battery -> Battery Mode -> Turn on battery saver mode to keep it cool

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Solution 3: Fix UI Lagging Xiaomi phone issues

Some Xiaomi phone issues on budget smartphones involve UI lag. These issues include slow performance and app crashes. However, you don’t have to tolerate these issues on a daily basis because there are some extremely easy solutions available. The steps below provide solutions to Xiaomi phone issues and UI lag issues.

  1. You can factory reset your device, but make sure to back up all your data to another device or cloud storage before doing so. Check out the number 2 solution above in the Fix Overheating Xiaomi phone issues part of the post.
  2. Try to delete unnecessary data and media files from your phone. To keep important things, use an SD card rather than internal storage.
  3. Clear unwanted caches from apps, or use apps such as CCleaner to remove unwanted files.
  4. Reduce the animation speeds for Xiaomi phone issues to make your UI faster than before
    1. Open Settings
    2. Search for Build Number
    3. Click on the first result
    4. Scroll down, and you will find the build number of your phone
    5. Tap on it 7 times continuously, and it will open up the Developer options on your phone
    6. From the Developer option, find the Drawing section
    7. Now you will see that there are three animation scales, including Window, Transition & Animator duration, respectively
    8. By default, they are set to 1x
    9. You can change them to.5x or 0.25x to boost your user interface.

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Solution 4: Fix Battery Drain Xiaomi phone issues

Since Xiaomi smartphones come with a myriad of features, it’s possible to encounter the battery drain issue once in a while or after a few months when the battery starts to age. If you are facing the same, don’t worry. It’s not an uncommon issue since many people are also complaining about it.

And luckily, there are some easy ways you can fix the battery-draining Xiaomi phone issues. Please follow the guides below.

1. Always keep your phone updated. The best way to check if your phone is running the latest version is to go to Settings>About phone>System update. By keeping your phone up to date, you can avoid many troubles.

2. Clear your device cache from Settings>Storage>Cached data. Unnecessary files can typically slow down your phone and use a lot of battery percentage.

Xiaomi phone issues

3. Maybe it is a new app that you have recently installed causing so many troubles with your phone’s battery. You can analyze the applications that are consuming too much battery from Settings>Battery>Power>Battery use. Once you find the culprit application, either remove it or clear the cache of that particular app.

Xiaomi phone issues

4. Uninstall the apps you almost don’t use.

5. Turn automatic brightness off from Settings>Display>Brightness level— toggle off the automatic feature.

Xiaomi phone issues

6. Increase battery life by decreasing the display sleep time from Settings>Lock screen & Password>Sleep.

Xiaomi phone issues

7. Disable “Wake lock screen for notifications” from Settings>Lock screen & Password

Xiaomi phone issues

8. Turn off Bluetooth and the location sharing option from Settings>About phone>More>Location>Access to my location

Xiaomi phone issues

Solution 5: Remove Ads from Xiaomi Smartphone

Promotional messages, ads, pop-ups, etc., can ruin the user experience of Xiaomi smartphone users and they can get caught up on Xiaomi phone issues. These ads basically appear in preloaded apps, including Mi Browser, Mi Music, Mi Launcher, and Mi Video. These ads are annoying and you can follow the below-mentioned steps to remove these ads.

Xiaomi phone issues

1. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet and updated to MIUI 12.

2. Then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Authorization & revocation > and set msa to Off

3. Wait for a few seconds (about 30 seconds) and tap on Revoke

4. Every time you try to revoke, it will show the “Couldn’t revoke authorization” error message. You just need to ignore it and keep on doing the same until you succeed in revoking the permission.

5. Then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Ad services Personalized ad recommendations > and set it to Off

After this, Xiaomi phone issues won’t arise and the display won’t show you any ads anymore, and you can enjoy your high-quality budget-friendly phone like never before.

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It seems that the Xiaomi phone issues are caused by software and that it happens more often with newer versions. At this moment, Xiaomi has not released a remark on the matter. However, we expect that after the firm has identified the problem, it will deliver repair updates and bug fixes for the majority of the models listed above.

So, do you have any issues with the touchscreen right now? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


Please note that the issues stated here are not the highlights of Xiaomi phone issues. Xiaomi smartphones come with many great features at a budget price, so these issues alone should not restrict you from purchasing. And even if you come across any problems, you will know how to solve them as you have read this guide.

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What are the disadvantages of Xiaomi?

Xiaomi smartphones have a few downsides. Firstly, some models show ads, which can bother users. Additionally, certain Xiaomi phones can get too hot, especially when playing games. Also, some Xiaomi models don’t have NFC, so you can’t easily transfer files or connect with other devices.

Are Xiaomi smartphones reliable?

Yes, Xiaomi phones are generally reliable. They are built well and can handle regular use without breaking easily. People can trust Xiaomi phones to keep working well for a long time.

Why do Xiaomi phones overheat?

Xiaomi phones can get hot because they have powerful cameras and processors that work hard, especially when taking pictures or recording videos. This makes them use a lot of power, which can make the phone heat up. It’s normal for phones to get a bit hot during heavy use.

Which is better, Xiaomi or Samsung?

It depends on what you want. Samsung phones are usually better for some things, like having nice screens and cameras. Xiaomi phones are good for people who want a phone that does a lot but costs less.

Is it worth buying Xiaomi?

Yes, Xiaomi phones are worth buying because they offer good features at a good price. Even though there are other good Android phones available, Xiaomi phones like the Xiaomi 14 are still a great choice because they don’t have many problems.

Is it safe to buy Xiaomi?

Yes, it’s safe to buy Xiaomi phones. They are secure and Xiaomi is always fixing any problems with them. They regularly release updates to make sure their phones stay safe. So, people can trust Xiaomi phones to keep their information safe.

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