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    Best Tricks To Make Your Phone’s Speaker Sound Louder


    The audio output from a smartphone speaker, be it any Android device or iPhone, is usually not that loud, the exception being smartphones with stereo speakers. Check these tricks to enhance the speaker’s sound.

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    Updated: 3rd Nov 2022 01:18 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Make Speaker Sound Louder on Android Phone
      • 1. Adjust the orientation of your smartphone
      • 2. Using Equalizer to make speaker sound louder
      • 3. Use a third-party application to make speaker sound louder
      • 4. Brush the Dirt and Increase the volume
    • 2
      Make Speaker Sound Louder on iPhone
      • 1. Cup your hand around the speaker of your iPhone
      • 2. Place your iPhone in a bowl
      • 3. Turn your iPhone upside down
      • 4. DIY iPhone speaker
      • 5. Late Night EQ
    • 3
      Wrapping Up

    Highlights of the Story

    • The loudspeaker volume from a smartphone is usually not as loud and thus sometimes there is a need to make the audio sound louder.
    • A few tricks and some settings tweaks can make the speaker louder significantly
    • Here are some of the best tricks to make the speaker sound louder.

    Most of the smartphones launched in the past few years do not require the need to make their speaker sound louder. Most of the smartphones feature a single speaker at the bottom that is loud enough and there are some high-end smartphones that even feature a set of stereo speakers that are extremely good.

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    Usually, there is no need for connecting an external speaker to amp up the volume. But some older smartphones might have a speaker that does not sound as loud. This might be due to the fact that there might be some dust accumulated in the speaker or there could be some hardware issue as well.

    Whatever the case is, fortunately, we have listed some easy ways using which you can benefit and increase your phone’s sound output. Here’s a guide on how to make your phone’s speaker louder.

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    Make Speaker Sound Louder on Android Phone

    1. Adjust the orientation of your smartphone

    speaker sound louder

    Be careful where the location of your speaker is as sometimes it may get blocked by your fingers or when it’s lying on a surface. Make sure the audio is not blocked by the phone’s cover.

    If nothing is blocking the speaker, then try rotating the device 360 degrees and finding the right spot at which the speaker sounds best. The size of the room, external noises, and genre of music plays a crucial role in the loudness of sound.

    You can even try cupping your hand around the speaker, this will make the sound waves emitting from the speaker bounce off your hand and this will make the music sound louder. And instead of cupping, you can even place the smartphone inside a bowl, with the speaker facing downwards, this shall make the sound bounce off the bowl and make it sound louder.

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    2. Using Equalizer to make speaker sound louder

    speaker sound louder

    These days we usually rely on playing music from cloud music services such as Spotify, Saavn, etc. each of these apps have a built-in setting to select the output audio quality, making sure it is set to the highest possible settings. Saavn on the other hand has an equalizer built-in with a few presets, you can choose those presets and see which one delivers the loudest audio.

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    3. Use a third-party application to make speaker sound louder

    speaker sound louder

    The easiest way to increase the sound volume on your android device is to use any third-party application such as “Volume Booster” that can easily enhance the sound output of your device over the native volume allowed by the system. The app works well when your smartphone is paired with headphones, speakers connected via an audio cable, and Bluetooth speakers as well.

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    Whether you are listening to music, playing games, or enjoying your favourite shows on Netflix, this app can come in handy. The app is free to use with some ads in the UI, but thankfully they are not intruding.

    Download Volume Booster From PlayStore

    4. Brush the Dirt and Increase the volume

    speaker sound louder
    Image Credits: WikiHow

    Speakers are delicate and sometimes when we use our phones in a dusty environment, minute particles tend to accumulate and block speakers. As a result, we may hear poor quality sound from our device.

    To clean the dust accumulated on the speaker use a fine brush to dust off these particles and clean your speaker and its earpiece to be able to improve the sound quality. This may help in regaining the sound volume output of your device. If you are unable to do it, you can always visit the service centres and they do not charge much for cleaning the devices.

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    Make Speaker Sound Louder on iPhone

    We have listed some easy ways which can help you in enhancing the audio of your iPhone.

    1. Cup your hand around the speaker of your iPhone

    speaker sound louder
    Image Credits: Cnet

    Cupping your hand around the speaker end of your phone might actually work when you are watching something while holding your iPhone. Cup your hand around the speaker end so that sound waves can bounce off from your hand towards your ears.

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    2. Place your iPhone in a bowl

    speaker sound louder
    Image Credits: Cnet

    This is an easy trick and can work on any phone anywhere. Just keep your iPhone in a bowl with the speakers pointing downwards. The idea behind this is that the sound waves will strike and bounce off the bottom and sides of the bowl in a way that will increase the output of your audio. A little science always helps in these cool tricks.

    3. Turn your iPhone upside down

    speaker sound louder

    The speaker on the iPhone is at the bottom and can get easily blocked while lying down on the bed or on a desk. Also while listening to music or watching any content it’s important that the sound from the speaker hit a surface nearby, this will deliver louder audio.

    Make sure it’s propped up and upside-down otherwise the sound quality will be poor. The location of the phone indeed plays a role in the sound output because you do not want to hear muffled noises and spoil your experience of using the device.

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    4. DIY iPhone speaker

    speaker sound louder
    Image Credits: Cnet

    For this trick, all you need is to be a little creative. You will need a toilet paper or paper towel roll that can also work, two paper cups, and scissors. So firstly, cut a slot in the toilet paper roll in which you can fit your iPhone. After this, cut a hole in the sides of each cup so that they can fit on the ends of the toilet paper roll. Fit everything in place and make sure the device doesn’t fall and fits properly. Now you can relax and enjoy the boosted sound with this DIY soundbox.

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    5. Late Night EQ

    speaker sound louder

    The iPhone has a built-in equalizer that can help boost the sound. The EQ settings are “off” by default. Go to Settings>Music>EQ and select Late Night. This is an easy trick that boosts the speaker volume. It can easily adjust the softer components of a song to be louder. There are other EQ options such as Hip-Hop, Loudness, Flat, etc. which can increase the volume of your device but the Late Night EQ option is the most acceptable one.

    Wrapping Up

    So, these were some cool tricks that can help you to enhance your Android or iPhone speaker volume. We hope now you can escape away from the background noises and yield high volume output from your device’s speaker and relax and enjoy your music and games as per your needs.

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