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10 Best WhatsApp Emoji Apps For Android & iOS


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app and is the goto app to communicate with friends and family. Ditching the traditional text messages, the emojis are the best way to easily convey our expressions. They help in adding an emotional touch to the message. Emojis have the power to change the mood of the reader significantly. Here are some apps that can help you discover new emojis and even let you create one of your own.

- Updated: 20th Sep 2023, 12:29 IST
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    Top 15 WhatsApp Emoji Apps To Try in 2023
    • 1. Bitmoji
    • 2. Avatoon
    • 3. Mirror Emoji
    • 4. Elite Emoji
    • 5. Face Cam: Face Emoji Avatar
    • 6. Emoji Face Recorder
    • 7. New Emojis Stickers 3D Animated Wasticker Apps
    • 8. Mojipop: My Personal Emoji Keyboard And Camera
    • 9. Emoji Background Changer: Emoji Photo Editor
    • 10. Emojidom Emoticons For Texting
    • 11. Disney Emoji
    • 12. Keymoji
    • 13. Gboard
    • 14. FunType Smiley Keyboard
    • 15. iKeyboard
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    Conclusion – WhatsApp Emoji Apps

WhatsApp has been our goto text messenger for quite some time now and is one of the most popular applications in India. Having a conversation by writing a text is a necessity, but a text-based conversation sometimes becomes quite boring, and simply replying with an Emoji brings the fun back.

Emojis are the best source to convey our sentiments using non-verbal communication by reforming the meaning of the message. Up to some extent, emojis have also changed the way people interact. Using emojis have now developed a creative form of language.

Here we have created a list of emoji apps that have thousands of emojis to cater to your needs. They will help you with making customised emojis and sending them to your friends.

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Top 15 WhatsApp Emoji Apps To Try in 2023

Given below is the entire list of WhatsApp emoji apps that can help you discover new emojis:

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji WhatsApp Emoji Apps

Bitmojis are always fun and cool and is a cool way to interact by creating your own personalised avatar. You can pick from hundreds of options available. A Bitmoji can be created according to your preferences, as you can choose options from a huge library of customisations available there. You can also store and share your bitmoji wherever you chat, not just WhatsApp but on any app. Also, you don’t need any extra skills or creativity to use this application.

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Creating your customised look helps in adding fun and joy. Various pre-made emojis and stickers are available that can be used as the emojis. The main feature is that you can choose a photo and find similarly suggested emojis and outfits. Also, the expressions and outfit of the emojis can easily be customised.

Download Links: Android | iOS

2. Avatoon

 Avatoon WhatsApp Emoji Apps

Using Avatoon you can use your creativity and create your emoji to share it with your friends. There is an option to create funny emojis and cartoons of yourself and your friends as well. Here, your personal avatar will express how you are feeling.

There are lots of customisation options available from your clothes to hair. You can also quickly share the emojis on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

Download Links: Android | iOS

3. Mirror Emoji

Mirror Emoji app

Mirror emoji helps in creating your character, avatars, and stickers. So you can easily make your own emoji in simplified steps. It has a facial recognition option available that lets you send animated faces and caricatures to your friends, just like Mimoji on iOS. You can also create GIFs or choose funny memes and send them to your friends, with the option of new popular meme stickers every week. 

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You can can change the outfit and expressions of the sticker as per your liking and choose from hundreds of options available. The app also features an in-build emoji keyboard along with photo editing and cartoon making tools that come quite handy.

Download Links: Android | iOS

4. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji WhatsApp Emoji App

Elite emoji provides you a source for thousands of emojis, which can make your chat more fun and meaningful. You can easily explore a wide range of emojis available. The app is completely free to use and has a lot of emojis and stickers to choose from.

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You can also discover new and trendy emojis from the collection available and search by writing the expression’s name. Its collection of funny and cute emoticons besides the captions and emojis, according to personal characteristics, are its main USPs.

Download Links: Android | iOS

5. Face Cam: Face Emoji Avatar

Face Cam WhatsApp Emoji App

Face Cam is your ultimate option for 3D emojis that express you better. You can choose from several features available like eye colours, skin tones, hair colour, and many others. Also, multiple avatars can be created for your friends and family that are accessible anytime and anywhere. These are easy to share on any social media platform that you like. Also, the availability of magical video filters makes it even more exciting, helping you in shooting videos.

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You can also send multiple emojis at a time using this app. Moreover, you can take photos or videos with other people (family, relative, friend, and classmate) using its two-people face emoji together. You can also try out some pre-made emojis with different expressions available.

Download Links: Android

6. Emoji Face Recorder

Emoji Face Recorder WhatsApp Emoji App

The Emoji Face Recorder has a vast collection of emojis and stickers. This cool app records your face and your emotions to awesome 3D emoji models (pig, owl, wolf, lizard, octopus, and lizard) just like Mimoji on iOS. Many cute characters are available from which you can select emojis for your face.

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You can also record your voice and set the voice and background sound with the video, including your own voice. You can also share your videos with your friends, family, and relatives on different social media apps.

