Do you know the meaning of WhatsApp emoji? With over 2 billion global active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in today’s date. This instant messaging platform lets you share texts, images, videos, locations, files, emojis and more. Talking about emojis, they are loved and used by people of all generations. Instead of writing a long text, you can use an emoji to express your feeling.

However, with more than a thousand emojis available on WhatsApp, it is not possible for one to remember all of them and their exact use cases. That’s why we bring to you a list of the popular WhatsApp emoji meaning. So read this post till the end to know more about it.

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What is Emoji?

An emoji lets you convey an emotion, idea or feeling. It is denoted by a smiley icon. These emojis can be used across the internet or any text-based platform, social media apps and more. In fact, most of the keyboards also come with their own set of emojis.

Different Types of Emojis on WhatsApp

All the emojis are categorised into seven major sections on WhatsApp. So, finding a particular emoji is easy on WhatsApp. All you need is to hover to that section and tap on the required emoji to use it.

whatsapp emoji meaning
  • Smileys and People
  • Animals and Nature
  • Foods and Drinks
  • Sports and Activities
  • Travel and Places
  • Heart and Symbols
  • Flags

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Meaning of WhatsApp Emoji

Let us now have a look at the popular WhatsApp emoji and their meaning that are used frequently in a chat.

😃Cheerful & Positive😘Kissing emoji😭Crying loudly
🙂Sweet Smile or ironic; depends on the conversation😋Means tasty or delicious😞Expressing sadness
😆Depicts laughter😛Sense of excitement or used in a cute manner😫Exhausted, tired
😅Often used in an awkward situation😜Used when kidding🥱Feeling sleepy
🤣Laughing hard😐️When the other person does not get your joke or what you are saying🤬Cursing/ swearing
😉Signals a joke or hidden meaning 😑Disappointment😈Depicting mischievous activity
😊Blush or positive feeling🤔Deep state of thinking👿Angry
🤐Used when secrecy is involved or when making a promise😏Used in a sarcastic way🤡Joker/ joke
😇Innocent and Pure 🤫Hush, quiet, silence👻Halloween, Goofy/ Strange
😍Used to convey love/ affection🤗Used for hugging or showing affection👦Child boy
😒Dissatisfied🙄Often used when another person is being obvious or dumb👧Child girl
😌Content or pleased😴Used when saying good night👀What happened/ wide open eyes
🤒Sick/ ill🤢Disgusted/ Vomit face👋Hi, Hello
🤮Depicting utter disgust🥵Means Hot 🌃Night time
😵Used in disbelief 🥳Party time🌁Foggy weather
😎Used to show smartness🧐Taking a closer look into something🔥Lit, depicts coolness/amazing
😕Confused face😮Surprised face🌧️Rainy weather
🥺Pleading face😨Scared or surprised🌤️Sunny weather
Used to express happiness, gratitude🎁Indicating surprise, gifts🎨Depicts art/artistic
🎉Celebration time🧿Used against evil eye🎭Means drama/ theatre
 🫰Used to express affection/ luck/ love 🫦Used in a flirting manner🕵️‍♂️Depicts something is suspicious
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Used for family✌🏻Shows peace or victory🙏🏼Can be used for high five or praying
👍🏼Shows approval👊🏼Punching🫵🏼Pointing out to you
✍🏼Used for writing🙅🏼Means “I do not agree”🗓Calendar
🫡Used as a token of respect/ salute😶Speechless/ not able to think of any reply🫠Depicts the melting of one’s decision
🤕Injured/ sick/ not well🤞Used to show faith/ hope/ belief🙌Used to give blessings
👎Used when not agreeing with someone 💇‍♀️Depicts makeover/ haircut💃Used to show excitement/ means dancing
🫶🏾Love/ affection/ like🙈Depicts shyness🙊Used when you are not supposed to say
🍻Cheers🥂Cheers🥇Depicts topper

To Sum It Up

There are tons of emojis that you can use on WhatsApp. In the above-mentioned list, we have used the ones being used frequently. WhatsApp emoji meaning can vary depending on the type of conversation you are having. But it is certainly the best way to make your texts more personal or to add emotions to them. Hopefully, the above-mentioned list will help you with the emoji meaning that you were looking for.

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