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How to Disable WhatsApp Without Deleting The App


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used platforms around the globe and it’s quite addictive and users tend to waste a lot of time on the app. However, WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with an option to go hidden, so you have to find alternatives for that. The best options to disable are to turn off notifications for WhatsApp, disable mobile data for WhatsApp, change the ringtone of WhatsApp, and more. So, to help you get hidden on WhatsApp, we have bought some methods and the steps to perform those methods. 

- Updated: 28th Nov 2023, 14:12 IST
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    What Can You Do?
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    How To Disable WhatsApp – Ways to Go ‘Invisible’
    • 1. Turning OFF Notification sounds for Whatsapp
    • 2. Disable notifications for WhatsApp to go Invisible On WhatsApp
    • 3. Disabling Notification lights for WhatsApp notifications to go Invisible On WhatsApp
    • 4. Invisible On WhatsApp – Force Closing WhatsApp
    • 5. Disable background data for WhatsApp to go Invisible On WhatsApp
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    How To Disable WhatsApp – Conclusion

Are you feeling overwhelmed by WhatsApp and contemplating taking a break from the messaging app? It’s essential to recognise that WhatsApp is among the most widely used messaging applications globally, including in India. The platform boasts billions of daily message exchanges. There may be instances when you wish to temporarily halt your engagement with WhatsApp, not just for messaging but also to cease receiving messages altogether. However, the challenge lies in the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t provide a straightforward way to mute messages without uninstalling the app.

Even with background data turned off or the WhatsApp application closed, messages continue to be received as long as your mobile data or Wi-Fi is active. Disabling the blue tick feature doesn’t alter this, and the app persists in delivering messages, making it challenging to have a respite from notifications.

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What Can You Do?

What can you do

Uninstalling usually is the last resort, especially for applications like WhatsApp, as deleting and reinstalling an app with all that massive data is daunting. So, what’s an alternative of completing going Invisible On WhatsApp or removing WhatsApp from your phone, or more importantly, do we have an alternative or not?

Yes, there are ways to fall off the radar without actually deleting WhatsApp from your phone. What you will be doing is silencing it or temporarily disabling your WhatsApp instead of removing it entirely from your phone.

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In this piece, we have mentioned some ways that will help you go invisible on WhatsApp. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How To Disable WhatsApp – Ways to Go ‘Invisible’

All the methods mentioned below are a notch above “hiding last seen” and disabling “Read Notifications” to go Invisible On WhatsApp. But you can always turn back to a regular WhatsApp activity when you feel like it with just a few clicks.

1. Turning OFF Notification sounds for Whatsapp

This might be the best solution for people that don’t want WhatsApp’s notification tone or to go Invisible On WhatsApp to not disturb them. Obviously, it is not possible for you to keep your phone on silent always. Hence, the next best thing to do is to silence the WhatsApp notifications. Moreover, this method works well for both iPhone and Android users.

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Step 1: Go to WhatsApp and open the Settings.
Step 2: Move to Notifications
Step 3: From the notifications, choose None.

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2. Disable notifications for WhatsApp to go Invisible On WhatsApp

The second method is to disable your WhatsApp notifications. Stick to the following steps to perform this method.

  • Step 1: Go to your phone settings and open Apps.
  • Step 2: From the list of Apps, select WhatsApp.
  • Step 3: Tap on the Notifications and disable all notifications by turning off the toggle in front of Show Notifications at the top.

You can even disable particular notifications such as Group notifications, message notifications, etc.

By performing the step mentioned above, you will be able to disable WhatsApp notifications. However, disabling notifications doesn’t mean that you won’t receive messages.

On the contrary, if you get a message on WhatsApp, you will not receive any notifications about the message. But you can always check on the notifications by opening the app at your convenience.

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3. Disabling Notification lights for WhatsApp notifications to go Invisible On WhatsApp

It might be the case that your phone has a notification LED light that blinks in case of a new message or other notifications. Interestingly, it can happen that the LED notifications might be turned ON for WhatsApp as well. In that case, you will have to turn off LED notifications for WhatsApp, along with turning off regular notifications for WhatsApp. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp and move to settings
  • Step 2: Click on Notifications.
  • Step 3: Choose the pick light option from various options available and then select “None.”

Other than turning off your notifications, you can also delete the shortcut for WhatsApp from your home screen. It is helpful if you want to see the alerts only when you open the main app page. Even though you will keep on receiving messages but it will be your choice when you want to check them.

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4. Invisible On WhatsApp – Force Closing WhatsApp

Force-stopping WhatsApp is another excellent option to go invisible on WhatsApp. Not only will it help you in getting invisible, but this method will make sure you get no messages until you want. Below are the steps to do it:

  • Step 1: Open the phone Settings and go to the apps.
  • Step 2: From various applications, find and select WhatsApp.
  • Step 3: Click on Force Stop.
Force Closing

What force stop will do is, it won’t allow WhatsApp service to run in the background. Hence, there will be no scenario of WhatsApp using your mobile data to access messages. However, there is a problem with this method, the next time you start using the app again, everything will be back to normal. But we have already told you the ways to disable the notifications so you can combine that method with this method for the most optimum result.

Moreover, keep in mind, if you are not willing to show the sender the double-tick, then don’t open your WhatsApp after selecting the Force Stop button.

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5. Disable background data for WhatsApp to go Invisible On WhatsApp

You might already know this, but your WhatsApp keeps on working in the background. In fact, it is always running. That’s why you receive messages even when you are not using your phone. The following steps will help you to disable background data for WhatsApp. However, this method only works with Android phones.

  • Step 1: Go to phone settings.
  • Step 2: Go to data options.
  • Step 3: From the data options, select disable background data and revoke all permissions for WhatsApp.
 background data permissions

The steps mentioned above will kill WhatsApp without actually deleting or uninstalling it.

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How To Disable WhatsApp – Conclusion

how to disable whatsapp

While WhatsApp stands as one of the most prevalent messaging apps globally, there are limitations when it comes to temporarily disengaging from it without uninstalling the application. Despite the challenge of continuously receiving messages even with background data turned off, users seeking a break from WhatsApp can explore alternative measures outlined in the guide to minimise disruptions. By understanding these options, individuals can effectively manage their interaction with the app, striking a balance between staying connected and taking a temporary hiatus.

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