Download Links: Android | iOS

7. New Emojis Stickers 3D Animated Wasticker Apps

 WhatsApp Emoji Apps

This app is a hub of a wide range of emojis that you can quickly send to your friends. Also, the app features a great collection of emoji 3D stickers for WhatsApp with the funniest faces.

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You can make your own animated emoji and send it to others according to your own preference. It’s easy to customise the outfit and the background colour. Also, the app is available free of cost and offers a perfect 3D emojis to bring the spark back into WhatsApp conversations.

Download Links: Android

8. Mojipop: My Personal Emoji Keyboard And Camera


Mojipop has a superb collection of emojis and stickers. The regular keyboard can also be changed into a pool of emojis, which seems to be pretty cool. You can easily create emojis of your own self and your friends and family in no time.

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You can also share funny and personalised caricatures and stickers with anyone. The best part is that every update adds some of the new stickers and fresh new designs keep arriving regularly.

Download Links: Android | iOS

9. Emoji Background Changer: Emoji Photo Editor

Emoji Photo Editor

This amazing app is mostly used for editing and adding emojis. So, you can pick different emojis and put them together. Moreover, it is a wonderful app for editing pictures and adding background emojis as well.

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Emojis on images can also be added to enhance their beauty. Also, there is a sharing option available that helps you in sharing them with others. The background eraser tool also helps you in erasing the original background, and all this is available freely.

Download Links: Android

10. Emojidom Emoticons For Texting

Emoticons For Texting

There is a large, funny collection of sticker packs available in this app. From adults, lovers, to animals, you can enjoy these cute WhatsApp stickers by sharing them with anyone. New WhatsApp stickers are regularly added here.

Download Links: Android

11. Disney Emoji

Disney Emoji - WhatsApp Emoji Apps

The Disney Emoji App stands out as one of the top emoji applications available. True to its name, this app offers a delightful selection of Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars emoji characters and beloved characters from popular movies such as The Lion King, Zootopia, Finding Dory, The Muppets, and many others. Beyond these offerings, users can also enjoy various other engaging features.

The primary drawback of this app is the presence of advertisements. However, users can easily eliminate these ads from their experience for a small fee. Furthermore, users can accumulate substantial points by watching brief advertisements, which can be used to unlock new emojis. Additionally, the app provides access to entertaining, enjoyable, and rewarding games.

Download Links: Android | iOS

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12. Keymoji

keymoji - FunType Smiley Keyboard

Keymoji is one of the top emoji applications compatible with Android and iOS devices. This versatile app can transform your keyboard and mobile device into an extraordinary tool. With a vast collection of keyboard emojis, including Lenny Face, free GIFs, emoticons, and stickers, you can effortlessly convey your emotions in your messages. Keymoji is also proficient in supporting over five different languages.

The app’s interface is not only interactive but also secure and user-friendly. During installation, it respects your privacy and does not request personal information. Once installed, Keymoji can customise its colour, fonts, and wallpaper to suit your preferences through simple configuration options.

Download Links: Android

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13. Gboard

Gboard - Keymoji

Gboard stands out as an exceptional emoji application, offering many features. Notably, it boasts a voice-to-text function, allowing users to compose messages using their voices. It’s known for its reliability and speed, although it’s essential to remember that it’s a Google-owned application.

Gboard provides an extensive selection of GIFs and offers the flexibility to insert emojis into messages or chats according to your preferences. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Google Translate, enabling users to translate their messages into different languages.

Download Links: Android | iOS

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14. FunType Smiley Keyboard

FunType Smiley Keyboard - FunType Smiley Keyboard

FunType Smiley keyboard is another excellent emoji application, offering the ability to personalise your keyboard for easy access to emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more. Much like other emoji keyboard apps, this application allows you to tailor your keyboard to suit your preferences effortlessly.

To utilise this app’s keyboard, open, enable, and start using it. FunType Smiley keyboard features three sections: Wallpapers, Themes, and Stickers. The keyboard themes available in this app are not only impressive but also visually appealing. With the FunType Smiley keyboard, you can conveniently download emojis and incorporate them into your messages or chats on various messaging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

Download Links: Android

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15. iKeyboard

ikeyboard - FunType Smiley Keyboard

iKeyboard stands out as an exceptional and fantastic emoji application, offering a wide array of diverse emojis. Furthermore, it allows you to integrate these emojis into your conversations with friends and loved ones on various social media platforms, enhancing your communication experience.

Upon installation, this app provides access to over 1200 emojis and GIFs, ideal for expressing emotions to friends and loved ones. Noteworthy features of iKeyboard include smart autocorrect, keyboard click sounds, night mode, and compatibility with Google Voice input. iKeyboard offers users more than 100 distinct colour themes and customisable skins, allowing for a highly personalised experience. This app is compatible with nearly all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Download Links: Android

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Conclusion – WhatsApp Emoji Apps

All of the previously mentioned emoji applications are readily accessible for Android and iOS users and offered free. By selecting any of these free emoji apps, individuals can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their communication. Therefore, download an emoji app that suits your requirements and conveys your emotions to friends and loved ones through visual expressions.


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Highlights of the Story

• Emojis are a better way to express your emotions. They play a far important role rather than replacing the words we want to communicate with graphical representation.
• Here are some apps that can help you discover new emojis and even let you create your own personalised emoji.