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What Is End To End Encryption In WhatsApp?


Quite some time ago WhatsApp messenger had included a new update enabling the end-to-end encryption. A lot of people are confused about it and don’t know that it is actually extremely beneficial. Basically, it helps in keeping the chats safe and secure and excels in the function of privacy. Here we explain how Whatsapp keeps our messages secure.

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 23:15 IST
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    What is meant by End to End encryption in Whatsapp?
    • End To End Encryption
    • Technicalities of End To End Encryption
    • How does Whatsapp End To End Encryption
    • How to know if your chats are encrypted and private?
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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    Final Note

Did you notice the end to end encryption written on the WhatsApp screen after the new update? Don’t be confused; it is actually beneficial for WhatsApp users. 

Around 2 billion people use WhatsApp across the world. Many private/personal messages are shared on this application by its users. Therefore, WhatsApp has introduced an end to end encryption for keeping the messages out of hackers reach and even Whatsapp itself can’t access our messages in any way.

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What is meant by End to End encryption in Whatsapp?

With end to end encryption, your chats are entirely secured from any hackers. Before this update, hackers could easily access someone’s WhatsApp through wi-fi services or spying tools like WhatsApp sniffer. But now that’s not the case. Unless you voluntarily allow the access, no one can hack your WhatsApp or read your messages or anything of that matter. 

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End To End Encryption Features:

WhatsApp finally using end to end encryption has enabled more security in using this application. Certain elements are more safe, strong, and reliable now, such as:

1. Keeps it confidential

Your little secrets and private conversations are now safe and confidential with WhatsApp’s end to end encryption. No one can look into your chats and conversations without your permission. Needless to say, users can now use WhatsApp much more freely.

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2. Rectitude

The new encrypted WhatsApp messenger follows a more rectitude pattern for its users. Earlier, a hacker could not only read messages but also send them in disguise. However, with the launch of end to end encryption on WhatsApp, no one can meddle with someone else’s conversation with fake or changed messages.

3. More authentic and reliable

Users can be assured of the authenticity and reliability of the messages. They can be assured that no one is spying on them or sending messages from their WhatsApp messenger without them knowing about it. 

4. Refuse

One more benefit that users can avail from the new end to end encryption on WhatsApp is refusal. A third party cannot recover old and deleted chats. The users can easily deny having sent a particular message in case someone gets the links or screenshots of their old messages. It is because there is no way for that person to prove that the message has been made and sent by you. 

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Technicalities of End To End Encryption?

End To End Encryption on whatsapp
Image Credits: engadget

Now let’s have a look at the Primitives and understand them in detail.

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The Curve25519 keys are generated when you download and install the new WhatsApp messenger and are referred to as Prekeys. Signed Prekey Pair is one in number, while there are many one-time Prekeys pairs. The long term Identity Secret Key assigns the Identity Public key and the Public keys of the Prekeys pairs (Curve25519 private key corresponds to Identity public key). During the registration, they are then sent to the server.

The server does its job by securely storing all the keys, including the identity public key. 


The Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Protocol uses the elliptic curve. Its work is complicated, but the motto is basically to maintain safety and security for all the groups of users.

Diffie Hellman Key Agreement

Also known as the Triple Diffie Hellman Handshake, the Diffie hellman key agreement enables different parties to share their private messages on a mutual basis via a public channel following certain phenomenons and protocols. With these protocols, it becomes impossible for a third party to tamper with the messages, or let alone read them. 

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How does Whatsapp End To End Encryption work?

Whatsapp End To End Encryption
Image Credits: hedgetrade

These were the technical terms revolving the end to end encryption on WhatsApp messenger. But the question is, how does the end to end encryption with all its technicalities work in real life? Find out the solution for this confusion below:

By now, we have discussed that the WhatsApp end to end encryption is made for the safety and security of the users’ personal conversations. We know that no one, not it the WhatsApp company, can meddle in between and tamper your privacy.

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So, it is about time we see that in what ways exactly is this happening in layman’s terms. Read the points given below for details :

Formation of keys

The first thing that happens when you download and install WhatsApp messenger is the formation of public and private keys. These keys are generated to formulate the end-to-end encryption process in the mobile phone itself. 

  1. Private and Public Key: What happens to them?

The private key remains private. It means that this key remains with you and is never shared with any other party. Whereas the public key, as the name suggests, goes to the public server, which is the receiver of your messages through the centralized WhatsApp server. 

What does the public key do?

The role of the public key is first to encrypt the sender’s message on the mobile phone and then carry out the function of sending it to the WhatsApp servers.

What does the private key do?

The private key unlocks the message received on the mobile phone of the receiver. Only the receiver can do it through its private key. No other third party, not even the WhatsApp server itself, can unlock the message and have access to it.

  1. 100% safety Ensured

In this way, complete safety and security are assured through encryption. No hacker can tamper with your messages or have any kind of access to your conversation with the presence of end to end encryption on the WhatsApp messenger. 

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How to know if your chats are encrypted and private?

QR Code Verification End To End Encryption
Image Credits: pocket-lint

You can also double check if your conversations are encrypted or not with the WhatsApp messenger.

  • All you need to do is open the chat screen of the person whose conversations you want to verify. 
  • Then click on the encryption option being displayed on the screen. A QR code will be displayed along with the 60 digit number. 
  • Then click on the encryption option being displayed on the screen. A QR code will be displayed along with the 60 digit number. 

You can either compare the 60 digit number or scan the QR code. If it matches, then it means your conversation is safely encrypted, and no third party is meddling with your calls or messages on WhatsApp messenger. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can end to end encryption be turned off?

Answer: No, the end to end encryption is always working and can never be turned off. 

  • What is the “Verify Security Code”?

Answer: The verify security code option is displayed for you to cross-check whether your conversations are safely encrypted or not. 

  • Can WhatsApp see my private messages?

Answer: No. Any third party including WhatsApp server itself can never interact and see your private messages  

  • Are my messages and calls with businesses end-to-end encrypted?

Answer: All the modes on WhatsApp keep the messages and conversations safely encrypted. However, your employees and business partners may be able to manage your business communications like storing, reading, or responding to your messages. All of this can be done according to the privacy policy you have allowed.

Final Note

That was all about the working and functioning of end to end encryption on WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is now much more safe and secure to use, and your private and personal conversations are now out of reach from any third party or hackers. Therefore, you can use WhatsApp more freely than you ever did.

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