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WhatsApp Trick: How to Create Your Own Custom WhatsApp Stickers


We all love WhatsApp stickers and always want to have a customized collection for all moods and situations! Creating your own stickers is the most amazing way of getting access to the myriad of personalized stickers that not only uplift the mood of the conversation but also adds a dash of emotion to your chat. This guide will provide the best insights to create your own WhatsApp stickers in an easy manner!

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2022, 18:56 IST
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    Process of Creating Custom WhatsApp Stickers
    • Step 1: Download the latest WhatsApp version:
    • Step 2: Download and Setup the Custom WhatsApp Stickers
    • Step 3: Prepare a photo or image which you want to convert into a sticker
    • Step 4: Remove Background from Images
    • Step 5: Final adjustments and number of stickers
    • Step 6: Explore your new Custom WhatsApp Stickers
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    Some Final Words

Whatsapp is the most used and most loved application by the users. Everyone loves Custom WhatsApp Stickers. It was only a while ago that this chatting application was introduced and it changed the device using and communicating experience completely. This popular app has recently introduced a cool new feature that offers users to create their own custom WhatsApp stickers by using personal photos or cartoons for both Android and iOS users.

Custom WhatsApp Stickers help in expressing chat expressions and can make the chats all the more interesting and fascinating. The introduction of Custom WhatsApp Stickers has eliminated boredom while using the application as texting can be boring sometimes. One can create their own stickers which are more understandable, relevant and can reflect their own personality, likes, and culture.

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Process of Creating Custom WhatsApp Stickers

Creating a sticker of yourself is quite easy in WhatsApp unlike in other applications that require approval first. Also, the fact that creating and downloading Custom WhatsApp Stickers for free, attracts the attention of the users.

There are so many Custom WhatsApp Stickers available to download from the play store and that too in so many languages for every festival or occasion which can express the feelings and expressions of the users without much effort. No wonder WhatsApp is a leading application as it serves its purpose of user satisfaction.

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There are many third-party Custom WhatsApp Stickers available for use in the play store, but for a better and more personal experience, one may want to create and use their own personal stickers. This was the most awaited feature since other applications like Messenger, WeChat, and many others have been offering sticker packs for a long time now.

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During Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Kerala Piravi festivals, Custom WhatsApp Stickers were introduced by many apps in their regional languages like Malayalam were quite popular. Creating stickers has been made easier and more accessible as WhatsApp has added support for all these popular third-party apps as well.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can create your own Custom WhatsApp Stickers using photos and images on android or iOS phones.

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Step 1: Download the latest WhatsApp version:

Download the latest WhatsApp version
  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp available on Google Play store; otherwise, you will not find this feature in the version you already have on your phone.
  2. You can latest version of WhatsApp is v2.18.343 from Play Store or you can directly download from APKmirror
  3. You can just simply replace the app with the newer version. There is no need for you to uninstall the previous version in order to update the app to the new one.

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Step 2: Download and Setup the Custom WhatsApp Stickers

Download and Setup the Custom WhatsApp Stickers

1. If you have successfully downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp that supports the sticker feature, then please make sure the icon or button which allows us to make or download our own stickers is present.

2. Now, you need to Download “Personal Stickers” App from Google Play Store

3. Tap on “Create new sticker pack”.

4. Enter the name that you want to give to your Custom WhatsApp Stickers along with the name of the author.

5. In order to continue making your own sticker, you have to enter both the name of the sticker pack as well as the name of the author.

6. Both the name of the sticker pack and the author name must comprise of at least 5 characters.

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Step 3: Prepare a photo or image which you want to convert into a sticker

Prepare a photo or image which you want to convert into a sticker
  1. After this, all you need is to select or capture a photo that you want to convert into a Custom WhatsApp Stickers.
  2. You can select multiple images.
  3. Select and separate these images into a separate folder or album.
  4. Make sure the photo or image must be in the “PNG” format as WhatsApp only supports PNG format.
  5. The app will require a lead image for your sticker pack.
  6. You can either select images which already exist on your phone or you can capture new images.
  7. Now click on Next

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Step 4: Remove Background from Images

Remove Background from Images

In case the image that you have does not have a transparent background then you can use the Background eraser app to eliminate the background using the “Background Eraser” tool.

Background Eraser Tool: Android | Web

  1. The background eraser application can be used to eliminate photo background.
  2. You can easily download this application on Playstore or access it on the web using a web browser like Google Chrome.
  3. Select “load photo”. Then crop the photo and erase the background as per your choice.
  4. If you want, you can use the whole photo as a Custom WhatsApp Stickers too without erasing the background.

Step 5: Final adjustments and number of stickers

Final adjustments and number of stickers
  1. Once all the photos are ready and have been converted into PNG format, then you can open the Custom WhatsApp Stickers.
  2. You will be able to see a list of photos/images that you can add to stickers.
  3. Select “ADD” the photo/image will be added to the sticker on WhatsApp automatically.
  4. Create at least three images in png format and transparent background as WhatsApp does not allow sticker packs with less than three images in it.
  5. Once you are done save the Custom WhatsApp Stickers by tapping on “yes, save sticker” and the sticker will be added to your pack.

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Step 6: Explore your new Custom WhatsApp Stickers

Explore your new Custom WhatsApp Stickers
  1.  Once you have successfully added your image as a sticker, you can open your WhatsApp and easily use these stickers.
  2. To use the stickers you can click on: Whatsapp>Chats>Select friend chat/group>tap emoji icon right next to the gif icon.
  3. The sticker pack created by you can only be used by you but you can easily export them to other devices.
  4. You can repeat these steps if you want to add more stickers to your collection. You can be creative and make stickers that are more relevant to you as per your likings and interest.
  5. Once you are finished adding these Custom WhatsApp Stickers to your pack, click on “Publish sticker pack” option at the bottom right corner and confirm to publish the stickers.
  6. When you send these stickers, the recipients will be able to see the sticker pack name as well as the name of the author. They can forward these stickers to their chats as well.

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Some Final Words

Now you are all set to use these stickers to make your chatting experience more interesting and fascinating. Show off your new cool stickers in WhatsApp chats and groups with your friends and teach them how to customize their own stickers too. Your conversations can never be boring with such good friends and your Custom WhatsApp Stickers after all. Go and make your chats interesting and more productive. Good luck.

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