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    How To Easily Transfer Data Using Samsung Smart Switch!


    If you have purchased a new Samsung smartphone and wish to transfer all the data from your old Android device to your new Samsung smartphone then there are a lot of ways to do the same, however, one of the easiest ways is to use the in-built Samsung Smart Switch application which can be used to easily scan the source device for all the content and conveniently copy them over to the new device without involving multiple hassles causing steps.

    By Akhil Taneja - 
    26th Aug 2020
    Samsung Smart Switch

    Highlights of the Story

    • Samsung smartphones come with a software called Smart Switch 
    • Smart Switch makes it easy to move the data from your old smartphone to your new Samsung Smartphone
    • Smart Switch is a simple way of switching to your new Samsung device without losing out on any data from your old smartphone

    Most Android smartphones come with data that can be very useful such as images, songs, documents, and more. When you purchase a new smartphone it is generally a cumbersome process to move all this data to the new one either using a microSD card or via a data cable and a computer. There are multiple apps on the Google Play Store that help you transfer the data from your old Android device to the new one. +

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    The Samsung Smart Switch software on Android helps to make this transfer easy, you can easily move the data from the old smartphone to the new Samsung device that you have recently purchased. Most of the brands come with a dedicated app for making the transfer easy from your old smartphone. The newer versions of Android also support this in a simple way, Smart Switch is an application by Samsung that has existed for a while now and greatly helps simplify the transfer process. 

    The Smart Switch application by Samsung allows you to transfer photos, contacts, messages, files, and other data to your new device. Smart Switch can transfer all of your data including your device settings thereby allowing you to just pick up your new device and carry on right where you left it off.

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    You can also create a backup of your old phone’s files from your PC or Mac and then use the transfer or sync option to move the data onto your new Galaxy Device. Smart Switch allows you to transfer the data from Android, or iOS devices over Wi-Fi, USB, or with a Mac or PC. You can choose the method that you are most comfortable using and let Smart Switch do the heavy lifting. 

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    There are a few requirements for transferring the files from one device to another:

    • Both the source and the destination device should have at least 500MB of free space in the internal storage
    • While using the wire transfer, your device should support the MTP or Transferring Media Files protocol over USB to allow content to be transferred
    • If you have a non-Samsung device that has issues with the Wireless Network then go to the Advanced section of Wi-Fi and turn off the Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal option

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    Transferring Using Smart Switch – Android:

    There are three major easy methods if you want to transfer your data: Using a USB Data cable, using a PC or Mac, via Wi-FI. You can use Smart Switch on your smartphone by heading to the Settings and opening the Cloud and Accounts tab, here you will find the Smart Switch. 

    • Make sure that you have Smart Switch installed on both the devices, on new devices you will find it in the Settings app in the Cloud and Accounts section as Smart Switch. On older devices, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store. 
    • Connect your devices, if you are using Wi-Fi make sure that both the devices are close to each other and have a very stable internet connection. If you are using USB then connect the two devices together using the compatible USB cable provided in the box of your new Samsung smartphone
    • Open the Smart Switch on the new device and tap on the Start button, follow the onscreen instructions to transfer all the data.

    You will have the option to choose which data you want to transfer, while the transfer is in progress you will see a percentage on the screen about how far the transfer has progressed. The time taken will depend on the amount of the data to be transferred and the strength of your connection. 

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    How To Transfer Using a PC or Mac:

    • Download the Smart Switch application on your PC or Mac and install it
    • Connect the old device to your PC or Mac and then select the Backup option on the Smart Switch program, click on the Allow option on your phone to start the transfer process 
    • Once the backup is complete, select OK and disconnect the phone
    • Connect your new device to your PC or Mac device and then select the Restore option on the Smart Switch program on the computer, select a different backup option, and then select Samsung device data. 
    • Deselect any data that you do not want to copy and then select the ok option and then Select Restore Now, and Allow on your smartphone. Your data will now begin transferring and you will be able to track the progress as a percentage. 

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    How To Transfer Data from iOS Device to Samsung

    • Open the Smart Switch on your new Samsung smartphone and then tap on Start, you will have to agree with the terms of service to proceed.
    • Select the Wireless option and then tap on Receive, now tap on iOS
    • Now enter the iCloud username and password and then tap on the Sign-in option
    • Select all the information that you wish to copy and then select the Import option. Once you have imported all the info you will have an option to download the media content such as photos and documents. 
    • Once the transfer is complete you can select the Close app option and you will need to disable the iMessage option on the iOS device. 

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    How to Transfer from iOS using Cable:

    • Open the Smart Switch on the new Samsung Smartphone
    • Connect to the iPhone on your Samsung device using the Connector
    • Press Next on your Samsung phone and follow the on-screen prompts.
    • Your new device will search and connect to your previous device, you will be able to choose the information that you wish to transfer.

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