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    How To Get iPhone’s Animoji On Any Android Smartphone


    Apple surprised the world when they introduced Animojis, their version of what emojis could be. Animojis subsequently gained a lot of popularity with time, due to the fun interaction that they offered. But these are limited to iOS devices only. Don’t worry if you are an Android user, as we bring you this guide which will help you to use Animojis on your Android device. 

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    Updated: 21st Oct 2022 12:21 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      Apps To Get iPhone’s Animoji On Any Android Smartphone
      • 1. Bitmoji to get Animoji On Any Android Smartphone
      • 2. Face Cam | Avatar Face Emoji 
      • 3. Mirror: Emoji Face Avatar
      • 4. Emoji Maker – Free Personal Animated Phone Emojis
      • 5. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers – Animoji On Any Android Smartphone
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    Highlights of the Story

    • Apple unveiled the Animojis along with the iPhone X series of smartphones. 
    • Animojis were an instant hit among iOS users, and aren’t available natively for Android users. 
    • There are plenty of apps available for Android which work quite similar to Animojis. So, you can get Animoji On Any Android Smartphone.

    Who doesn’t love using emojis? But you don’t have an iPhone and want Animoji On Any Android Smartphone? They are an essential part of texting, which makes our conversations much more interesting and interactive. When Apple unveiled the iPhone X back in 2017, it also introduced  “Animojis” along with the smartphone lineup, which impressed the users and Apple’s entire fanbase. 

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    Because of this, the demand for Animoji On Any Android Smartphone has increased a lot. As a result, developers released a spree of applications for Android devices which had almost the same functions as those of Apple’s Animojis. 

    Although you cannot get the original Animoji app, its Android alternatives are no less in terms of features and functionalities. In this article, we have listed the best applications for Android devices, which are the best alternatives to Apple’s Animoji app. Most importantly, all of them are free to download and use.

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    Apps To Get iPhone’s Animoji On Any Android Smartphone

    While using these applications, keep in mind that these Android alternatives use your device’s front camera instead of the dedicated hardware present in iPhones, implying that the accuracy might not be as precise as in iPhones. Now that you have got an idea about Animojis, let’s get started. 

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    1. Bitmoji to get Animoji On Any Android Smartphone

    With over a hundred million downloads on the Google Play Store, Bitmoji is one of the most popular Animoji On Any Android Smartphone. Its popularity is mainly driven because of the app’s versatility. You can use this app with Snapchat, Messenger, Whatsapp, and other similar messaging apps. It is also compatible with Gboard and Google Indic Keyboard. 


    Although it is primarily linked to Snapchat, you can use it by registering through an e-mail too. The app is very entertaining to use since it offers immense customizations for your avatar. Also, you can create your stickers, based on pre-existing themes. 

    It also has multiple-face recognition to allow you to create videos with your friends and a personalized photo option.

    Download Bitmoji From Google Play Store 

    2. Face Cam | Avatar Face Emoji 

    It uses your image to create a super cool 3D avatar that can be further customized with a variety of skin tones, hairstyles, eye and hair colors, accessories, and many more!. Moreover, you can change the expressions of your avatar according to various situations, such as happy, sad, romantic, or hungry. 

    Face Cam | Avatar Face Emoji

    You record videos together with your friends because the app supports multiple face recognition as well. To add to your joy of using the app, the app also lets you create videos with a variety of filters. These videos can then be easily shared with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and many other social platforms. 

    3. Mirror: Emoji Face Avatar

    This application is primarily useful for making memes. The app has a great facial recognition feature. By using your picture, the app easily creates a personalized avatar that looks almost as good as a real person.

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    You can customize the stickers and emojis with the text that you want. Also, the app has a lot of sticker templates in store for you! Not only images, but you can also create funny GIFs and stickers with your avatar.

    Mirror: Emoji Face Avatar

    Additionally, you can also upload a photo with your friends and let the app create an avatar for each of you. These media files can then be shared through various social media sites, and you can also use them as Whatsapp stickers. Mirror avatar maker also predicts preset emojis for your images through its AI, so that you can create and share the stickers within seconds. 

    Download Mirror From Google Play Store

    4. Emoji Maker – Free Personal Animated Phone Emojis

    This Animoji Maker is primarily a free app through which you get Animoji On Any Android Smartphone. However, you can make in-app purchases to access more features. It weighs just 23MB, making it one of the lightest apps on our list. Due to its small size, there aren’t sophisticated animations available here. But you can use it to add a plethora of elements to your avatars/GIFs such as emojis and in-built stickers.

    Emoji Maker

    Most of the functionalities of the app work offline, which is an advantage for smartphones without a consistent network. 

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    These stickers, when saved, can be accessed through Google Keyboard. Also, you can add them to the standard Whatsapp Sticker pack to make your chats funnier and interactive. 

    Besides the given face models, you can take a photo of yourself and attach silly pieces like moustaches, hats, eyes, and so much more.

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    5. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers – Animoji On Any Android Smartphone

    If you love caricatures, then MomentCam is the app to go for. It is famous for allowing users to create their own caricatures. 


    It is enjoyable and fun to see, as you can choose what body and the genre you’d like to fit into. Recently, the app also added a feature that allows you to share these caricatures as stickers. 

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    With the Moji World feature, you can make a sticker with personalized background. The backgrounds are updated daily and for every occasion, region, cultural and pop reference, MomentCam keeps you engaged with its enjoyable experience. 

    Download MomentCam From Google Play Store


    This concludes our selection of the greatest Animoji for use on any Android smartphone or tablet computer. While the original Animoji app isn’t accessible for Android, they are no less amusing in its own right. You may choose the most appropriate solution from among them based on your intended use. To utilise these stickers, all you have to do is change the keyboard on your phone to the Animoji App by going into the settings.

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