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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Data From iPhone To Android!


    For most users who have got used to owning an iPhone, it feels like an unnecessary hurdle to make the switch to Android. The lack of easy backup and restore options to copy the data from an existing iPhone to a new Android phone only makes the process more cumbersome. This is one of the reasons that most iPhone users tend to stick to the ecosystem. Even cross-platform apps with a massive presence on both platforms tend not to recognise this and make the switch more difficult than it needs to be. Here’s a guide on How To Transfer Whatsapp Data From iphone To Android!

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 1st Nov 2022 22:39 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      How to Export WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android
    • 2
      Transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android in One Click
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    Highlights of the Story

    • WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging platform available for multiple platforms including iPhone and Android
    • For most regular iPhone users switch to an Android device feels like a very cumbersome process as it involves moving of existing data and more
    • Luckily there are some easy workarounds if you want to move your WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android.

    WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps on the internet right now and is available across multiple platforms. Most iOS users find it difficult to switch to an Android device as it is incredibly difficult to copy all the existing user data from an iPhone to an Android device.

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    Apart from complex methods to transfer the user’s data from iPhone to Android, the issue can be seen sometimes even on a 3rd party application like WhatsApp as the process of moving a WhatsApp chat from iOS to Android is not completely straight forward and needs multiple additional steps. 

    Luckily, there is an alternative method that can be used to copy your WhatsApp chat from an iPhone to an Android device easily. WhatsApp supports cloud backup via iCloud on iOS and through Google Drive on Android and does not provide a direct way of transferring the chats from one platform to another. Luckily there is a workaround solution to this problem and we will check out the multiple methods to copy WhatsApp Chat from iPhone to Android.

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    How to Export WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android

    This is one of the methods that you can follow to copy your chat backup from your iPhone to your Android without any hassle and without using any 3rd party applications.

    If you do not want to expose your chat data, personal messages, and more to any 3rd party applications then you might want to use the in-built feature in the WhatsApp application for iPhone to export the chat and then read it from your Android device while restoring the backup.

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    While this process does not involve any additional software, it is pretty lengthy and cumbersome when you have to carry forward multiple chats from your iPhone device to an Android smartphone. This method is only recommended if you only have few chats that you wish to move from one device to another as the process can get extremely lengthy based on the number of chats that you wish to carry forward. 

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    Export Whatsapp Data
    Image Credits: androidcentral
    • Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone from the home screen
    • Swipe to the left of the chat screen that you wish to export
    • Tap on the More button in the pop-up menu
    Export Chat option
    Image Credits: androidcentral
    • Select the Export Chat option and from the Share selector, choose the Mail option
    • Enter the email address that you have access on the Android smartphone
    • Tap on the Send icon to the top right corner
    • Once you send the chat, this will appear in your email and you can retrieve it on your Android, follow the above steps for each chat conversation that you want to export and this will take some time and also end up in multiple emails before you are done
    Export chat via mail option
    Image Credits: androidcentral
    • From your Android device, open the mail application and find the mail that contains the exported chat history
    • Download the file onto your smartphone
    • Now, delete the WhatsApp installation on your Android device and re-install it from the Google Play Store

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    Restore option
    Image Credits: androidcentral
    • Open the WhatsApp application and proceed with the setup, tap on the Restore option when prompted in the setup menu, the restoration will complete, and then tap on the Next button.
    • And it’s done.

    After WhatsApp restores the backup all of your chats will appear on your Android device. This extensive process can be very time consuming and frustrating. Make sure to create a backup of all your chats on your new device.

    Although, there are a few third-party apps that make the process simpler, here’s how to use them. Third-party solutions for taking an iPhone backup to an Android phone are generally either paid or don’t work at all. Luckily there are a few reliable solutions that you can spend some time to see if it works well for you. 

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    Transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android in One Click

    There are multiple transfer utilities that allow you to transfer all the WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android in just one click.

    One of the famous utilities of this sort is the MobileTrans software that provides a one-stop solution to help you transfer data across the mobile devices and even computers. You can easily use this software to move your WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android.

    • Download and install the MobileTrans software on your computer and then choose the WhatsApp Transfer option
    • Connect your devices to the computer that you want to copy from, choose the Transfer WhatsApp messages option and wait for the software to detect your devices
    • After this process, a new window will appear confirming the Source as the iPhone and the Destination as your new Android smartphone, this will also show the different types of WhatsApp media that will be copied over from your iPhone to the new Android smartphone
    • Now, click on the Start option, and then click on Yes to proceed, make sure the devices are connected to the computer till the process is completed.
    • This should finish your transfer of files from iPhone to Android successfully

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    WhatsApp transfer via MobileTrans is the most efficient and the simplest solution for transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, supporting the direct transfer of WhatsApp data between the two devices apart from dr.fone, email chat method and Backuptrans.

    MobileTrans features

    • Ensures data transfer from one device to another quickly and safely.
    • Along with WhatsApp restore and backup, it allows managing other multiple social media applications like WeChat, Line, Kik and Viber.
    • Ensures data transfer between different operating systems like android to iOS.
    • Compatible with iOS devices running the Latest iOS 13.
    • Compatible with 8000+ Android phones and with all models of iPad, iPod and iPhone. 

    MobileTrans automatically detects both the connected devices after installing it on your windows or Mac system and marks them as source and destination accordingly along with Flip option for changing the direction. After selecting the Transfer WhatsApp Messages option, MobileTrans transfers the data within no time and after the completion it generates the notification for the safe removal of your devices.  After launching WhatsApp on your iPhone, the newly transferred data will be automatically detected and restored to your iOS device.

    Update(January 2021)

    Transfer using your email ID. 

    1. On your Android device, Go to WhatsApp and then open the settings option from there. 
    2. Click on the chats option and then go right to Chat history. 
    3. Click on the ‘Export Chat’ option and select the contact whose chat you want to transfer for. 
    4. Now select whether you want to include the media in your backup or not. 
    5. Select the Gmail ID and right from there, enter the recipient email ID. 
    6. Tap and send and then restore the message in your iPhone. 


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